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Diploma and Higher Examinations 2013

As ever, warm congratulations from Forge & Farrier. Enjoy the graduation ceremony...and the celebrations afterwards!

Diploma Achievement Winter 2013


Victoria Alice Eales whose ATF is Mr Lea Cullen (Theory)
Thomas Patrick McCarthy whose ATF is Mr Mark Thompson (Theory)
Ross Daniel Hood whose ATF is Mr Gary Hood (Theory)
Daniel Leo Rabin whose ATF is Mr James Blurton (Practical)
David Simon Van Den Broek whose ATF is Mr Karn Herbert (Theory)


Samuel John Coad whose ATF is Mr Stewart Gammage
Arran Paul Faramus whose ATF is Mr Peter Marley
Simon Andrew Sparks whose ATF is Mr Gary Pickford
Trystan Richard Stock whose ATF is Mr Arthur Bell
Jack Samuel Turner whose ATF is Mr Stephen Hill
Frederick Turner-Handley whose ATF is Mr Michael Handley
April Whitfield whose ATF is Miss Abigail Bunyard
John Frederick Robert Wray whose ATF is Mr Gillon Forsyth
Michael James Bird whose ATF is Mr Simon Legge
Sam Luke Booker whose ATF is Mr Russell Haynes
Charles Ernest Thomas Brandon whose ATF is Mr Andrew Daniels
Harry Nicholas Chapman whose ATF is Mr Jonothan Martlew
Matthew Charles Clingo whose ATF is Mr Gregory Terry
James Gerhard Coburn whose ATF is Mr Mark Rose
Luke Thomas Cornthwaite whose ATF is Mr Craig D'Arcy
Toby Benjamin Daniels whose ATF is Mr Philip Thomas
Liam Brian Flanaghan whose ATF is Mr Joseph Bryan
Jack James Gardner whose ATF is Mr Phillip Martin
Richard Karl Hodson whose ATF is Mr Oliver Gregory
Gareth Stuart McWhinney whose ATF is Mr Fraser Youngson
Jon William Miller whose ATF is Mr Daniel Miller
Iain Alexander Nixon whose ATF is Mr Simon Curtis
Matthew Eric Park whose ATF is Mr Adrian Park
Samuel Benjamin Ridgewell whose ATF is Mr Huw Dyer
Edward Andrew Edgar Roberts whose ATF is Mr Nicholas Partridge
Nathan James Salter whose ATF is Mr Robert Reeve
Gerhard Schoombie whose ATF is Mr Daniel Bentley
Robert Francis Smail whose ATF is Mr Nicholas Heath
Luke Sproston whose ATF is Mr Laurence Newman
John Joseph Taylor whose ATF is Mr Christopher Connell
Jack Francis Veysey whose ATF is Mr Burton Persse
Dain John Atherden whose ATF is Mr Jason Evans
Gregg Douglas Crawford whose ATF is Mr Douglas Crawford
Jessen Thomas Dennison whose ATF is Mr Simon Curtis
James Robert Gant whose ATF is Mr James Blurton
Kennie Little whose ATF is Mr Brian Alexander
Joshua Damon Loftus whose ATF is Mr David Beardmore
Joshua Thomas Manning whose ATF is Mr Samuel Cook
Antony Simon Marris whose ATF is Mr Nigel Crothers
Liam Patrick Murray whose ATF is Mr Marc Mathison
Giovanna Maria Pickerill whose ATF is Mr Paul Gordon
Wendy Rae whose ATF is Mr Donald Nicol
Phillip Edward Smith whose ATF is Mr Ian Allison
Paul Ian William Taylor whose ATF is Mr David Varini
Adam Varley whose ATF is Mr Luke Brown
Daniel James Williams whose ATF is Mr Terence Read
Desmond Flavin
John Paul Malone
Glenn McGuigan
Lee David Mooney
Mark Joseph O'Hare

Diploma Achievement - Spring 2013

Distinction in Practical (1):

Mr R W Watson-Greaves DipWCF (Mr N R Brown AWCF)

Distinction in Theory (2):

Mr S Mooney DipWCF (Mr D A Elliott DipWCF)
Mr T H Wait DipWCF (Mr A W James DipWCF)

Pass (51):

Mr P E Bamber DipWCF (Mr A Wilson AWCF)
Mr J W Benning DipWCF (Mr J T Blake AWCF)
Mr J K Black DipWCF (Mr J T Ferrie FWCF)
Mr R C Blaikie DipWCF (Mr M J Cross DipWCF)
Mr C T Cerullo DipWCF (Mr M M Cerullo RSS)
Mr J M Clark DipWCF (Mr W Moore DipWCF)
Mr L M Collins DipWCF (Mr A F Dennis DipWCF)
Mr J Cottam DipWCF (Mr C H Ley DipWCF)
Miss N T Crosby DipWCF (Mr N Crosby DipW CF)
Mr C L Darby DipW CF (Mr D T Gardner AWCF)
Mr B M Dewhurst DipWCF (Mr A J Davenhill DipWCF)
Mr N di Risio DipWCF (Mr O'Shaughnessy AWCF)
Mr S J E Dracott DipWCF (Mr J S Gregory DipWCF)
Mr J R Elliott DipWCF (Mr N W Crothers AWCF)
Mr S L Evans DipWCF (Mr J P Somerville FdSc AWCF)
Mr L D Evans DipWCF (Mr M Beadle DipWCF BII)
Mr S K Francis DipWCF (Mr S R Fisher DipWCF)
Mr T C Glover DipWCF (Mr S P Glover DipWCF)
Mr A J Godfrey DipWCF (Mr D J Finnegan DipWCF)
Mr A J Greenhough DipWCF (Mr J M Brooks DipWCF)
Mr S J Greenman DipWCF (Mr A W Casserly AWCF)
Mr J W Henty DipWCF (Mr J W Hayter DipWCF Hons)
Mr R Hill DipWCF (Mr B R Hughes RSS)
Mr S D Johnson DipWCF (Mr D Slater DipWCF)
Mr R B Jones DipWCF (Mr A C Smith AFCL)
Mr G D Keegan DipWCF (Mr S Davies DipWCF)
Mr J A Knipe DipWCF (Mr R C Helliwell DipWCF)
Mr J A G Lomas DipWCF (Mr O J David DipWCF)
Mr C D Madden DipW CF (Mr G D Nuttall AWCF)
Mr W A Marks DipWCF (Mr P J Finch DipWCF)
Mr S P Marlow DipWCF (Mr D C Eades DipWCF)
Mr N R McDiarmid DipWCF (Mr N A Reid DipWCF)
Mr D J M McDonald DipWCF (Mr D W Mitchell BSc (Hons) FWCF)
Mr S J A McGaffin DipWCF (Mr P D Perryman AWCF)
Mr L C O'Hara DipWCF (Mr J D Tovey AWCF)
Mr C J Pallett DipWCF (Mr M Beadle DipWCF BII)
Mr L Palmer DipWCF (Mr D E Harman AWCF)
Mr D A Phillips DipWCF (Mr N M Clarke AWCF)
Miss R C Platt DipWCF (Mr K J Green AWCF)
Mr H G Priestley DipW CF (Mr G Pickford DipWCF)
Mr A R Rawson DipWCF (Mr M A Mathison DipWCF)
Mr T M Richmond DipWCF (Mr D A Smith Class II)
Miss A Robinson DipWCF (Mr D S Mould DipWCF)
Mr J M Runiewicz DipWCF (Mr G J Smith DipWCF)
Mr J M Smith DipWCF (Mr N D Tredinnick DipWCF)
Miss G B Swire DipWCF (Mr K J Willard FWCF)
Mr S M Taylor DipWCF (Mr R J Shave AWCF)
Mr T Tubbs DipWCF (Mr M S Oliver FdSc AWCF)
Mr J M Vry DipWCF (Mr J D Finch DipWCF)
Mr E T Williams DipWCF (Mr M J Deacon FWCF)
Mr C J Wilson DipWCF (Mr A M Davies DipWCF)