FRC Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary Investigations

A disciplinary investigation is a very worrying time for a member and in the past the BFBA has acted on behalf of members on innumerable occasions and has often circumvented cases proceeding to the hearing stage. Due to the anonymity provided to the member, the extent of the involvement of the Association is not generally recognized by registered farriers and apprentices. Please contact Head Office should you need any assistance.

Morrish Solicitors, the Association’s appointed legal advisor, has a long and successful history of representing members.

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Members can purchase insurance at £18.90 per annum (this can be purchased as an add-on to the Forge Combined Policy) which provides cover for all legal cost associated with a Disciplinary Hearing; there would be no further costs involved.

Morrish Solicitors has particular expertise in attending and representing members at the Disciplinary Hearings and any Member is encouraged to telephone Morrish Solicitors for legal advice. If appropriate, Morrish Solicitors will then be very pleased to represent you at the Hearings.

The Solicitor you should contact is:

Daniel Kindell

Telephone: 033 3344 9600