The Farriery End Point Assessment – update (10/11/23)

The BFBA have received an update from WCF Examination Group on the current situation regarding the end point assessment. Please see below –


The WCF Examinations Executive Group (EEG) is aware that iFATE have been approached by a new EPAO to provide the farrier EPA. The organisation concerned is already an EPAO in an animal related subject.

During the last eight days there have been several meetings between a representative of the potential new EPAO and members of the WCF examinations Board and other WCF officials.

The EEG has been asked to provide help and assistance to the new provider in an effort to deliver the EPA. In response the EEG has offered:-

a) To supply qualified examiners from its pool.

b) To allow the use of both its examinations hardware and software.

c) To provide questions from the WCF question bank.

d) Any other help that is required.

The EEG will give every assistance to the new EPA to make sure that the apprentices are able to take their EPA. Several positive conversations have taken place, and it is clear that without this level of support from the WCF, the examinations will not be possible. Recognition of the new EPA is a matter solely for the FRC, but our understanding is that they are working at pace to ensure that the apprentices taking the exam can register as farriers. However, the EEG would emphasise that clarification should be sought from the FRC and that no assumptions can be made.

We know that many of you are concerned about the future of the higher exam system. Whilst this is not affected by the loss of FRC approval there may be some disruption until matters are more settled. Farriers who are currently working towards AWCF and FWCF level qualifications both in the UK and overseas should continue to have confidence that they will be able to sit their examinations.

We will keep you informed as to any further developments.