Overseas Job Opportunity

EponaMind Farrier

What We Offer
We offer 2 days per week at EponaMind and will help to find additional ‘outside’ work in our region. At EponaMind you will have the opportunity to learn and gain skills in the use of the EponaShoe (a modern polyurethane shoe) as well as barefoot and metal shoeing.  You will learn the Metron-Hoof software, can elect to learn how to take and read foot radiographs, and to use the Tendiboot gait analysis system. You can join us in various on-going data-gathering and research projects related to the hoof and biomechanics. We suggest a 6-month stay, and then consider extension.

What we Seek
1) A smart and pleasant person

We are a small company operating from a 40-acre horse ranch owned by the company founders.  We value a congenial working environment.

2) OK if you are young, but should have basic farrier skills in place

1) An apartment to live on our ranch

2) A vehicle

3) A fair salary, given that we have provided housing and a car.


Our Companies
EponaShoe develops and markets polyurethane horse shoes to the world-wide equestrian market
(See www.EponaMind.com)

MetronMind develops artificial intelligence software for veterinary radiology market
(See www.MetronMind.com)

We also engage in research and educational activities

Contact info

Name:Mark Aikens
Mob:07850 709695