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WCF Diploma and Higher Examinations 2019

We are extremely proud of our training and examinations and all those successfully achieving the required standards set by the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Congratulations to those passing the examinations at Diploma, Associate and Fellowship level.


September 2020


Hereford College

Mr Aaron Butter - ATF is Mr A Bell AWCF
Mr Jack Miles -  ATF is Mr B Benson AWCF
Mr Matthew Partridge  - ATF is Mr A Dennis DipWCF
Mr Thomas Anderson  - ATF is Mr J Goddard DipWCF
Mr Henry Middleton  - ATF is Mr K Herbert DipWCF
Mr Sam Woolham  - ATF is Mr P Horner BSc(hons)AWCF
Mr Robbie Hawthorne  - ATF is Mr G Kirkby AWCF
Mr Charlie Mangham  -  ATF is Mr S Wolfenden
Miss Caroline Rayner -  ATF is Mr J Finch DipWCF
Mr Finn Marcus  - ATF is Mr A Gent DipWCF
Mr Phillip Rigolli  - ATF is Mr J Howett DipWCF

Myerscough College

Mr Hugo Bashall  - ATF is Mr I Allison DipWCF
Mr Benjamin Kellett  - ATF is Mr P T Gordon DipWCF
Mr Jack Bowling -  ATF is Mr I Allison DipWCF
Mr Tobias Jones  - ATF is Mr K Lymer

Warwickshire College

Mr Rhys Dodsworth - ATF is Mr K Dodsworth DipWCF
Mr Oliver Gibb - ATF is Mr S Griffin AWCF
Lord Jessee Gough - ATF is Mr R Gerken AWCF
Mr Jack Power - ATF is Mr J Ravenscroft AWCF
Mr Samuel Fogg - ATF is Mr S Fogg DipWCF
Mr Toby Dunning - ATF is Mr D Hewer DipWCF
Mr William Mortimore - ATF is Mr D Arnold DipWCF
Mr William Ratcliffe - ATF is Mr W Ratcliffe DipWCF
Mr Joseph Smith - ATF is Mr J Benfield DipWCF
Mr Nicholas Wilson - ATF is Mr S Britten AWCF
Distinction Pass: Mr Louis Webb - ATF is Mr P J Webb DipWCF
Mr Joseph Hunt-Bell - ATF is Mr J Bryan DipWCF
Mr Charlie Clay - ATF is Mr T Whittington DipWCF
Mr Samuel Stansfield - ATF is Mr P Finch DipWCF
Mr Luke Stanley - ATF is Mr G Thomas DipWCF
Mr Samuel West - ATF is Mr C Powell FWCF