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27th November 2011 YFEDA Hunter Championships

Schedule & Entry Form

Apprentice Specimens 1
Apprentice Specimens 2

Open Specimen


30th November 2011 WCF and RVC present 'From idea to paper - a practical guide on how to do a research project'. To be held at the RVC, Potters Bar. Full details
10th December 2011

Scottish Team Trials

Apprentice Specimens - 

Lateral Extension
11 3/4" of 1" x 3/8
Width 129
Length inside heel 143
Length outside heel 152
Nail E4 slim

Concave Front Forging Exercise
14" of 7/8 x 3/8
Width 6 1/8"
Length inside heel 5 7/8"
Length 6"
Nails E7 slim outside and E6 slim inside.

150mm wide
170mm toe to outside heel
160mm toe to inside heel
70 mm between heels
Hammer finished
7 nail holes for E 7
Made from 355mm of 25mmx12mm

Senior Specimens

Hackney Plain Stamp front
12" of 1 1/4 x 1/2
Masselot Clip
Width 139mm
Length 150mm
Nail 6 slim 

Plain stamp Roadster Hind
1 1/4 x 1/2
Width 156mm
Length 178 outside heel
Nail to suit.

Specimen 1
Specimen 2

Specimen 3

Specimen 4

Specimen 5

Specimen 6

Specimen 7

Specimen 8

Specimen 9

Specimen 10

Specimen 11
13th December 2011 Stromsholm Evening Lecture with Simon Curtis and Winter Fayre Full details
14th January 2012

BFBA Farriers Winter Ball, hosted by Staffordshire Farriers

Canepe reception, exclusive four course dinner, charity auction, bar and disco til late!

Full details

Booking Form


5th February 2012 The 3rd Middlewich Gas Shoemaking Competition Entry form
24th - 26th February 2012

2012 World Horseshoeing Classic
(Entry deadline 1 December 2011)

The only competition of it's kind in the United States - An International Four Person Team Horseshoeing Competition.
Judges - Roy Bloom, Ben Yager and Paul Duddy.

Entry form and details


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