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In addition to the many benefits, the strength of the Association exists within our members – without the BFBA the voice of the professional farrier cannot be heard.


How To Join

Membership can now be managed online, please complete this form:

Membership for apprentices is provided free of charge


It is important that all members are familar with the Association's Rules: Read the Rule Book


Membership Benefits

We are the voice of the working Farrier - representing you and safeguarding our craft

  • 25% off all BFBA courses e.g AWCF/FWCF courses and all other CPD courses
  • Free Delivery on all books and BFBA merchandise purchased through BFBA 02476 696595
  • (NEW) 25% off retail at Red Horse Products Ltd plus email to receive a Free Farriers sample pack 0808 164 0723
  • 12.5% off Cottams March and Mondial nails
  • 12.5% off Cottams hoof repair material and Cottams equipak 01246 453672/454249
  • 12.5% off Eastlake and Beachell Forge insurance plus preferential rates on Pensions and Permanent Health Insurance 0116 254 4277
  • (NEW) 10% off Silverback Chaps with Free embroidery (single name) plus a Free Silverback T-shirt 01947 897165
  • 10% off Stromsholm ALL Gibbins aprons with Free embroidery (single name) 01908 233909
  • 10% off Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd HMS exclusive tools only to include: Beanie Tools, Jon Atkinson tools, ICAR Tools, Kingery Tools, Flatland Forge Tools 01296 662 473
  • Free delivery from The Shoeing Lab on the Werkman Ortho kit 1.0 and 2.0 01905 641640
  • (NEW) Giraffe Graphics Ltd - BFBA Exclusive Embroidered Farrier Pack 01246 766770 - (1 soft shell jacket 1 fleece 1 sweatshirt 3 polos 3 vests all embroidered with your logo all for only £99.99 plus vat)
  • (NEW) 10% Discount on all vehicle graphics with Giraffe Graphics Ltd
  • 5% off Londonderry Forge tool maintenance and knife sharpening kit and any consumables e.g buffing compound, expander wheels and belts etc. 01677 422587
  • 50% off Morrish Solicitors Wills including spouses
  • Free personal injury service with Morrish Solicitors
  • Free unlimited half hour legal advice over the phone on any issue with Morrish Solicitors
  • 20% off Morrish Solicitors for you and your family for all of the following legal services plus many more
  • Debt recovery
  • Commercial leases and associated landlord and tenant work
  • Sale and purchase of commercial property
  • Business sale and purchase
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Commercial and property litigation
  • Family and matrimonial law
  • Criminal, regulatory & motoring offences
  • Employment law 033 3344 9600
  • The opportunity to go on or host Farriers with ‘The Edward Martin MBE Cultural Exchange’ to America

For more information on any of these please speak to one of our representatives




“You can be sure that we know your trade and its problems, be a friendly voice offering independent advice, be very interested in resolving your problems and provide you with the ability to talk to the same staff whenever you call?” JOHN HOWE of EASTLAKE & BEACHELL

“Get advice from the solicitors who have advised the Association and its members since its formation”   TOM MORRISH of MORRISH SOLICITORS

“I believe that as a strong trade association, BFBA is important as a purposeful mouthpiece for its members; a source of help and advice in troubled times; a flagship for excellence in craftsmanship and a forum for discussion of topical issues and for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and ideas.”      Huw Dyer AWCF – Past President

“For many years I have been what one might call a stagnant member of BFBA, never seeing the day when I might have to make use of one the benefits.  After my experience (with a disciplinary hearing) I would urge all farriers to become BFBA members.”  AE Bailey RSS