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Competition Results 2009

Competition Results 2009 have been sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes, the leading supplier of bar shoes by a World Class farrier.

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Australia's Top Apprentice, Melbourne
19th November 2009

1st - Colten Preston (Queensland, University of Qld, Gatton Campus) Apprenticed to Mark O'Leary, Technical Instructors: Craig Jones & Wade Graham

2nd - Ryan Wighton (New South Wales, Scone TAFE) Apprenticed to Johnathan Oehm, Technical Instructors: Bob Sim and Dave Adams

3rd - Steve McLeod (Victoria, North Melbourne Institute of TAFE) Technical Instructor: Colin Smith

Australia's Top Apprentice Mail-In Shoe Competition 2009

While one apprentice from each participating state gets the chance to compete, once again all the other apprentices got their chance as well by sending in an entry to our Mail-In Shoe Competition. The scoring was very close with only a point or two between the placegetters. The results are:

1st Year
1st = Paul Jaroszek & Geoffrey Lefevre (Vic)
3rd - Shaun Van Deventer (Qld) Apprenticed to Niko Van Deventer

2nd Year
1st - Andy McDonald (Qld) Apprenticed to Delwyn Richardson
2nd - Emma MvKavanagh (Qld) Apprenticed to Kent Wells
3rd - Angus Gilmore (Qld)
4th - Bryce Bottomley (Vic)
5th - Jordy Johnson (Vic)

3rd Year
1st - Colten Preston (Qld)
2nd - Steve McLeod (Vic)
3rd - Dean Beath (Vic)

4th Year
1st - Tom Sedger (Qld)
2nd - Steve McLeod (Vic)
3rd - Glen Lefoe (Qld)

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British Army Competition
13th - 15th November 2009
Judge: Richard Ellis


Military Apprentice Class (Juniors)
1st - Gnr French
2nd - L/CoH Partridge
3rd - L/Sgt Newton
4th - Tpr Dailly

Military Apprentice Class (Seniors)
1st - L/Cpl Stanford
2nd - L/Bdr Anderson
3rd - L/CoH Howell

Military/Ex military Class
1st - Steve C/Rusbridge
2nd - L/CoH Blakeway
3rd - Thomas O’Shea
4th - Russell Jones
5th - WO1 Watson
6th - SSgt Cooper
7th - Ian Tonks
8th - Alex Mercer
Best Specimen - Daniel Bennett
Best Dressed Foot - Frazer Macdonald
Best Ex-Military - Steve Cox-Rusbridge

Open Hunter
1st - Matt Randles
2nd - Andrew Bowyer
3rd - Adam Fox
4th - Ben Ebrey
5th - Andrew Nicholls
6th - Gary Darlow
7th - Richard Spence
8th - Charles Hughes
Best Dressed Foot - Ben Ebrey
Best Specimen - Matt Randles
Best Shod Foot - Andrew Bowyer
Ivon Bell Cup - WO1 (FSM) Watson

  Open Therapeutic
1st - Daniel Bennett
2nd - Charles Hughes
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Adam Fox
5th - Jonathon Nunn
6th - Gary Darlow
7th - Andrew Bowyer
8th - Jon Atkinson
Best Dressed Foot - Ben Ebrey
Best Specimen - Charles Hughes
Best Military Farrier - L/CoH Granville Blakeway

Special Awards
Best Farrier Under 25 - Tom Richards
Best Military Farrier - WO1 (FSM) Watson
Overall Reserve Champion - Adam Fox
Overall Champion - Matt Randles


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'Fieracavalli' Festival Italian Championships
6th November 2009


The 24th Italian European Team Farriery Championships held at the amazing “Fieracavalli” Festival of the Horse in Verona, Italy began on November 6th with teams from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and England. This year’s England team consisted of three members from the current ‘International’ Championship team; David Smith, Gavin Golby, Matt Randles and joining them former England team member & World Champion finalist Nigel Fennell .

With only 2 weeks’ notice, practice of the shoes was limited but thankfully all four of the team were familiar with Italian shoemaking from previous experience at the competition. The four shoes to be made were the Italian Bar shoe, Hind “Rabbit” shoe, Italian Jumping Hind shoe and a Mule shoe with round Calkins - all to be made in 1hr 50 minutes with just a 5mm tolerance.

The first day was the beginning of the shoemaking with all the members of the teams battling throughout the day to gain as many points as possible for their country. One team member from each country with the highest shoemaking score qualified to represent their country in the shoeing final. Following a tense night (aided by a relaxing drink in the bar!) the results were announced the following morning - England were well in the lead as a team and dominated the top five placements as individuals with Nigel Fennell winning the shoemaking and so qualifying to shoe in the final.

The final consisted of making and fitting an Italian Fullered Front shoe and a Italian Jumping Hind shoe; each shoe requiring an exceptionally high level of detail in both the forging and the fitting. With the assistance of David Smith acting as fireman the class ran fairly smoothly with the only exception being a slightly uncooperative horse! Undeterred an excellent job was produced ensuring Nigel completed a terrific competition for England with team and individual wins, Nigel said “we all had such strong shoemaking rounds the previous day anyone of us could have made the final and it really put us in a good position for day two, we had such a great time together, and it was a real honour to be in such a strong team with David , Gavin and Matt, three of this year’s England team International Champions”.

1st England Gold
2nd Italy Silver
3rd Switzerland Bronze
Italian International Show Champion Nigel Fennell


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Lincolnshire Show
18th - 19th June 2008


Saturday, Bar Shoemaking
1st - Steven Beane (WCF Bronze Medal)
2nd - Matt Randles
3rd - Sam Beeley
4th - Jason Gajczak
5th - Michael Richardson
6th - Johnny Atkinson

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Tom Middleton
2nd - Ben Grange
3rd - Tom Williams
4th - TBC
5th - Ian Nixon
6th - Sam Warman

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - James Haigh
2nd - Debbie Conell
3rd - TBC
4th - Johnny Kirk
5th - Rob Bedford
6th - J C Lee

Saturday, Speed Class
1st - Johnny Atkinson
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Jason Gajczak
5th - Tom Pears
6th - Steven Beane

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - G Quinn
3rd - TBC
4th - Liam Chappel
5th - Sam Warman

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Tom Galloway
2nd - James Haigh
3rd - J C Lee
4th - Russ Hepworth
5th - Andrew Cooper
6th - Johnny Kirk

  Sunday, Team Competition
1st - YORKSHIRE PROFEET (Steven Beane, Johnny Atkinson, Paul Collins, Sarah-Mary Brown)
2nd - Team A (Matt Randles, Tom Richardson, Luke Silcock, Andrew Cawley)
3rd - Forden Forge (Elgan Harries, Andrew Turnbull, Matt Saunders, Davey Calko)
4th - Lincolnshire (Shaun Chatterton, Andrew Elkington, D Miller, C Bignell)
5th - Cheshire (Leon Bentham, Nathan May, Lewis May, J C Lee)
6th - Team B (Jonathon Nunn, Ben Ebrey, Jason Price, Tom Williams)

Best Shod Foot - Shaun Chatterton (WCF Silver Medal)
Best Specimen Shoe - Johnny Atkinson (WCF Bronze Medal)

Apprentice Teams
3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Richard Sunderland and Andrew Smith
2nd - Dale Harland and Andrew Cooper
3rd - Rob Bedford and Tom Galloway
4th - Johnny Kirk and Russ Hepworth
5th - Georgina Miller and Debbie Conell

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Sam Warman and Tom Williams
2nd - S Moran and Andy
3rd - J Gant and J Casey
4th - A Norris and B Elkington
5th - I Nixon and D Green
6th - Jake Elliot and J Schollar 


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Norwegian Hoofcare Centre Charity Competition in aid of the Flying Anvil Company
16th - 17th October 2009


Result 1st Class
1st - Daniel Evensen
2nd - Dag Reiersen
3rd - Petter Spilling
4th - Aki Paltto
5th - Gregoire Fauquembergue
6th - Lars Nilsen
7th - Fredrik Forsberg
8th - Ronny Eilertsen
9th - Knut Erik Halvorsen
10th - Jostein Flagtvedt
11th - Petter Fargam
12th - Øystein Myhre

  Result Debutant
1st - Jostein Flagtvedt
2nd - Øystein Myhre
3rd - Odd Anders Otterstad
4th - Niklas Isnes
5th - Ola Fargam
6th - Lena Kristine Sollien
7th - Turid Sevilhaug
8th - Eva Mandelid
9th - Liv Turid Gjerde
10th - Reidar Syvertsen
Result 2nd Class
1st - Petter Spilling
2nd - Daniel Evensen
3rd - Dag Reiersen
4th - Fredrik Forsberg
5th - Gregoire Fauquembergue
6th - Lars Nilsen
7th - Ronny Eilertsen
8th - Jostein Flagtvedt
  Result Final
1st - Daniel Evensen
2nd - Petter Spilling
3rd - Fredrik Forsberg
4th - Ronny Eilertsen
5th - Jostein Flagtvedt
6th - Dag Reiersen
7th - Lars Nilsen
8th - Gregoire Fauquembergue
Result 3rd class
1st - Daniel Evensen
2nd - Dag Reiersen
3rd - Petter Spilling
4th - Ronny Eilertsen
5th = Fredrik Forsberg
5th = Jostein Flagtvedt
6th - Gregoire Fauguembergue
7th - Aki Paltto
8th - Lars Nilsen
9th - Petter Fargam
10th - Øystein Myhre
11th - David Lund
  Result 1+2+3+Finale
1st - Daniel Evensen
2nd - Petter Spilling
3rd - Dag Reiersen


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National Hunter Championships
10th October 2009


Well the National Hunter Championship is now re-establishing itself in the shoeing calendar, this year drawing the maximum 32 shoeing competitors and also 30 young and keen apprentices, traveling many miles with very early starts. People travelling from as far as Cornwall, Lancashire, Kent, Wales and Scotland - their support is much appreciated by the organisers.

The day began at 9 o'clock with the judge Mr Gary Darlow placing the specimens' on the board; a tool and fullered caulkin and wedge for the open competitors and a concave caulkin and wedge for the restricted class.

8 fine Somerset hunters were lined up and the shoeing started at 9.30am, 50 minutes to shoe the drawn foot and make the specimen !

By the end of the first round of shoeing the apprentices' had arrived for their first round at 11am - the morning round of 45 minutes was to make a pair of Hunter front shoes from a gas forge. The second round in the afternoon would see 1st & 2nd year apprentices make hunter hinds and the 3rd & 4th year apprentices make a pair of caulkin & wedge hinds in 50 minutes. Both pairs would be judged as a set to find the winner in each class. The judge for the apprentices was Mr . Andy Reader Smith.

Lunch was taken at 1pm with beer, cider and food on hand for everyone and also time to have a look around Wessex Farriers Supplies Ltd trade stand, displaying the full Jim Blurton range of tools along with other bargains to be had - many thanks to them for coming along.

By 4pm it was time for another beer and a rest, all done bar the scores! The day had gone with out a hitch with fabulous horses that stood rock solid all day, a huge thank you to our owners who loaned the horses for the day. Apart from a small shortage of bar stock for the apprentices which was overcome the day was a great success.

A big thanks must go to Mr John Ford for his time keeping and address system keeping rounds moving to time .

Many many thanks to Jim Blurton Tools, who three years ago became title sponsors providing a Bronze statue trophy for the Open class and also prizes for all the other classes - we thank them for continued support.

Open Shoeing
1st - Matt Randles (44.6), prize money £500.00 and prizes from JB Tools and Trophy
2nd - Dave P Smith (44.1), prize money £250.00 and prizes from JB Tools
3rd - Andrew Casserly (43.9), prize money £100.00 and prizes from JB Tools

Restricted Shoeing
1st - Ryan Price (42.5), prize money £250.00 and prizes form JB Tools and trophy
2nd - F Spittal (41.1), prize money £100.00 and prizes from JB Tools
3rd - Kevin Davies (40.4), prize money £50.00 and prizes from JB Tools

Best Dressed Foot - D P Smith
Best Open Specimen - Matt Randles
Best Restricted Specimen - Ryan Davis (all prizes from JB Tools)

Apprentice results to follow......


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HOSE Competition
3rd October 2009


Class 1 Traditional Hunter Shoeing
1st - Gary Darlow (44.3) Robert Wood Trophy and the WCF Silver Medal
2nd - David Smith (43.1)
3rd - Steven Beane (42.9)
4th - Adam Fox (40.8)
5th - Duncan Thomson (40.3)
6th - Tony Wilson (40.2)
7th - Jon Atkinson (40.0)
8th - Michael Richardson (39.5)
Best Prepared Foot - David Smith
Best Specimen Shoe - Gary Darlow
Best Leicestershire Member (Walter & Kathleen Spence Trophy) - Richard Spence
Best under 24 years of age -
1st - Michael Richardson (39.5)
2nd - Alexander Bunclarke (36.1)

Class 2 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Jake Elliot (17.2) Tanker and WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - Tom Williams (17.0)
3rd - Ralph Blatchford (16.9)
4th - Grag Calvert (16.8)
5th - Ryan Darbyshire (16.6)
Highly Commended - Scott Manns (16.5)
Commended - Callum Derby (16.4)
Best Leicestershire Member (David Ashton Trophy) - Ralph Blatchford


Class 3 3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - James Haigh (17.3) Walter Spence Trophy and the WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - Ben Taylor (16.9)
3rd - J C Lee (16.9)
4th - Damian Readman (14.3)
5th - Richard Bidmead (13.9)
Highly Commended - Garath Schofield (13.8)
Commended - Jakk Short (13.6)
Best Leicestershire Member - Garath Schofield

For individual marks please email us.


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Royal County Berkshire (Newbury) Show
19th - 20th September 2009
Judge: Mr Grant Moon AWCF


We had a great show with full entries. Many thanks to our sponsor Stromsholm with out who we could not put on the show. Cecil Swan for the loan of his excellent forges. All the stewards for their help and of course this years judge, Mr Grant Moon a brilliant and fantastically professional judge.

Horse & Pony shoeing
1st - Andrew Casserly
2nd - Steven Beane
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Richard Slater
5th - D.P.Smith
6th - Andrew reader-Smith
Restricted Class
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - James Clowes
Best Specimen - Andrew Casserly

Hunter Shoeing
1st - Gary Darlow
2nd - D.P.Smith
3rd - Steven Beane
4th - Jonathan Nunn
5th - Richard Slater
6th - Matt Randles
Restricted Class
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Sarah Mary Brown
Best dressed foot - Steven Beane
Best specimen - Duncan Thomson.

Therapuetic Shoemaking.
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Matt Randles
3rd - D.P.Smith
4th - Gary Darlow
5th - Richard Slater
6th - Ben Ebrey

Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - James Haigh
2nd - Jack Harper
3rd - Ben Grange
4th - Adam Illston
5th - Tom Waite
6th - Mathew Fedrick

1&2 year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - Adam Illston
3rd - Jack Casserly
4th - Tom Waite
5th - Thomas Middleton
6th - Luke Blomfield

3&4 Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - James Haigh
2nd - Harry Garner
3rd - Luke Tello
4th - Richard Keene
5th - Harry Meek
6th - Gemma Sharpe

Show Champion (Rose Bowl) - Steven Beane
2nd - Matt Randles

Local Show Champion (Shepard Shield) - D.P.Smith


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Edward Martin Shoemaking Competition
13th September 2009


Two Man Horseshoeing Class:
Jim Balfour and David Shearer

1st-2nd Year Apprentice :
Lewis Balfour

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Stromsholm Newmarket Apprentice Seminar
4th & 5th September 2009


The Stromsholm Newmarket Apprentice Seminar 2009 was a great success, we had 35 apprentices competing on the Saturday and had 26 Farriers/Apprentices join us on the Friday for the Jim Blurton Clinic.

1st/2nd Years Apprentices
1st - Ben Coy
2nd - Sammy O'Gara
3rd - Chris Matts

3rd/4th Years Apprentices
1st - Joe Rose
2nd - Sam Fowler
3rd - William Taylor

Eagle Eye - Sam Warman

Open - Joe Rose


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Edenbridge And Oxted 2009
30th - 31st August 2009
Judge: Mr Mark Preece AWCF


Class 1 Pony
Presented By: Cordelia Preece
The Mick Orgill Perpetual Trophy

1st - James Povey
2nd - Sarah-Mary Brown
3rd - Dan Birchall
4th - Stephen Hill
5th - Jason Brown
6th - Jon Nunn

Class 1 Restricted
Presented By: Cordelia Preece
The Forge Hill Trophy
Winner: Sarah-Mary Brown

Class 2 Hunter
Presented By: Mark Preece Awcf
The James Todd Perpetual Trophy

1st - Jon Nunn
2nd - Ben Ebrey
3rd - Dan Birchall
4th - Stephen Hill
5th - James Povey
6th - Greg Nuttall

Class 2 Restricted
Presented By: Mark Preece Awcf
The Owen Pine Trophy
Winner: Ben Ebrey

Class 3a 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice
Presented By: Grace Cronin
The PJC Services Trophy

1st - Jack Henty
2nd - Ben Coy
3rd - Tom Wait
4th - Ryan Derbyshire
5th - Charles Madden
6th - Jack Boardman

Class 3b 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice
Presented By: Grace Cronin
The David Hicks Perpetual Trophy

1st - Janik Zysemil
2nd - Tom Wall
3rd - Jake Fletcher
4th - Abi Hardy
5th - Will Sands
6th - Luke Tello

Class 4b Apprentice Heavy Horse
Presented By: Stephen Hill
The Suffolk Horseshoe Plaque

1st - Tom Wall
2nd - Jake Fletcher
3rd - Will Sands
4th - Abi Hardy
5th - Bed Edmed
6th - Luke Tello

  Class 4a Heavy Horse
Presented By: Stephen Hill
The Anthony Clare Trophy

1st - Ben Ebrey
2nd - Dan Birchall
3rd - James Povey
4th - John Martlew
5th - Jon Nunn
6th - George Hutchins

Best Apprentice In All Classes (Judge’s Opinion)
Presented By: Mark Preece Awcf
The Stromholm Trophy
Winner: Jack Henty

Best Specimen And Highest Competitor
Winner: Sarah-Mary Brown

The Mick Orgill Special Achievement Trophy
Presented By: Harry Garside, (Grandson)
Winner: James Povey

Best Pair Over The 2 Days
Presented By: Mark Preece Awcf
The Folly Forge Plate
Winners: Sarah-Mary Brown And Paul Collins

Reserve Champion
Winner: Dan Birchall

Presented By: Mark Preece Awcf
C Collins & Sons Championship Trophy
Winner: James Povey

The committee would like to say a big thank you to:

Mrs D Hicks, The Worshipful Company Of Farriers, Eastlake & Beachell, Stephen Hill, Westerham Gun Club, Stromholm, Mustad & G W Day & Co for their kind sponsorship.


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NAFBAE International Team Shoeing Competition
27th - 30th August 2009
Judges: Rob Renirie and Ian Allison


1st - England (Steven Beane 57.2, Andrew Casserly 56.0, Gavin Golby 54.1, Matt Randles 53.2)
2nd - Wales (Billy Crothers 56.5, Grant Moon 54.3, Andy Martin 53.3, James Blurton 52.0)
3rd - Ireland (Paul Duddy 56.1, William O'Shaughnessy 54.1, Paul Robinson 53.0, (Edward O'Shaughnessy 52.8)
4th - USA (Gene Leiser 55.5, Jake Engler 54.5, Brian Nelson 52.2, Dusty Franklin 51.5)
5th - Scotland (David Varrini 55.9, Ian Gajczak 54.7, David Sutherland 52.6, James Balfour 49.2)
6th - France (Ludovic Mathieu 54.0, Nicholas Guilliot 53.5, Mathieu Delcroix 52.6, Christian Albergne 50.9)
7th - Sweden (Niklas Petterson 53.2, Jesper Eriksson 52.4, Matthias Midbrot 51.5, Niklas Petterson 51.2)
8th - Norway (Petter Spilling 53.8, Dag Reirsen 52.7, Aksel Vibe 50.4, Simen Krog 47.2)
9th - Canada (Stewart Bruce 53.2, Adam McQueen 50.5, Matt Kuechler 50.1, Tom Barnett 47.1)
10th - Switzerland (Philipp Buhler 52.8, Peter Brulisauer 51.4, Benedikt Huber 50.1, Aaron Gygax 43.3)
11th - Belgium (Vincent Lamaille 54.1, Yvan Brasseur 47.6, Marc Leclercq 44.8, Yoann Policard 41.6) 9.4
12th - Army (Alex Mercer 53.2, Nick Cooper 51.9, Mark Waston 48.9, Robin Hayden 43.4)
13th - Holland (Jan Koppelman 51.0, Arjenvan Deeler 47.8, Haitze Wiersma 46.8, Douwe Dokter 45.6)
14th - Germany (Hans Stegmaier 46.5, Matthias Rahmann 45.8, Wilhelm Becker 45.6, Bernd Schottmann 42.0)

Individual Competition Top 20
1st - Billy Crothers, Wales 46.7
2nd - Paul Robinson, Ireland 45.0
3rd- Philipp Buhler, Switzerland 44.6
4th - Vincent Lamaille, Belgium 44.4
5th - Grant Moon, Wales 44.2
6th - Steven Beane, England 44.0
7th - Matt Randales, England 43.7
8th - James Blurton, Wales 43.1
9th - Ian Gajczak, Scotland 43.0
10th - David Varrini, Scotland 42.8
11th - William O'Shaughnessy, Ireland 42.6
12th - Edward O'Shaughnessy, Ireland 42.3
13th - Paul Duddy, Ireland 42.2
14th - Niklas Petterson, Sweden 41.6
15th - Gavin Golby, England 41.2
16th - Christian Albergne, France 40.9
17th - Simen Krog, Norway 40.6
18th - Andrew Casserly, England 40.1
19th = Mathieu Delcroix, France 40.0
19th = Mark Waston, Army 40.0

For complete results visit the NAFBAE website.


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Peover Shoemaking Competition
16th August 2009
Judge: Matt Randles DWCF


Peover Shoemaking competition was held on the 16th of August at the Peover Game Fair. Judge Matt Randles DipWCF had a busy day sorting out the record entry of 73 competitors. The standard of shoemaking in all classes was exceptionally high. The organisers – the Darlow family – would like to say a big thank you to all the sponsors – Cecil Swan Gas Forges, Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd, Stromsholm Ltd, J & A Ferrie, Derek Gardner Tools, Jim Blurton Tools, Londonderry Forge Supplies, B.L. Farrier's Supplies, Logotec, Arthur Cottams, Pegasus Horseshoes, Harris Gas, and Claire Brown for her extensive help and a big thank you to all the competitors and for those who joined us for the BBQ the evening before the competition, the results were as follows:

1st - Steven Beane 18.40
2nd - Derek Gardner 17.70
3rd - Jon Atkinson 17.60
4th - Tom Pears 17.60
5th - Billy Crothers 17.30
6th - Adam Fox 17.00
7th - Nigel Brown 16.30
8th - Ricky Hilton 16.20
9th - Grant Moon 16.20
10th - Gavin Golby 16.10

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Alex Collier 9.10
2nd - Ben Grange 9.00
3rd - Ben Taylor 8.90
4th - J.C. Lee 8.80
5th - Dale Harland 8.60
6th - Kris Parkin 8.40
7th - Greg Calvert 8.40
8th - Sam Warman 8.30
9th - Callam Darby 8.30
10th - Tom Williams 8.30

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Richard Slater 17.90
2nd - James Haigh 17.80
3rd - Tom Galloway 17.50
4th - Matt Crompton 15.90
5th - George Harris 15.80
6th - Daniel Preece 15.20
7th - Matt Alderman 14.60
8th - Chris Green 14.50
9th - Cody Gregory 14.30
10th - Michael Saunders 13.40

Full Photo Gallery



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St. Mellons Competition (held at Tim Rooney's)
13th August 2009
Judge: Steve Lloyd RSS


Horseshoe and Farrier Supplies Ltd
Stromsholm Ltd

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Anthony Williams
2nd - Chris Dowler
3rd - Harry Meek
4th - Dan Shinton

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - Mike Wolverson
2nd - Ryan Anderson
3rd - Glen Nott
4th - Gavin Rees

Open Shoemaking
1st - Mike Wolverson
2nd - Matthew Rees
3rd - Nick Cooper
4th - Anthony Williams

One Heat Shoe -
Winner Harry Meek

Special Prize -
Winner Chris Hughes

Full Photo Gallery


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Tockwith Show
1st August 2009


1st - Jason Gajczak
2nd - Grant Moon
3rd - Jon Atkinson
4th - Adam Fox
5th - Richard Slater
6th - Jonathan Nunn
7th - Cody Gregory (USA)
8th - Garry Harland
9th - Leon Bentham
10th - Bennett

Speed Open
1st - Jon Atkinson
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Garry Harland
4th - Richard Slater

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - J C Lee
2nd - Tom Willians
3rd - Alex Cockiee
4th - Ben Grange
5th - Alan Ashcroft
6th - B Taybe
7th - J Kirk
8th - Sam Warman
9th - Tom Middleton
10th - Jake Elliott


3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - James Haigh
2nd - Rob Bedford
3rd - Tom Galloway
4th - Andy Smith
5th - M Compton
6th - Russ Hepworth
7th - R Clarke

Apprentice Speed
1st - Rob Bedford
2nd - J C Lee
3th - Tom Galloway
4th - James Haigh

Champion - Jon Atkinson
Reserve Champion- Adam Fox


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Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd Shoemaking Competition
25th July 2009
Judges: Rob Renirie and Andrew Casserly


1st & 2nd Year Apprentices Championship
1st - Ben Taylor 208.0
2nd - J C Lee 181.0
3rd - Tom Williams 175.0
4th - Jack Casserley 168.0
5th - James Elliot 165.0
6th - Harry Meek 161.0
7th - Tom Wait 143.0
8th - Dale Harland 139.0
9th - Ryan Darbyshire 135.0
10th - Sammy O'Gara 135.0

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices Championship
1st - James Haigh 229.0
2nd - Richard Slater 215.0
3rd - George Hutchins 202.0
4th - Dan Preece 201.0
5th - Joel Morris 201.0
6th- Martin Pearson 186.0
7th - Tom Galloway 185.0
8th - Matt Alderman 173.0
9th - Andrew David Smith 160.0
10th - Harry Garner 148.0

Intermediate Championship
1st - Jason Gajczak 127.0
2nd - Ben Casserley 126.0
3rd – Andrew Bowyer 118.0
4th - Leon Bentham 106.0
5th - David Dawson 105.0
6th - Thomas Richards 103.0
7th - John Hick 100.0
8th - Billy Scott 99.0
9th - Tom Farmer 98.0
10th - Andrew James 98.0

Open Championship
1st - Darren Bazin 169.0
2nd - Gary Darlow 156.0
3rd - Jon Atkinson 149.0
4th - Paul Duddy 143.0
5th - Andy Martin 140.0
6th David Smith 139.0
7th - Ricky Hilton 136.0
8th - Mark Watson 120.0
9th - Nigel Brown 115.0
10th - Andy Reader Smith 111.0

To view the gallery click here

Full results from each class will be available on the Handmade Shoes website


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Border Union Show
25th July 2009
Judge: David Varini


Class 1 Apprentice Forging
1st - Aaron Mulholland
2nd - Johnny Kirk
3rd - Josh Wilson
4th - Lewis Balfour
5th - Katrina Robb
6th - Tom Hislop

Class 2 Open Shoeing
1st - David Sutherland
2nd - Jim Balfour
3rd - Paul Collins
4th - Graham Morran
5th - James Canning
6th - Ivor Valentine

Class 3 Apprentice Speed Forging
1st - Liam Cooper
2nd - Josh Wilson
3rd - Johnny Kirk
4th - Graham McBurney
5th - Aaron Mulholland
6th - Lewis Balfour

Class 4 Open Speed Forging
1st - Jim Balfour
2nd - David Sutherland
3rd - James Canning
4th - Devin Crearer
5th - Ruaraidh Robb
6th - Paul Collins

  Special Prize for Best 1st & 2nd year - Aaron Mulholland

Reserve Apprentice Champion - Josh Wilson

Apprentice Champion - Aaron Mulholland

Reserve Open Champion - Jim Balfour

Open Champion - David Sutherland

The organisers would like to thank the judge, David Varini and the sponsors for their generous support -
J & A Ferrie
I.O.Gajczak Tools 07712527753
Swan Forges
R & I Farriery Services Ltd 07712527753

...and to Lasswade Riding School for providing us with the horses.


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Royal Welsh Show
20th - 23rd July 2009
Judge: Richard Ellis DWCF (Hons)


1. Shoe Making (Open)
1st - Mattthew Rees
2nd - Craig Williams
3rd - Gareth Thomas
4th - Chris Powell
5th - I Tonks
6th - Robert Comerford
Specials:£50 + Farriery Tool kindly donated by Mr. James Blurton, WCF Bronze Medal, and the
St Mellons Open Horse Shoeing Challenge Cup :- Matthew Rees
Special Prize of a Farriery Tool donated by Mr. James Blurton and RWAS Special Prize Card and Plaque for the highest placed competitor under 25 years in Class 1: - Matthew Rees

2.Donkey Foot Trimming Competition
1st - Mark Brettell
2nd - Thomas Richards
3rd - Gareth Thomas
4th - S Glover
5th - T Smith
6th - R L Harris

Donkey Foot Trimming Competition - Apprentices
1st - Rebecca Lowe
2nd - Daniel Shinton
3rd - Jamie Barnes

Specials - Challenge Tankard kindly presented by Mr. Stephen K. Pugh – Mark Brettell

3.Shoemaking – 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices Only
1st - M Tynan
2nd - Chris Dowler
3rd - Michael Hylands
4th - R Lawrence
5th - Miss Rebecca Lowe
Specials:£40 + Farriery Tool kindly donated by Mr. James Blurton, WCF Apprentice Bronze Medal and Gibbins Polo Shirt :- M Tynan
Special Hand Made Farriery Tool Kindly Presented by Mr. Glyn David for the best competitor in Class 3 Residing in Wales: - M Tynan

4.Open Traditional Hunter Shoeing
1st - Thomas Richards
2nd - Grant Moon
3rd - David Beardmore
4th - Jonathan Nun
5th - Nigel Brown
6th - Ryan Price
Specials:£100 + Farriery Tool kindly donated by Mr. James Blurton and The Mustad Perpetual Challenge Cup and case of EXL Nails kindly donated by Mustad Hoofcare SA :- Thomas Richards
Cash Award £20 : - Thomas Richards

5. Shoemaking – 3rd & 4th Year Apprentices Only
1st - Ryan Wadling
2nd - Jamie Barnes
3rd - T Boughard
4th - R Keene
5th - A Farrelly
6th - Gary O’Grady
Specials: £40 + Farriery Tool kindly donated by Mr. James Blurton, WCF Apprentice Bronze Medal, Gibbins Polo Shirt :- Ryan Wadling
Albert Lewis RSS Memorial Perpetual Cup (competitor residing in Wales) :- Jamie Barnes

6.Open Ride and Drive
1st - Jonathan Nunn
2nd - Grant Moon
3rd - Thomas Richards
4th - Matthew Rees
5th - Ryan Price
6th - Mr Gareth Thomas
Specials:£100 + Farriery Tool kindly donated by Mr. James Blurton and The Cooks’s Cup :- Jonathan Nunn

Cups / Awards for Aggregate Marks of Classes 4 and 6

Welsh Championship Award - Mrs E.E. Morris Memorial Cup: - Jonathan Nunn

WCF Silver Medal – Overall Performance in Classes 4 & 6 and the RWAS Championship Rosette:- Jonathan Nunn

RWAS Special Prize Card will be awarded to the competitor under 25 years of age on the first day of the Show – 20th July 2009 – gaining the highest aggregate marks in Classes 4 and 6 + NAFBAE Silver Medal for the winner + NAFBAE Bronze Medal for the runner up :-
1st - Thomas Richards
2nd - Matthew Rees


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Newport Show
18th July 2009
Judge: John Hughes and Charlie Hughes


Staffordshire Branch NAFBAE farriers organised National Show Hunter Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition. Grateful thanks do to all who helped and competed, making the 3rd annual competitiona great success.
Thanks to judges John Hughes and Charlie Hughes who did a fantastic job throughout. Also, thanks to sposnors Jim Blurton, Mustad, Horseshoe and Farrier Supplies (Midlands) Ltd, and the Newport and District Agricultural Society for their generous support.

Open Shoeing
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Elgan Harries
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Steve Hewitt

Open Shoemaking
1st - Richard Slater (18.4)
2nd - Matt Rees (17.7)
3rd - Tom Richards (17.2)
4th - Matt Randles (17.0)
5th - Rob Duggan (17.0)
6th - Grant Moon (16.8)
7th - Jonathon Nunn (16.6)
8th - Gareth Thomas (16.5)

Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd/4th Year
1st - Richard Slater (18.4)
2nd - Matthew Crompton (17.1)
3rd - James Moles (16.4)
4th - Bob Stubbs (16.2)
5th - Tim Boulton (14.8)

Apprentice Shoemaking 1st/2nd Year
1st - Adam Illston (16.7)
2nd - Alex Collier (16.4)
3rd - Antony Mckenzie (16.2)
4th - Alistair Gurney (15.8)
5th - Daryl Green (15.6)
6th - Ben Wyles (14.8)
7th - Ryan Derbyshire (14.6)
8th - Tom Wait (14.6)

CHAMPION - Richard Slater

Reserve Champion - Matt Randles

Full Photo Gallery


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Romiley Young Farmers
18th July 2009


1st - J Atkinson
2nd - T.Wilson
3rd - J.Hick
Best Shod Foot Sponsered By B.L Farrier Supplies Ltd - J.Atkinson

1st & 2rd Year Apprentice
1st - Jc.Lee
2rd - G.Calvert
3rd - S.Moores

  3rd & 4th Year Apprentice
1st - J.Bourne Withy
2nd - G.Harris

Best Apprentice Sponsored By B.L Farrier Supplies Ltd - J. C.Lee.

Eagle Eye
1st - N. May
2rd - J.Atkinson
3rd - R.Newton


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Kent County Show
17th - 19th July 2009
Provisional Results

We had a successful three days at the Kent County Show, with over 60 entries spanning the three days. I would like to thank our judges Stephen Newman and Trevor Stern for their hard work, and the stewards and helpers for the smooth running of the competition. I would also like to thank our sponsors Corralls Coal Merchants (Canterbury) for supply the coke, I S & G Steel Stockholders (Beckenham) for supplying the flat bar metal and Kent County Agricultural Society for their support and very importantly all the competitors for travelling near and far to come to Kent, we hope to see many of you again next year.

Hunter Shoeing
1st - Mark Watson
2nd - Nick Cooper
3rd - Anthony Waterfield
4th - Daniel Birchall
5th - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge
Highly Commended - Mark White
Commended - John Fuller

Shire Shoeing
1st - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge
2nd - Mark Watson
3rd - Daniel Birchall
4th - Nick Hamilton
5th - Mick O'Dell
Highly Commended - Raymond Matthews
Commended - Greg Nuttall

Open Shoemaking
1st - Stephen Cox Rusbridge
2nd - Nick Cooper
3rd - Mark Watson
4th - Raymond Matthews
5th - Jo Whitehead
Highly Commended - Greg Nuttall
Commendend - Mark White

Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Yr
1st - Tom Williams
2nd - Lewis Knaggs
3rd - Sam Warman
Highly Commended - Luke Bloomfield
Commended - Ben Price

  Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Yr
1st - George Hutchins
2nd - Abi Hardy
3rd - Tom Watkins
Highly Commended - Joe Gillings
Commended - Ben Senders

Best Kent Apprentice - George Hutchins

Forge & Bring Shoemaking
1st - Stephen Cox Rusbridge
2nd - Anthony Waterfield
3rd - Peter Cronin
4th - Ben Stern
5th - Georgina Swire
Best Apprentice - Georgina Swire

Kent Show Champion for classes 1, 2 & 3
1st - Mark Watson
2nd - Stephen Cox Rusbridge

Kent Men Special for classes 1, 2 & 3
1st - Anthony Waterfield
2nd - Mick O'Dell
3rd - Greg Nuttall

Best Competitor Under 25 yrs - Anthony Waterfield


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Great Yorkshire Show Horse Shoeing Competitions
14th - 16th July 2009


Class 1: Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - Jon Atkinson, The Cooke Cup & WCF Silver Medal
2nd - N May
3rd - Paul Collins
4th - Tom Pears
5th - A M Elliott
6th - L Bentham
Best Prepared Foot: Jon Atkinson
Best Specimen Shoe: Jon Atkinson

Class 2: Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - Jon Atkinson, The Bass North Trophy
2nd - A Shuttleworth
3rd - A M Elliot
4th - Tom Pears
5th - G Moran
6th - L Bentham
Best Prepared Foot: M Payne
Best Specimen Shoe: Jon Atkinson

Class 3: Restricted Hunter Shoeing
1st - Jason Gajczak, The Sutcliffe Trophy
2nd - Martin Haigh
3rd - N May
4th - M Saunders
5th - R W Skelly
6th - P Rowlay
Best Prepared Foot: N May (Plus Special)
Best Specimen Shoe: Jason Gajczak

Class 4: Open Agricultural Horse Shoeing
1st - Graham Moran, The Major Gleadow Trophy
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Jon Atkinson
4th - Tom Pears
5th - M Watson
6th - L Bentham
Best Prepared Foot: Simon Jackson
Best Specimen Shoe: Paul Collins

Class 5: Open Shoemaking
1st - Jon Atkinson, The Westways Cup
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Mark Watson
4th - Leon Bentham
5th - M Payne
6th - Tom Pears


Class 6: Apprentice Shoemaking (1st & 2nd Years)
1st - J C Lee, Apprentice Medal
2nd - Ben Grange
3rd - Josh Berriman
4th - J Kirk
5th - R Sunderland
6th - J Ashcroft

Class 7: Apprentice Shoemaking (3rd & 4th Years)
1st - James Haigh, Capewell Cup & Apprentice Medal
2nd - Rob Bedford
3rd - Tom Galloway
4th - D Redman
5th - A Smith
6th - C Callon

Class 8: Surgical Shoemaking
1st - Tom Pears, Westways Trophy & Bronze Medal
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Andy Shuttleworth
4th - J Hick
5th - M Watson
6th - A Fox

SHOW CHAMPION (Mustad Cup, Classes 1, 2, 4, 5 & 8) - Jon Atkinson

Reserve Show Champion - Tom Pears


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NAFBAE Royal Show Competition
7th - 10th July 2009
Judges: Steve Newman, Mark Evans, Stuart Spence


Class 1 Roadster
1st - Paul Robinson 45.1
2nd - James Blurton 44.6
3rd - Andy Martin 43.8
4th - Gavin Golby 43.8
5th - Jay Tovey 43.5
6th - Gary Darlow 43.0
7th - Matthew Randles 42.9
8th - Ian Allison 42.8
9th = David P Smith 42.7
9th = Anthony Wilson 42.7

Class 1 Roadster - Best Specimen Shoe
Sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes
1st - Paul Robinson 9.2
2nd - James Blurton 9.0
3rd - Andy Martin 8.8
4th = Matthew Randals 8.6
4th = Gavin Golby 8.6
6th = Gary Darlow 8.4
6th = Jay Tovey 8.4
6th = Joe Bryan 8.4
6th = Ian Allison 8.4
10th = Paul Collins 8.0
10th = David P Smith 8.0
10th = Duncan Thompson 8.0
10th = Anthony Wilson 8.0
10th = Paul Duddy - 8.0

Best Dressed Foot
1st - Paul Robinson

Special Prize to Improvers (3 years from Dip)
1st - Ritchie Gilzean
2nd - David Webley

Class 2 - Heavy Horseshoeing Competition
Sponsored by Londonderry Forge Supplies
1st - Paul Robinson 45.1
2nd - Gary Darlow 44.8
3rd - Andy Martin 44.0
4th - David P Smith 43.6
5th - Duncan Thompson 43.6
6th - Anthony Wilson 43.4
7th - Joe Bryan 43.3
8th - Ian Allison 43.2
9th - James Blurton 43.1
10th - Edward O'Shaughnessy 43.1

Special Prize to Improvers (3 years from Dip)
1st - Ritchie Gilzean
2nd - David Webley

Best Specimen Shoe
Sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes
1st - Paul Robinson

Best Dressed Foot -
Sponsored by Arthur Cottam & Co
1st - Paul Robinson

Class 5 - Tong & Shoe Competition
1st - Matthew Randles & Gary Darlow - 17.6
2nd - Jay Tovey & Joe Bryan - 17.2
3rd - Paul Duddy & Andy Martin - 17.2
4th - David P Smith & Duncan Thompson - 15.8
5th - James Blurton & Anthony Wilson - 15.2
6th - Gavin Golby & Ian Allison - 14.6
7th - Edward O'Shaughnessy & William O'Shaughnessy - 14.4
8th - Rodney Britton & Graham Moran - 13.8
9th - Scott Moores - 13.2
10th - Chuck Jones & Josh Ramsey - 12.8

Class 4 - Open Therapeutic Shoemaking Competition
Sponsored by Forge Magazine
1st - Paul Robinson 17.0
2nd - David P Smith 16.8
3rd - Gary Darlow 16.8
4th - Matthew Randles 16.6
5th - James Blurton 16.2
6th - Ian Allison 16.2
7th - Andy Martin 15.8
8th - Gavin Golby 15.6
9th - Paul Duddy 15.4
10th - Jay Tovey 15.2

Class 3 - Hunter Shoeing Competition
Sponsored by MUSTAD
1st - Gary Darlow 45.9
2nd - James Blurton 45.8
3rd - David P Smith 45.5
4th - Gavin Golby 45.0
5th - Ian Allison 44.7
6th - Andy Martin 44.6
7th - Paul Duddy 44.6
8th - Paul Robinson 44.3
9th - Jay Tovey 44.1
10th - Anthony Wilson 43.8

Improvers (3 years from DIP)
1st - Ritchie Gilzean
2nd - David Webley

Best Specimen Shoe - Sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes
1st - James Blurton

Best Dressed Foot - Sponsored by Arthur Cottam & Co
1st - David P Smith

Class 9 - Royal Show Championship 2009
£250 Cash Prize Sponsored by ProFeet
1st - Gary Darlow 159.3
2nd - James Blurton 157.3
3rd - Andy Martin 156.8
4th - David P Smith 156.5
5th - Gavin Golby 154.6
6th - Ian Allison 154.2
7th - Matthew Randles 154.1
8th - Jay Tovey 153.3
9th - Joe Bryan 153.0
10th - Paul Duddy 152.5

Best Shod Feet - Highest points scored for shoemaking over classes 1, 2 and 3
1st - Paul Robinson

Reserve Royal Show Champion - JIM BLURTON
Royal Show Champion - GARY DARLOW
Special Prize for the Winners Striker, Sponsored by Derek Gardner -
Matthew Randles

2009 Royal Show Apprentice Gas Forge Shoemaking Competition
Presented by Mr Stuart Spence, Judge
Class 6 - 1st and 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Jack Casserley 19.2
2nd - J C Lee 19.0
3rd - Alex Collier 18.8
4th - Ben Taylor 18.6
5th - Tom Williams 18.4
6th - Ben Coy 18.2
7th - Ashley Norris 18.0
8th - Sammy O'Gara 17.8
9th - Jodhi Beard 17.3
10th - Harvey Andrews 16.8

Class 7 - Apprentice Gas Forge Shoemaking Competitions - 3rd and 4th Year Apprentices
Sponsored by Farriers Equipment Ltd
1st - Chris Green 19.2
2nd - James Haigh 19.0
3rd - Harry Garner 18.8
4th - Paddy Homan 18.6
5th - Alwin Starkey 18.3
6th - Ricky Phillips 17.8
7th - Jakk Short 17.4
8th - Liam Cooper 16.4
9th - Jamie Bourne-Withey 16.0
10th - Will Sands 15.9

Class 8 - Apprentice Therapeutic Gas Shoemaking
Sponsored by VETTEC
Special Prize awarded to the highest placed 1st/2nd Year Apprentice -
Ben Taylorl
1st - James Haigh 19.2
2nd - Ben Taylor 19.0
3rd - Harry Garner 18.8
4th - J C Lee 18.6
5th - Tom Williams 18.4
6th - Jack Casserley 18.2
7th - James Elliott 18.0
8th - Paddy Homan 17.8
9th - Daniel Preece 17.5
10th - Scott Moores 17.4

Class 9 - Royal Show National Champion Apprentice
2009 National Champion Apprentice - JAMES HAIGH
Reserve Champion - BEN TAYLOR

Class 11 - National Championship - Sponsored by MNC
Joe Preston Memorial Trophy - awarded to the competitor with the highest points scored for shoemaking over the four days - Gary Darlow
Best Shod Foot winning The Frank Moorcroft Memorial Trophy - Paul Robinson
1st - Paul Robinson 55.4
2nd - Steven Beane 54.5
3rd - Gary Darlow 54.0
4th - Andrew Casserley 53.7
5th - Matthew Randles 53.5
6th - Joe Bryan 53.5
7th - Gavin Golby 53.3
8th - Edward O'Shaughnessy 52.9
9th - Andy Martin 52.8
10th - David P Smith 52.7

Special Prize for the winners Striker - sponsored by DT Gardner AWCF Ltd -
Paul Collins

NAFBAE would like to thank:
Londonderry Forge Supplies
Farriers Equipment Ltd
Swan Portaforge
Monckton Coke & Chemical Co
DT Gardner AWCF Ltd
Vettec Inc
Worshipful Company of Farriers
Les Armstrong
Forge Magazine
Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd
Arthur Cottam & Co
Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes
Goldstar Forging Products

The NAFBAE Executive
Judges - Steve Newman, Mark Evans, Stuart Spence
Chief Steward - Wilf Ford
Stewards - John Britland, Huw Dyer, Rodney Cranwell, Josh Ramsey, Chuck Jones, Gary Burton and all those apprentices that have helped clear up.
Our hard working and ever patient event scorer - Tom Ryan
Hostess and assistants - Daphne Cranwell, Francesca Eamons and Hayley Weblin
Horse Owners - Willow Farm, Anne MacDonald - Diana Jacks - Waldburg Shires - Mr & Mrs FB Davies



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North of Scotland World Horse Welfare Shoeing & Shoemaking Competition
July 4th - 5th 2009
Judge: Angus Wiseman DWCF


Class 1 sponsored by B L Farrier Supplies Ltd
1st - Alex Sharman
2nd - Ruaraidh Robb
3rd - Wayne Balfour
4th - Jim Balfour
5th - Davie Sutherland

Class 5 sponsored by Woodside Veterinary Group
1st - Davie Sutherland
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Dave Wilson
4th - Jim Balfour
5th - Ruaraidh Robb

Class 3+7 sponsored by Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd
1st - Ruaraidh Robb
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Jim Balfour
4th - Davie Sutherland
5th - Tom Williams

Class 2 sponsored by Ali Smith DipWCF Hons
1st - Ollie Connelly
2nd - Stuart Malcom
3rd - Mark Innes
4th - Louis Balfour
5th - Josh Wilson

Class 6 sponsored by Donald Nicol Farriers Ltd
1st - Richard Addison
2nd - Ollie Connelly
3rd - Stuart Malcom
4th - Josh Wilson
5th - Louis Balfour

Class 4+8 sponsored by Richard Ellis DipWCF Hons
1st - Stuart Malcom
2bd - Josh Wilson
3rd - Tom Williams
4th - Louis Balfour
5th - Ollie Connelly

Class 9 Open Eagle Eye -
Alex Sharman

Class 10 Apprentice Eagle Eye ( Ken & Jamie Playle Trophy) -
Katrina Robb

Best Specimen Class 1 (B L Farrier Supplies Ltd Trophy) -
Alex Sharman

Apprentice Overall Points Winner Classes 2,4,6,8 (Stromsholm Ltd Trophy) -
Stuart Malcom

Open Points Winner Classes 1,3,5,7 (Brooks Lane Cup) -
Alex Sharman

The organisers would like to thank all of the sponsors for their support in particular to Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd for the particularly generous sponsorship. The competition went extremely will with 11 competitors in the Open and 9 in the Apprentice section. This year the competition even had an international visitor, Josh Ramsey, who is currently in the Exchange and we wish him the best of luck.


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World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition, Calgary Stampede
July 1st - 5th 2009
Judges: Jim Quick and Billy Crothers


Class 20 - Forging, Shoe a Foot (shoeing)
1st - Darren Bazin (ENG)
2nd - Derek Gardner (SCO)
3rd - Andrew Casserly (ENG)
4th - Iain Ritchie (CAN)
5th - Todd Walker (USA)
6th - Chris Gregory (USA)
7th - Craig Trnka (USA)
8th - Tim McPhee (USA)
9th - Yoann Policard (FR)
10th - Nigel Brown (WALES)

Class 30, Forging, Shoe a Foot (specimen)
1st - Steven Beane (ENG)
2nd - Chris Madrid (USA)
3rd - Iain Ritchie (CAN)
4th - Tom Barnett (CAN)
5th - Darren Bazin (ENG)
6th - Edward Simcock (WALES)
7th - Andy Reader-Smith (NZ)
8th - Andrew Casserly (ENG)
9th - Nigel Fennell (ENG)
10th - Ben Casserly (ENG)

Class 40 (Front Concave)
1st - Derek Gardner (SCO)
2nd - Steven Beane (ENG)
3rd - Nigel Brown (WALES)
4th - Grant Moon (WALES)
5th - Brian Nelson (USA)
6th - Andy Reader-Smith (NZ)
7th - Tim McPhee (USA)
8th - Ricky Hilton (ENG)
9th - Ben Casserly (ENG)
10th - John Benfield (ENG)

Class 50 (Handmade Tongs)
1st - Gene Leiser (USA)
2nd - Jake Engler (USA)
3rd - Billy Reed (USA)
4th - Grant Moon (WALES)
5th - David Varini (SCO)
6th - Ben Casserly (ENG)
7th - Craig Trnka (USA)
8th - Ian Gajczak (SCO)
9th - Travis Koons (USA)
10th - Nigel Brown (WALES)

Class 60 (Hind Preventer)
1st - Steven Beane (ENG)
2nd - Derek Gardner (SCO)
3rd - Ricky Hilton (ENG)
4th - Darren Bazin (ENG)
5th - Grant Moon (WALES)
6th - Travis Koons (USA)
7th - Aksel Vibe (NOR)
8th - Jake Engler (USA)
9th - Ben Casserly (ENG)
10th - Craig Trnka (USA)

Class 70 (Front Hunter)
1st - Grant Moon (WALES)
2nd - Steven Beane (ENG)
3rd - Andy Reader-Smith (NZ)
4th - Ian Gajczak (SCO)
5th - Darren Bazin (ENG)
6th - Ben Casserly (ENG)
7th - Derek Gardner (SCO)
8th - David Varini (SCO)
9th - David Dawson (ENG)
10th - Chris Gregory (USA)

Class 80 - Two Man Shoeing
1st - Steven Beane and Derek Gardner
2nd - Andy Reader-Smith and Grant Moon
3rd - Darren Bazin and Brian Saunders
4th - Chris Madrid and Travis Koons
5th - Aksel Vibe and Hendrik Berger
6th - Billy Reed and Todd Walker
7th - Benjamin Mangan and Timmy Bolduc
8th - Ian Gajczak and David Varini
9th - Andrew Casserly and Ben Casserly
10th - Matthew Kuechler and Stewart Bruce

Class 90 - Eagle Eye
1st - Darren Bazin (ENG)
2nd - Steven Beane (SCO)
3rd - Craig Trnka (USA)
4th - Vincent Lamaille (FR)
5th - Travis Koons (USA)
6th - Nigel Brown (WALES)
7th - Aksel Vibe (NOR)
8th - Gene Leiser (USA)
9th - Andrew Casserly (ENG)
10th - Jake Engler (USA)

Class 110 - Four Man Draft Horse
1st - Andy Reader-Smith, Grant Moon, Darren Bazin, Brian Saunders
2nd - Daniel Jones, Craig Trnka, Conrad Trow, Chris Overly
3rd - Jake Engler, Dusty Franklin, Gene Leiser, Tim McPhee
4th - Ian Gajczak, David Varini, Steven Beane, Derek Gardner
5th - Steve Dixon, James Findlar, Ian Ricthie, Ben Yager
6th - Nigel Fennell, Andrew Casserly, Ben Casserly, Ricky Hilton
7th - Matthew Keuchler, Adam Mcqueen, Tom Barnett, Stewart Bruce
8th - Daniel Evensen, Aksel Vibe, Hendrik Berger, Simen Krog
9th - John Benfield, Edward Simcock, Nigel Brown, Dave Dawson
10th - Benjamin Mangan, Bryan Osborne, Brian Nelson, Timmy Bolduc

Rookie of the Year - Ben Casserly (ENG)

Forging Champion - Steven Beane (ENG)
Reserve Forgin Champion - Grant Moon (WALES)

Shoeing Champion - Steven Beane (ENG)

Best Shod Foot in 'Four Man' - Andy Reader-Smith (NZ)

Most Consistent Placing - Steven Beane

2009 World Championship Blacksmith -
2nd - Darren Bazin - (ENG)
3rd - Derek Gardner (SCO)
4th - Grant Moon (WALES)
5th - Iain Ritchie (CAN)

Hall of Fame - Grant Moon

View the full PHOTO GALLERY


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Royal Highland Show
June 25th - 28th 2009
Judge: I Gajczak and R Robb


Class 1 Therapeutics
1st - Allan Ferrie
2nd - David Sutherland
3rd - David Shearer
4th - Alex Sharmen
5th - Sarah Mary Brown

Class 1 Apprentice 1st & 2nd Yr Therapeutics
1st - Josh Wilson
2nd - Oliver Conolly
3rd - Harry Meek
4th - Andrew Ireland
5th - Lewis Balfour

Class 1 Apprentice 3rd & 4th Yr Therapeutics
1st - Mark Innes
2nd - Stuart Malcolm
3rd - Graham McBurney

Class 2 1st & 2nd Yr Hunter Horseshoes
1st - Josh Wilson
2nd - Andrew Ireland
3rd - Oliver Connolly
4th - Lewis Balfour
5th - S Moran

Class 2 3rd & 4th Yr Hunter Horseshoes
1st - Mark Innes
2nd - Liam Cooper
3rd - Stuart Malcolm
4th - Ewan Taylor
5th - Graham McBurney

Class 3 Farm Horseshoes
1st - David Shearer
2nd - David Sutherland
3rd - Jim Balfour
4th - David Wilson
5th - Allan Ferrie

Class 3 Apprentice Apprentice Farm Horseshoes
1st - Josh Wilson
2nd - Mark Innes
3rd - Andrew Ireland
4th - Aaron Mulholland
5th - Lewis Balfour

Class 4 Hunter Shoeing
1st - Devin Crerar
2nd - Allan Ferrie
3rd - David Shearer
4th - Fraser Spittal
5th - David Sutherland


Class 4 Hunter Shoeing
1st - Devin Crerar
2nd - Allan Ferrie
3rd - David Shearer
4th - Fraser Spittal
5th - David Sutherland

Class 5 Roadster Shoeing
1st - David Varini
2nd - Devin Crerar
3rd - Allan Ferrie
4th - David Shearer
5th - Jason Gajczak

Class 6 Clydesdale Horse Shoeing
1st - Jim Balfour
2nd - David Shearer
3rd - Allan Ferrie
4th - Devin Crerar
5th - Rodney Britton

Class 7 Two Man Shoemaking Class
1st - Allan Ferrie & David Shearer
2nd - Jason Gazjak & Sarah Mary Brown
3rd - Jim Balfour & Kevin Balfour
4th - David Sutherland & Devin Crerar
5th - Wayne Balfour & Fraser Spittal

Class 7 Apprentice Two Man Shoemaking Class
1st - Stuart Malcolm & Oliver Connolly
2nd - Mark Innes & Josh Wilson
3rd - Graham McBurney & Aaron Mullholland
4th - Euan Taylor & Lewis Balfour
5th - Liam Cooper & Mark Osbourne

Champion Apprentice -- Josh Wilson

Reserve Champion -- Allan Ferrie

2009 Highland Show Champion -- David Shearer


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Lincolnshire Show
24th & 25th June 2009
Judge: Stuart Spence


The 125th Lincolnshire show Farriery completion was held the Wednesday and Thursday of the 24th & 25th of June. Although entries were low, high standard of work was produced. This year the judge was Stuart Spence. The Wednesdays Competition included the Open hunter shoeing of which. Apprentice Shoemaking was held over the two days as was the Open therapeutic shoemaking Class. On Thursday the Open Roadster was held.

This year was successful down to the new Coke forges brought for the forge by the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society. This has made a massive difference to the event. Many thanks go to the Judge Stuart Spence, Chief Steward Adrian Middleton and the Sponsors Stromsholm and Arthur Cottams.

Looking forward to next year’s competition, over the winter there are plans to revamp the old forge and make it a bit more “user friendly”. The format for next year’s competition is also having a revamp. On the Wednesday there will be both the apprentice shoemaking classes and the Open Roadster Class. On the Thursday there will be a new Master and Apprentice Hunter shoeing and shoemaking class. Details and format for this class will be announced at the beginning of 2010.

Lastly a big thank you to all those who turned up and competed. Hope to see you all next year.

D Bennett



Class 1 Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - S Chatterton
2nd - M Watson
3rd - R Shelly
4th - R Jones

Class 2 1st & 2nd year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - S Moores
2nd - A Bradley
3rd - D Mulhall
4th - S Green

Class 3 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - J Haigh
2nd - J Short
3rd - A Smith
4th - T Turner

Class 4 Open Shoemaking
1st - S Chatterton
2nd - M Watson
3rd - A Smith
4th - T Turner

Class 5 Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - S Chatterton
2nd - S Hewitt
3rd - R Shave
4th - C McCabe


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Three Counties Show
19th - 21st June 2009
Judges: David Smith AWCF, Jay Tovey DWCF and Richard Ellis DWCF Hons


Therapeutic Shoemaking
1st - Darren Bazin (17.3)
2nd - Gary Darlow (17.2)
3rd - Steven Beane (17.0)
4th - Jon Atkinson (16.8)

Cob Shoeing
1st - Derek Gardner (44.5)
2nd - Paul Robinson (44.4)
3rd - Darren Bazin (44.2)
4th - Steven Beane (43.8)
Best Dressed Foot - Charlie Hughes

Pony Shoeing
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Matt Randles
3rd - Paul Robinson
4th - Derek Gardner
Best Dressed Foot - Matt Randles

Open Hunter
1st - Darren Bazin (44.8)
2nd - Derek Gardner (44.5)
3rd - Jim Blurton (44.3)
4th - Steven Beane (44.3)
Best Dressed Foot - Matt Randles

Restricted Hunter
1st - Thomas Richards (43.5)
2nd - Andrew Bowyer (43.0)
3rd - Robin Turnbull (43.0)
4th - John Hick (42.3)
Best Dressed Foot - Robin Turnbull

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - J C Lee (18.2)
2nd - Harry Meek (17.8)
3rd - Dale Harland
4th - Jasper Smart

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - Richard Slater (18.0)
2nd - Joel Morris
3rd - James Haigh
4th - Michael Wolverson

Tong & Shoe
1st - Grant Moon & Tom Richards
2nd - Ed Simcock & Nigel Brown
3rd - Jay Tovey & Joe Bryan
4th - Derek Gardner & Matt Randles

Four Corner Forged Test
1st - Michael Wolverson (73.0)
2nd - Nigel Brown (71.0)
3rd - Duncan Thomson (70.0)
4th - Jon Atkinson (67.0)

Speed Chainmaking
1st - Nigel Brown (82.0)
2nd - Andrew Smith (60.0)
3rd - Jon Atkinson (47.0)
4th - Tom Wait (35.0)

With grateful thanks to our sponsors -
Arthur Cottam & Co

Londonderry Forge Supplies

Richard Ellis DipWCF Hons

Jim Blurton Farrier Tools

Full results and individual marks can be provided, please email Claire.



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East of England Show
19th - 21st June 2009
Judge: Mark Preece AWCF


Class 1 1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Sammy O'Gara (9.0) WCF Apprentice Bronze Medal
2nd - Ben Grange (9.0)
3rd - Tom Williams (8.8)
4th - Ben Coy (8.7)
5th - Ashley Norris (8.6)
6th - Chris Westlake (8.4)

Class 2 3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Tom Galloway (9.1) WCF Apprentice Bronze Medal
2nd - Andrew Smith (9.0)
3rd - Joe Rose (8.7)
4th - Gareth Schofield (8.6)
5th - Toby Hind (8.5)
6th - Adam Curtis (8.4)

Class 3 Leisure Horse Shoeing
Sponsored by Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd
1st - Stephen Hill (70.8) WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - Tom Farmer (69.2)
3rd - Adam Forbes (69.0) *tie break on 'fit'
4th - Robert Shave (69.0) * tie break on 'fit'
5th - Ben Hamilton (68.9)
6th - Mark White (68.2)
BDF Stephen Hill

Class 4 Hunter Shoeing
Sponsored by A J Pledger & Co Ltd
1st - James Povey (44.3) WCF Silver Medal
2nd - Nick Hamilton (43.8)
3rd - Mark White (43.6)
4th - Tom Pears (43.5) *tie break on 'fit'
5th - Stephen Hill (43.5) *tie break on 'fit'
6th - Alex Bunclark (43.3)
BDF Stephen Hill

Class 5 Master & Apprentice
Sponsored by Londonderry Forge Supplies
1st - Mark Thompson & Tom Hind (71.1)
2nd - Robert Shave & Scott Taylor (70.8)
3rd - Shaun Chatterton & A Norris (70.7)
4th - Martin Elliot & Jake Elliot (70.6)
5th - Tom Farmer & Sammy O'Gara (70.5)
6th - Stephen Hill & Ben Hind (69.8)
BDF Andrew Elkington

Class 6 Therapeutic Shoemaking
1st - Stephen Hill (18.9) WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - Tom Pears (18.3)
3rd - Michael Richardson (18.2)
4th - Robert Shave (17.9)
5th - Ben Hamilton (17.7)
6th - Mark Thompson (17.5)

Champion Apprentice - R C Gowing Perpetual Trophy
1st - Andrew Smith (26.2)
2nd - Tom Galloway (26.1)

Show Champion - Gulley/Gowing Trophy
1st - Stephen Hill (133.2)
2nd - Robert Shave (129.3)

Perpetual Trophy Wood Carving of "Blacksmith At Work" Donated by Mr D L Gulley awarded to best work produced by a competitor under the age of 25 years during the show -
Tom Farmer

Full results and individual marks can be provided, please email Claire.



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South of England Show
11th - 13th June 2009
Judge: Jay Tovey DWCF


Class 1, Open Hunter
1st – David Smith (42.6) - *tie break specimen shoe
2nd – Ben Casserly (42.6) - *tie break specimen shoe
3rd – Rickly Hilton (42.5) - *tie break specimen shoe
4th – Matt Randle (42.5) - *tie break specimen shoe
5th – Gavin Golby (42.0)
6th – Andrew Casserly (41.2)
7th – Nigel Brown (41.1)
8th – D Birchall (40.6)

Class 2, Open Pony
1st – Ricky Hilton (44.4)
2nd – Andrew Casserly (43.9)
3rd – Matt Randles (43.8)
4th – David Smith (43.7)
5th – Billy Crothers (43.6)
6th – Gavin Golby (43.3)
7th – G Nuttal (42.6)
8th – Ben Casserly (42.0)

Class 3, Open Roadster
1st – Andrew Casserly (44.7)
2nd – David Smith (43.6)
3rd – Gavin Golby (43.5)
4th – Nigel Brown (42.6) - *tie break specimen shoe
5th – Billy Crothers (42.6) - *tie break specimen shoe
6th – Ricky Hilton (42.2)
7th – Ben Casserly (41.9)
8th- Matt Randles (41.4)

Class 4, Open Shoemaking
1st – Andrew Casserly (17.9)
2nd – Dave Smith (17.8)
3rd – Nigel Brown (17.2) - *tie break front shoe
4th – Billy Crothers (17.2) - *tie break front shoe
5th – Matt Randles (17.1)
6th – Ben Casserly (16.6)
7th – Stephen Cox-Rushbridge (16.0)
8th – Pete Cronin (14.4)

Class 5, 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice
1st – Jack Casserly (17.6)
2nd – Tom Williams (17.3)
3rd – James Elliott (17.1)
4th – Thomas Worsfield (16.4)
5th – Sam Warnham (16.0)
6th – Luke Bloomfield (16.8)
7th – Ben Price (15.5)
8th – Michael Hyland (15.4)

Class 6, 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice
1st – George Hutchins (16.4)
2nd – Tom Wall (16.2) – *tie break hind shoe
3rd – Daniel Preece (16.2) – *tie break hind shoe
4th – Jake Fletcher (15.6)
5th – Joe Gillings (15.4)
6th – Janek Zysemil (15.2)

Show Champion – Dave Smith (Gamble Jarvis Trophy)
Reserve Champion – Andrew Casserly
Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd Perpetual Cup – Pete Cronin

The Committee would like to thank Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd for their generous sponsorship of the competition. Special thanks also to judge, Jay Tovey, and the Stewards for their extremely hard work and Wayne Upton of the Worshipful Company of Farriers for the presentation of medal and prizes.



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Sledmere Shoemaking Competition, East Yorkshire
31st May 2009
Judges: Sarah Mary Brown DWCF and Jason Gajczak DWCF


1st - Steven Beane (17.8)
2nd - Glen Brooke (17.3)
3rd - Matt Randles (17.0)

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Granger (17.9)
2nd - Tom Middleton (16.9)
3rd - Dan Harland (16.4)

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - James Haigh (16.8)
2nd - Andy Cooper (15.0)
3rd - Rob Neale (14.8)

Speed Forging
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Steve Hewitt
3rd - Matt Randles
1st - Ben Granger
2nd - Declan Pack
3rd - Johnny Kirk
  The organisers would like to thank the following companies for their generous sponsorship:
Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd

Garry Harland Tools, 07710 161668
Londonderry Forge Supplies

Swan Products

Rectory Gas Supplies, 01759 371305

Special thanks must also go to Graham and Gary Harland, Huw Dyer, Mark Mattheson and Johnny Atkinson for supplying anvils and equipment without which the competition would not have gone ahead. 


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Royal Bath & West Show
27th - 30th May 2009
Judge: D Mallender AWCF and Nigel Fennell AWCF


Restricted Pony Shoeing
1st - Andy Reader-Smith (71.25)
2nd - Andy Bowyer (66.5)
3rd - F Sampson (64.75)
4th - J Summerville (64.5)
5th - D Dawson (63.75)
6th - L Lardder (63.5)

1st/2nd Year Shoemaking
1st - Dan Shinton (16.2)
2nd - A Illston (15.9)
3rd - T Middleton (15.6)
4th - D Roberts (15.3)
5th - J Holder (15.1)

3rd/4th Year Shoemaking
1st - Joel Morris (17.0)
2nd - Harry Garner (16.2)
3rd - J Haigh (15.9)
4th - M Pearson (15.4)
5th - L Lardder (15.0)
6th - Dan Preece (15.0)

Open Pony Shoeing
1st - Ian Allison (81.2)
2nd - Andy Reader-Smith (80.85)
3rd - Nigel Brown (80.2)
4th - Jim Blurton (79.5)
5th - John Benfield (77.7)
6th - Gavin Golby (77.55)
Best Prepared Foot - Nigel Brown
Best Specimen Shoe - Jim Blurton

Open Cob Shoeing
1st - Matt Randles (71.2)
2nd - Ian Allison (70.7)
3rd - Jim Blurton (70.5)
4th - Gavin Golby (70.35)
5th - Ricky Hilton (70.2)
6th - Joe Bryant (69.35)
Best Prepared Foot - Ed Simcock

Open Shoemaking
1st - Matt Randles (18.6)
2nd - Gavin Golby (16.7)
3rd - Ricky Hilton (16.6)
4th - Jim Blurton (16.4)
5th - Ian Allison (16.2)
6th - Andy Reader-Smith (16.0)

Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - Jim Blurton (72.55)
2nd - Andy Reader-Smith (72.2)
3rd - Matt Randles (71.45)
4th - Nigel Perrot (71.3)
5th - Nigel Brown (71.0)
6th - Duncan Thompson (70.65)
Best Prepared Foot - Matt Randles

Show Championship
CHAMPION - Jim Blurton
Reserve - Matt Randles

With grateful thanks to sponsor Richard Ash Horseshoes



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NAFBAE Staffordshire Branch Competition, Stafford County Show
27th & 28th May 2009
Judge: Mark Preece AWCF


A total of 65 farriers and apprentices took part in the annual farriery competition organised by the Staffordshire Branch of the National Association of Farriers Blacksmiths and Agricultural Engineers.
This year a new speed shoemaking class provided a challenge to the competitors who had to make a 3/4 fullered caulk and wedge in 20 minutes.
Grateful thanks to the Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society who have provided an excellent venue for the event.
Thanks also to Horseshoe and Farrier Supplies for sponsoring the competition and to Mustad who provided brand new O Dwyer Damascus forges for use at Staffordshire Branch events. The forges performed faultlessly throughout the two days proving to be very versatile, giving a controllable and enormously efficient heat when needed.
Competition secretary Jonathon Nunn would like to thank all who supported the event such as stewards and officials, and Mike and Jackie Randles of Logotec Embroidery for the generous help with t-shirts, stewards clothing and prizes.
Judge Mark Preece did a fantastic job and provided some excellent specimen shoes for us. He commented on the high standards of work he saw over both days.

Class 1 Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - Steven Beane (45.1)
2nd - Gary Darlow (44.8)
3rd - Jon Atkinson (43.9)
4th - Matthew Randles (43.7)
5th - Grant Moon (43.7)
6th - Charles Hughes (43.4)
7th - Rob Duggan (42.8)
8th - Elgan Harries (42.8)
Best prepared foot - Oliver Gregory

Class 2 Restricted Roadster Shoeing
1st - Jason Megan (44.6)
2nd - Gareth Thomas (44.6)
3rd - Dave JOnes (43.5)
4th - Matthew Rees (43.4)
5th - Tom Richards (43.3)
6th - Gareth Holt (42.6)
7th - Michael Saunders (42.2)
8th - Matthew Crompton (42.2)

Class 3 Open Shoemaking
1st - Grant Moon (18.2)
2nd - Richard Slater (18.0)
3rd - Steven Beane (18.0)
4th - Elgan Harries (17.9)
5th - Mark Watson (17.4)
6th - Matt Randles (17.4)
7th - Gary Darlow (17.1)
8th - Jon Atkinson (17.1)

Class 4 Apprentice 1st & 2nd Years
1st - Tom Williams (17.8)
2nd - Garry Clark (17.4)
3rd - Alex Collier (17.2)
4th - Anthony McKenzie (17.0)
5th - Ryan Derbyshire (17.0)
6th - Ben Grange (16.9)
7th - Ben Wyles (16.8)
8th - Scott Moores (16.8)

Class 5 Apprentice 3rd & 4th Years
1st - Julia Cheney (17.6)
2nd - Jamie Barnes (17.5)
3rd - Andrew David Smith (17.4)
4th - Jamie Bourne Whitney (17.2)
5th - Matthew Crompton (17.2)
6th - Richard Slater (17.2)
7th - Olwyn Starkey (16.9)
8th - Timothy Boulton (16.8)

Class 6 Speed Shoemaking
Open 1st - Grant Moon
Apprentice 1st - Matt Crompton

Staffordshire Champion Vic Bailey Memorial Trophy - Grant Moon

Staffordshire Champion Apprentice Farriers Supplies Challenge Trophy - Matt Crompton



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International Competition, Bern, Switzerland
22nd - 24th May 2009


1st - Ian Gajczak, Scotland
2nd - David Varini, Scotland
3rd - Philipp Buhlerr, Abtwil
4th - Devin Crearer, Scotland
5th - Walter Frehner, Marthalen
6th - Aaron Gygax, Zofingen
7th - Jason Gajczak, Scotland
8th - Daniel Zwissler, Rohrschach
9th - Peter Brülisauer, Nedudertiefen
10th - Ralf Reichardt, Uerkheim
11th - Martin Triaca, Dietikon
12th - Michael Bühlmann, Niederhünigen
13th - Martin Pellikka, Scherz
14th - Fredi Hess, Altbüron
15th - Silvan Erne, Tegerfelden
16th Johan Veurink, Netherland
17th - Trevor Sutherhand, New Zealand
18th - Furukawa Manabu, Japan
19th - Johan Dollen, Netherland
20th - Alexander Werner, Germany
21st - Niklaus Bigler, Thürnen
22nd - Urs Röthlin, Obernau
23rd - Thomas Fischer, Tennwil
24th - Simon Alt, Uzwil
25th - Adrian Kramis, Altwis

With thanks to Ian Gajczak for kindly supplying the photographs.


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Suffolk Show
27th & 28th May 2009
Judge: Sandy Beveridge FWCF


Fireman and Doorman Pairs Championship
The Hector Moore Perpetual Trophy
1st - Ed O'Shaughnessy & Will O'Shaughnessy.
2nd - Stephen Gowing & Steve Taylor
3rd - Tom Farmer & Stephen Hill.
Reserve - Robert Shave & Mark Thompson.
Highly Commended - Ben Hamilton & Nick Hamilton
Commended - Jonathon Brown & John Stanley

National Suffolk Punch Shoeing Championship
1st Ed O'Shaughnessy
2nd - A Martyn Elliott
3rd - S F C Taylor
4th - Robert Shave
5th - Stephen Gowing
Reserve - John Stanley
Highly Commended - William O'Shaughnessy
Commended - Stephen Hill

Local class for competitors in residing in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire
1st -Ed O'Shaughnessy
2nd - Will O'Shaughnessy
3rd - Stephen Gowing

Therapeutic Class
1st - Will O'Shaughnessy
2nd - Steven Rust
3rd - Stephen Hill
4th - Stephen O'Dell
5th - Stephen Gowing
Reserve - Robert Shave
Highly Commended - Justin Rose
Commended - Ben Hamilton

  Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Years
1st - Scott Taylor
2nd - Ben Coy
3rd - Duncan James
4th - Daniel Tidnam
5th - Christopher Matts
Reserve - Sammy O'Gara
Highly Commended - Christopher Gates
Commended Jake Elliott

Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Years
1st - Robert Bedford
2nd - Alex Reilly
3rd - Matthew Berndes
4th - Ben Parker
5th - Joe Rose
Reserve - Adam Curtis
Highly Commended - William Taylor
Commended - Robert Bush

Local class for apprentices residing in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire.
1st - Scott Taylor
2nd - Alex Reilly
3rd - Matthew Berndes

The Dobberson Perpetual Challenge Trophy, presented by the Dobberson Family in memory of Sid for the competitor gaining the most points in the Farriery Competitions -
E & W O'Shaughnessy

The Weylands Perpetual Trophy presented by R J & C J Clark for the Best Overall Apprentice -
Robert Bedford
Reserve - Matthew Berndes


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Lincolnshire Show
18th - 19th June 2008


Pony Shoeing
1st - Jim Blurton
2nd - Matthew Reece
3rd - Mark Watson
4th - S Tayler
5th - Bentham
6th - Gareth Thomas
7th - Andrew Nickalls
8th - Robin Turnball
9th - Andrew Bowyer

Open Shoe Making
1st - Jim Blurton
2nd - Gareth Thomas
3rd - Mark Watson
4th - Jason Brown
5th - Leon Bentham
6th - Andrew Bowyer
7th - Matthew Rees
8th - Daniel Preece

Roadster Class
1st - Gareth Thomas
2nd - THOMAS, Mr Gareth
3rd - Matthew Rees
4th - Mark Watson
5th - Andrew Bowyer
6th - A W James
7th - Robert Duggan
8th - Andrew Nickalls
9th - Luke Silcock

Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - Jim Blurton
2nd - Mark Watson
3rd - M Preece
4th - Andrew Bowyer
5th - Andrew Nickalls
6th - Robin Turnball
7th - A W James
8th - Gareth Thomas
9th - Matthew Rees

  1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st Anthony Williams
2nd - Ryan Darbyshire
3rd - Harry Meek
4th - Luke Cain
5th - Danny Roberts
6th - D Northmore
7th - Tom Wait
8th - L Bloomfield
9th - S Manson

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - Harry Garner
2nd - Jamie Barnes
3rd - Chris Green
4th - Ryan Wadling
5th - J Gillings
6th - Daniel Preece
7th - Tom James
8th - Abi Hardy
9th - Will Sands

Forges kindly sponsored by Vaughns (Hope Works). 


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1st NAFBAE Bedforshire Branch Shoemaking Competition
16th May 2009
Judge: Mac Head FWCF


Class 1 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Coy
2nd - James Elliott
3rd - Tom Wait
4th - Sammy O'Gara
5th - Ryan Darbyshire
6th - Luke Cain

Class 2 3rd & 4th Year Appretnices
1st - Joe Rose
2nd - Matt Aldeman
3rd - Steven Griffin
4th - Gemma Sharp
5th - Daley Johnson
6th - Sam Fowler

Class 3 Open Shoemaking
1st - Jay Tovey
2nd - Tom Farmer
3rd - Jason Brown
4th - Joe Rose
5th - Tom Wait
6th - Martin Richardson

  Class 4 Eagle Eye
Open - Andrew James

Organised and run by Jon Foyle DWCF and Mike Burgoyne DWCF.
Thanks to Jon Foyle for kind permission to publish these results, for a breakdown of scores and for full results please visit Tom Ryan's website Equinehoof by clicking here.

With grateful thanks to the sponsors:


Saltmore Farrier Supplies 01462 733123 


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Otley Shoemaking Competition
16th May 2009
Judge: Ian Gajczak AWCF


Open Shoemaking Class
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Gavin Golby
3rd - Matthew Randles
4th - Ian Allison
5th - Jon Atkinson
6th- Jonathan Nunn
7th - Tom Pears
8th = Leon Bentham
8th = Glenn Brook
10th - Adam Fox

Apprentice 1st & 2nd Year Shoemaking Class
1st Ben Grange
2nd Dale Harland
3rd Ashley Norris
4th J C Lee
5th - Jake Elliot
6th = Jonny Kirk
6th = Allan Ashcroft
8th - Tom Middleton
9th - Greg Calvert
10th - Sam Warman

Apprentice 3rd & 4th Year Shoemaking Class
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - James Haigh
3rd - Andrew Smith
4th - Tom Heslop
5th - Rob Bedford
6th - D Readman
7th - A Cooper
8th - William Jones
9th - J Shore

Open Speed Shoemaking Class
1st - Jon Atkinson
2nd - Adam Fox

Apprentice Speed Shoemaking Class
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - Richard Slater

Eagle Eye Class
1st - Steven Beane

"A massive thank you for our Judge Ian Gajczak, he did a fantastic job throughout a very busy day and he was exceptionally pleased with the standard of shoes made during the day so well done to all the competitors.

We are hugely grateful to the generous support to all our sponsors these include -
Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd ,
NWT Horseshoes 01244 541 394
Londonderry Forge Supplies,
Richard Ash Horse Shoes,
B&L Farrier Supplies,
County Steel,
Swan Products .

Also for all the helpers throughout the day these include Graham Harland, John Hick,Garry Harland, Simon Jackson for bringing the fires and everybody else that helped making the competition run fantastically well throughout the day."


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Milton Show, Peterborough
11th May 2009
Judge: Tom Pears AWCF


Open Shoemaking:
1st - Stephen Hill
2nd - Tom Farmer
3rd - James Povey
4th - Robert Shave.

  Open Apprentice
1st - Sammy O'Gara
2nd - Ben Coy
3rd - Sam Warmen
4th - Becky
1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Coy
2nd - Sammy O'Gara
3rd - Scott Taylor
4th - Sam Warmen


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Badminton Horse Trials
7th - 10th May 2009
Judge: Mr J Blurton AWCF


'Vortex' was judged to be the winner of the WCF Best Shod Horse at Badminton Horse Trials. Ridden by Tim Price (NZL) and owned by Jonelle Richards and Rider, Vortex finished a superb 20th overall. Vortex is shod by Andrew Nicholls.

Badminton was won this year by Oliver Townend and Flint Curtis, owned and bred by Edward and Robert Nicholson. Flint Curtis is now shod by Jim Blurton and Forden Farriers since Oli's move to Ellesmere in Shropshire.

Congratulations to them all.

Picture: Tim Price and Vortex kindly provided by www.optimalphotography.com
Tim Price


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100 Year Werkman Horseshoes, International Horseshoeing Event
7th - 9th May 2009
Judges: Joop Wijnen and Mark Milster


The first Dutch horseshoe factory, Werkman & Co., was located in Groningen in 1909. Now 100 years on the business has celebrated with a grand event on 7th , 8th and 9th of May. Farriers, vets and equine professionals gathered from all over the world to mark this wonderful occasion.

Werkman & Co has developed the craft of forging shoes into high-tech production. 30,000 shoes are produced a day in fully automated production lines. Well-established and a world player in the field of horseshoeing Workman’s is continuing to be at the forefront of the shoe manufacturing business. Reian and Christel have recently joined the company in managing the business and supporting their father, marking the fourth generation in Werkman’s history.

World famous farriers and vets shared their knowledge by giving clinics, lectures and demonstrations. Hans Castelijns, Derek Gardner, Rob Renirie, Loïc Entwistle, John Stewart, Ulrich Wenger, Mitch Taylor, Robert Pinkney, Billy Crothers, Michael Puhl, Aart Bloem, David Canes and Dag Reiersen discussed a wide variety of subjects ranging from daily problems to the latest developments, research and findings in the field of horseshoeing.

90 competitors took part in the competition in classes which included a ‘surprise’ shoe, eagle eye and specimen shoes. The apprentices also shod a morbid specimen. The overall winner of the competition was Gerrit Jan Salm (Holland). Billy Crothers went home with the second prize and Derek Gardner won the third prize.

The pot luck contest challenged competitors to make objects out of scrap steel. A flying bird, a cobra and a wine holder were amongst those auctioned off for The Flying Anvil Company charity. This organisation supports farriery colleagues all over the world in less developed countries by sharing knowledge and offering help.

The weekend was a resounding success – both informative, competitive and entertaining! Forge & Farrier extends their congratulations to Werkman’s on such a wonderful landmark and wish them all the best for the future!

Competition Results:
1st - Gert Jan Salm, NL (218.0)
2nd - Billy Crothers, UK (213.6)
3rd - Derek Gardner, UK (196.8)
4th - Tobias Peterson, DK (186.6)
5th - Philip Tijdink, NL (184.2)
6th - Doug Reiersen, NO (182.0)
7th - Tommi Riikonen, FI (181.0)
8th - Daniel Zwissler, CH (178.8)
9th - Marcel Willems, NL (176.0)
10th - Rauno Puronen, FI (173.4)


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Woodbridge Show
4th May 2009
Judge: Robin May AWCF


Open Shoeing
1st - Stephen Hill
2nd - Mark Thompson
3rd - Tom Farmer
4th - Adam Fitch
5th - Stephen Gowing

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Coy
2nd - Scott Taylor
3rd - Josh Wilson
4th - Sammy O'Gara
5th - Tim Wait

3rd & 4th Year Aprentice
1st - Stephen Britton
2nd - Joe Rose
3rd - Robert Rush
4th - Adam Curtis
5th - Alex Rilley

  Best Dressed Foot- Tom Farmer

Best Specimen- Tom Wall

Best Shod Foot - Stephen Hill

Most Workmanlike Apprentice- Tom Watkins.

A total of 36 apprentices and 16 qualified farriers took part in a successful and enjoyable competition. The day ran smoothly with everyone on time and the organisers would like to thank all of those who participated and of course the judge for the day Robin May AWCF..

Special thanks must go to the sponsors -
Roger Clark FWCF (Hons) Steel and cash prizes
Farriers Choice Tools and cash prizes
Richard Gowing (Hons) FWCF Cash prizes

And also to Derek Murfitt for bringing the cobs used in the shoeing class. 


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Leicester County Show
3rd & 4th May 2009
Judge: Ian Allison DWCF and Fraser MacDonald AWCF


Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - Derek Gardner
2nd - Jay Tovey
3rd - Gary Darlow
4th - Steven Beane
5th - David Smith
6th - Matthew Randles
7th - Gavin Golby
8th - Adam Fox
9th - Jon Atkinson
10th = Richard Spence
10th = Nigel Brown
Best Prepared Foot - David Smith
Best Speciment Shoe - Derek Gardner

Open Roadster
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Gary Darlow
4th - Derek Gardner
5th - Matthew Randles
6th - Jay Tovey
7th = Gavin Golby
7th = Nigel Brown
9th - Shaun Chatterton
10th = David Smith
10th = Tom Pears
Best Prepared Foot - Shaun Chatterton
Best Specimen Shoe - Steven Beane

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - J C Lee
2nd - Ben Coy
3rd = Ben Grange
3rd = Ralph Blatchford
5th - Scott Moones
6th - Sammy O'Coara
7th - Sam Warman
8th - Tom Williams
9th - Joel Baker
10th - Ashley Norris

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - James Haigh
2nd - Steven Howard
3rd - Paddy Homan
4th - Jakk Short
5th - Chris Green
6th - Ryan Wadling
7th - Harry Garner
8th - Dan Preece
9th - Jack Harper
10th - Andrew David Smith

Highest Score Shoemaking over two days for the Open Hunter and Roadster Class -
Steven Beane

Forge & Farrier does have complete results including all scores for the competition. If you would like to know your individual marks please email us.


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World Championship Blacksmiths Competition, Madison, Wisconsin
17th - 19th April 2009
Judge & Clinician: Billy Reed CJF


Class 1 - Pair of Draft Shoes
1st - Jim Quick (47)
2nd - Richard Becker (46)
3rd - Todd Walker (45)
4th - Gene Leiser (44)
5th - Conrad Trow (43)
6th - Chris Overly (42)
7th -Travis Koons (41)
8th - Jake Engler (40)
9th - Chris Madrid (39)
10th - Tyler Marshall (38)
11th - Iain Ritchie (37)
12th - Bryan Osborne (36)
13th - Earl Craig (35)
14th - Jason Hill (34)
15th - Travis Smith (33)
16th - Ben Mangan (32)
17th - Raleigh Desiato (31)
18th - Daniel Jones (30)
19th - Matt Lybeck (29)
20th - George Barker (28)

Class 2 Heartbar and Deep Seated Barshoe
1st - Jim Quick (47)
2nd - Chris Overly (46)
3rd - Ben Mangan (45)
4th - Travis Koons (44)
5th - Chris Madrid (43)
6th - Tyler Marshall (42)
7th - Jake Engler (41)
8th - Tim McPhee (40)
9th - Gene Lieser (39)
10th - Richard Becker (38)
11th - Conrad Trow (37)
12th - Dusty Franklin (36)
13th - Iain Ritchie (35)
14th - Billy Lewis (34)
15th - Timmy Bolduc (33)
16th - Eric Russell (32)
17th - Daniel Jones (31)
18th - Bryan Osborne (30)
19th - Raleigh Desiato (29)
20th - David Sierra (28)

Class 3 Shoe one foot with a Roadster Specimen
1st - Jake Engler (47)
2nd - Travis Koons (46)
3rd - Gene Lieser (45)
4th - Todd Walker (44)
5th - Jim Quick (43)
6th - Tyler Marshall (42)
7th - Chris Overly (41)
8th - Chris Madrid (40)
9th - Ben Mangan (39)
10th - Conrad Trow (38)
11th - Dusty Franklin (37)
12th - Daniel Jones (36)
13th - Timmy Bolduc (35)
14th - Richard Becker (34)
15th - Iain Ritchie (33)
16th - Tim McPhee (32)
17th - Travis Smith (31)
18th - Raleigh Desiato (30)
19th - Brian Nelson (29)
20th - Matt Lybeck (28)

Overrall Results
1st - Jim Quick (137)
2nd - Travis Koons (131)
3rd - Chris Overly (129)
4th - Jake Engler (128)
5th - Gene Lieser (128)
6th - Chris Madrid (122)
7th - Tyler Marshall (122)
8th - Richard Becker (118)
9th - Conrad Trow (118)
10th - Ben Mangan (116)
11th - Todd Walker (108)
12th - Iain Ritchie (105)
13th - Daniel Jones (97)
14th - Tim McPhee (95)
15th - Timmy Bolduc (94)
16th - Dusty Franklin (93)
17th - Raleigh Desiato (90)
18th - Billy Lewis ( 86)
19th - Bryan Osborne (86)
20th - Jason Hill (76)

With thanks to Craig Trnka for providing the results and images. For more details regarding the World Championship Blacksmiths visit their website.


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NAFBAE Ayrshire Branch Competition
3rd & 4th April 2009
Judge(s): Steven Beane AWCF, Sandy Beveridge FWCF, Sarah Mary Brown DWCF, Kevin Balfour DWCF


Apprentice Gas Forging (sponsored by Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd)
1st - Ben Casserly
2nd - George Hutchins
3rd - Harry Garner
4th - Julia Cheney
5th - Mark Innes
6th - Tom Galloway

Gas Forging (sponsored by Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd)
1st - Ian Gajczak
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Ruraidh Robb
4th - John Atkinson
5th - David Dawson
6th - Tom Richards
7th - Jay Tovey
8th - J Benfield
9th - Darren Bazin
10th - David Varini

Apprentice Eagle Eye (sponsored by Mustad Hoofcare)
1st - Julia Cheney
2nd - J C Lee
3rd - Richard Slater
4th - George Hutchins
5th - Graham McBurney
6th - Harry Garner

Eagle Eye (sponsored by Mustad Hoofcare)
1st - Jay Tovey
2nd - Ivor Valentine
3rd - Gary Darlow
4th - John Atkinson
5th - David Sutherland
6th - Ian Allison

1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Class (sponsored by B L Farrier Supplies)
1st - Ben Taylor
2nd - J C Lee
3rd - Johnny Kirk
4th - Jack Casserly
5th - Lewis Balfour
6th - Oliver Connolly

3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Class (sponsored by B L Farrier Supplies)
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Ben Casserly
3rd - Robert Bedford
4th - Stuart Malcolm
5th - Daniel Preece
6th - George Hutchins

Two Man Apprentice (sponsored by Vettec)
1st - JC Lee & Richard Slater
2nd - Ben Casserly & Jack Casserly
3rd - Johnny Kirk & James Haigh
4th - Harry Garner & Daniel Preece
5th - Robert Bedford & Tom Galloway
6th - George Hutchins & Janek Zysmill

Two Man Front Draught Shoes (sponsored by Drew Wilson & Colin Fyfe)
1st - Paul Robinson & David Varini
2nd - Ian Gajczak & Jason Gajczak
3rd - Andrew Casserly & Ricky Hilton
4th - Jim Balfour & Wayne Balfour
5th - Jim Ferrie & Allan Ferrie
6th - Darren Bazin & Brian Saunders

Two Man Draught Hind Shoes (sponsored by Drew Wilson & Colin Fyfe)
1st - A Mercer & M Watson
2nd - Paul Robinson & David Varini
3rd - Gary Darlow & Jay Tovey
4th - Darren Bazin & Brian Saunders
5th - Ian Gajczak & Jason Gajczak
6th - Andrew Casserly & Ricky Hilton

Two Man Draught Shoes Overrall (sponsored by Drew Wilson & Colin Fyfe)
1st - Paul Robinson & David Varini
2nd - Ian Gajczak & Jason Gajczak
3rd - Andrew Casserly & Ricky Hilton
4th - A Mercer & M Watson
5th - Darren Bazin & B Saunders
6th - Jim Ferrie & Allan Ferrie
7th - G Darlow & J Tovey
8th - M Randles & D Thomson
9th - N Brown & E Simcock
10th - J Balfour & W Balfour

Two Man Roadster (sponsored by Life Data Labs Inc, producers 'Farrier Formula' )
1st - Gary Darlow & Jay Tovey
2nd - Paul Robinson & David Varini
3rd - Jim Ferrie & Allan Ferrie
4th - Ian Gajczak & Jason Gajczak
5th - Paul Duddy & Mark Payne
6th - M Randles & Duncan Thomson
7th - A Casserly & R Hilton
8th - D Crerar & D Sutherland
9th - I Allison & D Webley
10th - T Richards & C Hughes

Best Shod Foot Two Man Roadster (sponsored by Life Data Labs Inc, producers of 'Farriers Formula' ) - Paul Robinson & David Varini

Best Roadster Two Man (sponsored by Life Data Labs Inc, producers of 'Farriers Formula' ) - Gary Darlow & Jay Tovey

Intermediate (sponsored by David Shearer)
1st - David Dawson
2nd - D Webley
3rd - Jason Gajczak
4th - Geoff Elphick
5th - Frazer Spittal
6th - Scott Rose

Open (sponsored by Forge & Farrier)
1st - Andrew Casserly
2nd - Ian Allison
3rd - Gary Darlow
4th - Duncan Thomson
5th - Allan Ferrie
6th - Paul Robinson
7th - Ricky Hilton
8th - Darren Bazin

Best Dressed Foot Open (sponsored by Forge & Farrier) - Ian Allison

Best Shod Foot Open (sponsored by Forge & Farrier)- Andrew Casserly

APPRENTICE CHAMPIONSHIP (sponsored by Stromsholm)
Champion - J C Lee
Reserve Champion - Ben Casserly
3rd - Richard Slater
4th - George Hutchins
5th - Jack Casserly

MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP (sponsored by J & A Ferrie)
Champion - Gary Darlow
Reserve Champion - Jay Tovey
3rd - Ian Gajczak
4th - Paul Robinson
5th - David Varini

Click here
to view the full photo gallery.

If you would like to know your marks and position for individual classes please email admin@forgeandfarrier.co.uk.


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National Master & Apprentice Competition 2009
27th & 28th March 2009
Judge: Mr A Martin AWCF and Mr G Darlow AFCL


1st - England (491.1)
2nd - Ireland (472.7)
3rd - Wales (470.7)
4th - Scotland (464.7)
5th - Army (455.6)
Click here
for a breakdown of these results.

Class 1 Team Coke Shoeing
1st - England (174.3)
2nd - Wales (168.4)
3rd - Scotland (167.7)
4th - Ireland (176.5)
5th - Army (165.3)

Class 1 Top 5 Individual Pairs
1st - D Smith & R Slater (England)
2nd - S Beane & J Haigh (England)
3rd - P Robinson & A Mulholland (Ireland)
4th - G Golby & S Howard (England)
5th - W O'Shaughnessy & R Potter (Ireland)
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Class 2 Team Gas Shoemaking Results
1st - England (67.2)
2nd - Wales (64.1)
3rd - Scotland (64.1)
4th - Ireland (62.8)
5th - Army (59.2)

Class 2 Top 5 Individual Pairs
1st - D Smith & R Slater (England)
2nd - N Fennel & G Hutchins (England)
3rd - N Brown & M Wolverson (Wales)
4th - D Sutherlands & S Malcolm (Scotland)
5th - D Varini & J Campbell (Scotland)
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for a breakdown of these results

Class 3 Team Gas Shoeing Results
!st - England (179.9)
2nd - Ireland (179.1)
3rd - Wales (174.6)
4th - Scotland (173.3)
5th - Army (170.6)

Class 3 Top 5 Individual Pairs
1st - P Robinson & A Mulholland (Ireland)
2nd - D Smith & R Slater (England)
3rd - G Golby & S Howard (England)
4th - S Beane & J Haigh (England)
5th - D Varini & J Campbell (Scotland)
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Class 4 Team Coke Shoemaking Results
1st - England (69.7)
2nd - Ireland (65.3)
3rd - Wales (63.6)
4th - Army (60.5)
5th - Scotland (59.6)

Class 4 Top 3 Individual Results
1st - D Varini & J Campbell (Scotland)
2nd - D Smith & R Slater (England)
3rd - G Golby & S Howard (England)
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Class 5 Reserve Coke Shoemaking
1st - England (M Randles & R Bedford) 17.5
2nd - Scotland (S Brown & L Balfour) 16.3
3rd - Wales (E Harries & D Shinton) 15.3
4th - Ireland (D Lynch & G O'Grady) 15.0
5th - Army (P Cox & R Howell) 14.2
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Hosted this year by the British Army this competition was a complete success and an enjoyable time was had by all.
Special thanks to the sponsors for their invaluable support -

B L Farrier Supplies

Life Data Labs Inc, producers of 'Farriers Formula'

Arthur Cottams

Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes & Farrier Tools

Londonderry Forge Supplies





J & A Ferrie

NWT (Horseshoes) Ltd
Richard Ash Horseshoes

William Hercock


To view the full Photo Gallery click here


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Shire Horse Show, Peterborough
14th - 15th March 2009
Judge: Mr D P Smith AWCF


Class 1 - 1st/2nd Year Apprentice
1st Ben Coy
2nd Ben Grange
3rd Danny Roberts
4th Johnny Kirk
5th Christopher Matts
6th Jason Richardson
7th Tom Middleton
8th Ralph Blatchford
9th Chris Westlake
10th Dale Harland
Ben Coy won a Bronze Medal

Class 2 - 3rd/4th Year Apprentice
1st James Haigh
2nd Robert Bedford
3rd Harry Garner
4th Dan Preece
5th Tom Galloway
6th Richard Slater
7th Jack Harper
8th Rowan Coleman
9th William Jones
10th Joe Rose
James Haigh won a Bronze Medal and the Farriers Cup for Overall Best Apprentice.

Class 3 - Open
1st Steven Beane
2nd Stephen Gowing AWCF
3rd Tom Pears
4th William O’Shaughnessy
5th A M Brooke
6th Jon Atkinson
7th Stephen J H Hill
8th Gareth Holt
9th Andy Shuttleworth
10th Andrew James
Steven Beane won a Silver Medal & Rose Bowl for gaining most points in Class 3, He also won “Best Prepared Foot” and a bronze medal for Open Shoemaking.

Iron and nails kindly donated by A J Pledger & Co Ltd.

Forge & Farrier would like to thank Sylvia Adams for these images - they are a small selection of a fantastic range. If you are interested in viewing more photo's or would like to purchase an image please contact her via her website - www.apersonalviewphotography.co.uk.


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National Stallion Show, Perth
7th March 2009
Judge: Mark Watson


1st - R Robb
2nd - I Gajczak
3rd - D Shearer
4th - D Varini
5th - W Balfour
6th - J Gajczak
Best Specimen Shoe - I Gajczak
Best Dressed Foot - R Robb

1st - E Taylor
2nd - J Wilson
3rd - J Campbell
4th - Olly
5th - A Ireland
6th - Rob 


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G W Day Shoemaking Competition
7th March 2009


Kindly sponsored by Stromsholm and Plumpton College

Class 1: 1st Year Apprentice
1st - Luke Bloomfled
2nd - Christopher Dean
3rd - Thomas Waite
4th - Jack Holder
5th - Ben Price

Class 2: 2nd Year Apprentice
1st - Jack Casserly
2nd - Thomas Worsfeld
3rd - Mark French
4th - Jodhi Beard
5th - Ryan Derbyshire

Class 3: 3rd Year Apprentice
1st - Paddy Homan
2nd - Ryan Wadling
3rd - Will Sands
4th - Jake Fletcher
5th - Billy Bleach
6th - Joe Gilling

Class 4: 4th Year Apprentice
1st - Russell Deering
2nd - Wayne Place

  Class 5: Open
1st - Nigel Fennell
2nd - Andrew Casserly
3rd - Mike O’Dell
4th - Nick Cooper
5th Dan Birchall
6th Anthony Waterfield

1st/2nd Year Highest Score winner of David Sharpe & James Hayter Sheild - Jack Casserly

3rd/4th Highest Score winner of the Frank Dean Trophy - Paddy Homan

G W Day & Co Sheild - Nigel Fennell


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2009 National Forging & Horseshoeing Competition
American Farriers's Association 38th Annual Convention
25th - 28th February 2009

North American Challenge Cup
Sponsored by Vector Horseshoe Nails
1st Billy Crothers, AWCF
2nd Craig Trnka, CJF
3rd Travis Koons, CJF
4th Billy Reed, CJF
5th Grant Moon, CJF, AWCF
6th Jake Engler, CJF

Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center Specialty Forging Class
Sponsored by Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center
1st Jake Engler, CJF
2nd Craig Trnka, CJF
3rd Gene Lieser, CJF
4th Grant Moon, CJF, AWCF
5th Chris Madrid, CF
6th Billy Crothers, AWCF

Two-Person Draft Class
Sponsored by Durasole & Edward Martin's Original Hoof Coating
1st Travis Koons, CJF & Timothy McPhee, CJF
2nd Bob Allen, CF & Mark Milster, CJF
3rd Stephen Hendrickson, CF & Mark Thorkildson, CJF
4th Sarah Mary Brown & Paul Collins
5th Mitch Taylor, CJF & Bryan Osborne, CJF
6th Robert Slansky, CJF & Ben Hupp, CJF

Journeyman Class
Sponsored by Farrier Academics (John Blombach, CJF & Debora Ash, CF)
1st Billy Reed, CJF
2nd Timothy McPhee, CJF
3rd Billy Crothers, AWCF
4th Jake Engler, CJF
5th Chris Madrid, CF
6th Chris Overly, CJF

Vern Hornquist Class
Sponsored by Myron McLane, CJF & Walt Taylor, CF
Billy Lewis, CJF

Reserve National High Point Award
Sponsored by Farrier Industry Association
Jake Engler CJF

National High Point Award
Sponsored by Grant Moon, CJF, AWCF & Bob Pethick, CJF
Craig Trnka, CJF

Overall High Point Award
Sponsored by WSFA & Mike Chisham, CF
Craig Trnka, CJF

American Farrier's Team
Four AFT members, along with two alternates, leave Convention as international representatives of the American Farrier’s Association. While traveling to competitions, AFT members serve as informal ambassadors of the AFA and the horseshoeing profession in the US and North America.

Conscious of the support of the AFA and the entire farrier industry, AFT members make a concerted effort to share what they have learned in international competition with the AFA community.

2009 American Farrier's Team
Look for complete team coverage in upcoming issues of Professional Farrier™ an Official Publication of the American Farrier's Association™.

Jake Engler, CJF (Captain)
Gene Lieser, CJF
Tim McPhee, CJF
Dusty Franklin, CJF
Brian Nelson, CJF (1st alt.)
Daniel Jones, CJF (2nd alt.)

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Lancashire & Cheshire NAFBAE Roadster and Master & Apprentice Competition
21st - 22nd February 2009


(Saturday) Annual Roadster Shoeing Competition
Judge: Mr A Wilson AWCF

Class 1 Roadster Shoeing
1st - Matt Randles (Cottams voucher and NAFBAE Silver Salver)
2nd - Steven Beane
3rd - Nigel Brown
4th - Charles Hughes
5th - John Atkinson
6th - Gareth Thomas
Restricted prize - Gareth Thomas

Apprentice 1st & 2nd Year
1st - Ben Taylor (Cottams voucher and NAFBAE Silver Salver)
2nd - Jake Elliott
3rd - Harry Meek
4th - Tom Williams
5th - Tom Galloway
6th - Anthony Williams

Apprentice 3rd & 4th Year
1st - Ricky Hilton (Cottams Voucher & The Joseph Wiseman Trophy)
2nd - Tom Farmer
3rd - Mike Wolverson
4th - Mark Innes
5th - James Moles
6th - Liam Cooper

Best Specimen Shoe (Joe Preston Trophy) - Matt Randles

Eagle Eye - Matt Randles

(Sunday) Master & Apprentice Competition
Judge: Mr W Preece FWCF

Master & Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - Paul Robinson & Aaron Mulholland (Myerscough College Shield)
2nd - Nigel Brown & Harry Meek
3rd - Derek Gardner & Ben Taylor
4th - Paul Robinson & Graham Mc Burney
5th - Gary Darlow & Alex Collier
6th - Elgan Harries & Dan Shinton

Master & Apprentice Shoeing
1st - Jim Blurton & Julia Cheney (Myerscough College Shield)
2nd - Jim Blurton & Ricky Hilton
3rd - Jim Blurton & Katy Grose
4th - Tom Pears & William Jones
5th = Elgan Harries & Davey Calko and Andy Shuttleworth & Josh Eddleston
6th - Paul Robinson & Ryan Potter

Surgical/Therapeutic Shoemaking
1st - Jon Atkinson (Cottams voucher& Myerscough College Shield)
2nd - Derek Gardner
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Nigel Brown
5th - Gareth Thomas
6th - Tom Pears


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