BFBA become Welfare Members of NEWC


We are delighted to confirm that the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association (BFBA) are now welfare members of the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC).

NEWC provide an essential, united voice on all equine welfare matters and continues to increase its advisory and educational scope. Their evolving role is vital in developing animal welfare practises as our knowledge and understanding of equine well-being improves.

BFBA President, Craig D’Arcy, welcomed this development. “Our membership of NEWC underpins our commitment to promoting the highest standards of equine hoofcare and supporting our members to achieve this. We will endeavour to continue to liaise with NEWC and look forward to working with them going forward”.

The BFBA supports and enables farriery and blacksmithing members throughout their career.  The association provides essential craft representation and balance to the farriery regulatory bodies and equine organisations in addition to encouraging education and facilitating the development of its members skills.

“Farriers have traditionally worked on their own and in isolation compared to other sectors”, BFBA Vice President Ben Benson acknowledged. “This means they have had little opportunity to be able to add their voices to what government and the wider equestrian stakeholders and organisations hear. This is a real opportunity to make a positive impact and gives our membership further ability to have their voices heard.”