Royal Highland Show

Event date: 23rd June 2022 - 26th June 2022

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Entries Close Online: 22 May 2022

ALL Applicants must register before entering, even if you have competed previously.

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Added 1 July 2022

BFBA National Championship
1st: Steven Beane
2nd: Matt Randles
3rd: Lewis Balfour
4th: Ben Casserly
5th: Grant Watt
6th: David Varini
BFBA Apprentice National Championship
1st: George Dey
2nd: Grant Nelson
3rd: Sol Tovey
4th: Henry Chitty
5th: Lydia Dey
6th: Tiff Stead
1st: Andrew Dryburgh
2nd: Josh Wilson
3rd: Eli Wilson
4th: Billy Scott
5th: Garbhan Quinn
Class 1 3/4 Apprentice Therapeutic
1st: George Dey
2nd: Henry Chitty
3rd: Sol Tovey
4th: Grant Nelson
5th: Peter Rodgers
6th: Anselmo De Santos
Class 1 1/2 Apprentice Therapeutic
1st: Lydia Dey
2nd: Matt Bradley
Class 2 Hunter Shoemaking
1st: Sol Tovey
2nd: George Dey
3rd: Henry Chitty
4th: Grant Nelson
5th: Matt Bradley
6th: Lydia Dey
Class 3 Open Farm Shoes
1st: Paul Robinson
2nd: Lewis Balfour
3rd: Devin Crerar
4th: Josh Wilson
5th: Henry Chitty (Apprentice)
6th: Matt Bradley (Apprentice)
Class 3 Apprentice Farm Shoes
1st: Henry Chitty
2nd: Matt Bradley
3rd: George Dey
4th: Grant Nelson
5th: Sol Tovey
6th: Peter Rodgers
Class 4 Hunter Horseshoeing
1st: Ben Casserly
2nd: Andrew Casserly
3rd: Grant Watt
4th: Billy Scott
5th: Jack Casserly
6th: Graham Moran
Class 6 Clydesdale Horseshoeing
1st: Lewis Balfour
2nd: Devin Crerar
3rd: Paul Robinson
4th: Stuart Moran
5th: James Holliday
6th: Wayne Balfour
Class 7 Roadster Horsehoeing
1st: Matt Randles
2nd: Andrew Reader Smith
3rd: Rodney Ross
4th: James Holliday
5th: Billy Scott
6th: Stuart Moran
Highland Show Champion
Lewis Balfour
Highland Show Apprentice Champion
Henry Chitty
Highland Show 1/2 Year Apprentice
Matt Bradley
BFBA National Champion
Steven Beane
BFBA Apprentice National Champion
George Dey