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Diploma and Higher Examinations 2015

We are extremely proud of our training and examinations and all those successfully achieving the required standards set by the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Congratulations to those passing the examinations at Diploma, Associate and Fellowship level.

Associate Examination Spring 2015

Mr Jack Boardman AWCF
Mr Matthew David Burrows AWCF
Mr Steve Andrew Craddock AWCF
Mr Alan Orville Dryg CJF AWCF
Mr Jason Edward Evans AWCF
Mr Jesse Steven Gregory AWCF
Mr Jake William Gregory AWCF
Mr Gareth Michael Hicks AWCF
Mr Simon Philip Legge AWCF
Mr Marc Joseph Lockwood AWCF
Mr Thomas Ian Middleton AWCF
Mr Lee John Murray AWCF
Mr David George Newall AWCF
Mr James Galen Newhouse AWCF
Mr Sammy O'Gara AWCF
Mr Graeme Steven Smith AWCF
Mr Mark Lee Talling AWCF

Fellowship Examination Autumn 2015

Miss Sarah Brown

Associate Examination Autumn 2015

Mr Richard Hayden

Miss Rebecca Lowe

Mr Kelvyn Newlyn