Great Yorkshire Show

Judge - Jon Atkinson and David Smith

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Entries are still open until Friday 31st May 2019

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Results (added 15.07.19) - 

Class 1: Open Hunter Shoeing
1st 120 B Grange
2nd 113 E D Dodd
3rd 127 J J Holliday
4th 117 R Ellis

Best Prepared Foot: 146 P Smith
Best Specimen Shoe: 120 B Grange

Class 2: Restricted Hunter Shoeing
1st 252 A J Bradbury
2nd 231 Ms K Leppa

Best Prepared Foot: 231 Ms K Leppa
Best Specimen Shoe: 252 A J Bradbury

Class 3: Open Agricultural Shoemaking
1st 347 B T Taylor
2nd 358 T Pedley
3rd 320 B Grange
4th 308 F Canu

Class 4: Heavy Horse Shoeing
1st 420 B Grange
2nd 416 J A Elliott
3rd 433 D Lynch
4th 436 G Moran

Best Prepared Foot: 409 J A Clayton
Best Specimen Shoe: 447 B T Taylor

Class 5: 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st 502 J Argo
2nd 548 J Vaughan
3rd 521 J S Hardy
4th 512 G C Dey

Class 6: 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st 650 D Welch
2nd 604 H Bashall
3rd 632 D K Lowson
4th 655 L Dennison

Class 7: Open Roadster Shoeing
1st 720 B Grange
2nd 709 J A Clayton
3rd 746 P Smith
4th 726 C Hole

Best Prepared Foot: B Grange
Best Specimen Shoe: B Grange

Class 8: Surgical Shoemaking
1st 820 B Grange
2nd 811 J F Denis
3rd 847 B Taylor
4th 827 J J Holliday

Glenn Brooke Memorial Trophy
Most combined foot points from Classes 1, 4 & 7
Winner: B Grange
Champion: B Grange

Reserve: C H Hole

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