BHS Healthcare Clinic – can you help?

Once more, we have offered to help the BHS to recruit farrier(s) to volunteer at their Healthcare and Education Clinics. The aim of these clinics is to “improve welfare through education”.

There are currently two clinics for which they don’t have farriers confirmed for –

  • Thursday 24th March – Rugby Farmers Mart, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
  • Wednesday 4th May – Beechwood EC, Chelmsford, Essex

These clinics are not ‘open’ events and all attending horse owners have to be eligible to attend, so must meet certain criteria. You are not required to carry out routine work on these days but deal with welfare issues.

The BHS are looking for one farrier per clinic (but you may attend with an apprentice(s)). If you are only available to attend for a few hours that would be appreciated as long as they know and can manage expectations accordingly.

Further details can be found on the BHS website.

Nigel Brown attended one of these clinics in South Wales last autumn and found it to be a positive experience, and one which he would repeat. If you are interested, or would like to know more about these clinics, please call Claire Brown on 020 842 15448.