DipWCF Examinations

Event date: 2nd December 2022 - 2nd December 2022

Many congratulations to those who have recently passed the Worshipful Company of Farriers Diploma (DipWCF) examinations:

CAFRE Enniskillen Campus
Mr Jamie McDonnell DipWCF
Mr Damien Moran DipWCF
Mr Oisin O’Reilly DipWCF
Mr John McCormick DipWCF

Herefordshire and Ludlow College
Mr Lewis Cato DipWCF (ATF Mr Duncan Cooper DipWCF)
Mr Christian Welsford DipWCF (ATF Mr Stuart Taylor)
Mr Carwen Owen DipWCF (ATF Mr James Hughes DipWCF)
Mr Kaan Sezek DipWCF (ATF Mr Arthur Bell DipWCF)
Mr Adam Sharam DipWCF (ATF Mr Luke Silcock AWCF)
Mr Kieran Smale DipWCF (ATF Mr Andrew Boyer AWCF)
Mrs Mary-Anne Talling DipWCF (ATF Mr Mark Talling AWCF)

Warwickshire College
Mr James Hardy DipWCF (ATF Mr Steven Beane FWCF)
Mr Wayne Martin DipWCF (ATF Mr John Benfield DipWCF)
Mr Joe McClurg DipWCF (ATF Mr Andrew Smith AFCL)

Myerscough College
Mr Huw Parry DipWCF (ATF Mr Daniel Thomas DipWCF)
Mr George Christopher Dey DipWCF (ATF Mr Garry Harland AWCF)
Mr Grant Walter Nelson DipWCF (ATF Mr David Newall AWCF)
Mr Christopher William Stead DipWCF (ATF Mr John Brannen DipWCF)
Mr Sol Harry Tovey DipWCF (ATF Mr Jay Tovey FWCF)
Mr Calum Joe Sweeney DipWCF (ATF Mrs Sarah-Mary Brown FWCF)
Mr Ben Andrew Worrall DipWCF (ATF Mr Neil Murray DipWCF)
Mr William Harland DipWCF (ATF is Mr Graham Harland DipWCF)