BFBA Focus Forum – the questions

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Thank you for all of the questions that have been submitted. We appreciate your contributions.

We are delighted to confirm your forum Chair will be Dan Harman AWCF, Grad Dip ELR, Master Farrier. Our thanks to Dan for taking on this role.

Saturday 30th October, 4pm – ‘Where are we now?’

1. FRC: If a registrant has a complaint to make against the FRC (employees and Council members), who should the complaint be made to? How are complaints made to the FRC handled?

2. COLLEGES: How do the industry bodies account for catastrophic failures of the WCF Diploma exam at certain colleges. What should new ATFS look for when choosing a college for their new apprentice?

3. Can the WCF and FRC clarify the use of their emblems on vans/clothing etc?

4. PANEL: Are the current pre farrier course(s) sustainable and fit for purpose?

5. PANEL: With the decline of ATF numbers, should the industry be concerned regarding the future of training?


If time allows –

BFBA: Is it possible for the BFBA appointed member of the FRC to pose questions to Council on behalf of the membership?

COLLEGES: Why do not all colleges keep their curriculum throughout the blocks the same?

BFBA: How are appointees chosen to be members of FRC and how often do positions become available?

FRC: Do the FRC monitor social media posts and what is an example of over stepping the line?



Sunday 31st October, 2.45pm – ‘The future of farriery’

1. PANEL: The demands and expectations from customers are ever increasing, as does our professional role within the equine industry, should farriers be looking to work out of practices in a similar way to vets, to keep our role developing forwards and to match the needs of our customers?

2. WCF: Is there scope for the WCF to open their standard settings days to ATFs? This may give ATFs a better understanding of the level required by examiners at the diploma exam?

3. PANEL: Would the panel/farriers want to see barefoot trimming regulated in the future?

4. WCF:  Apprentices are funded by the government and we are forced into excepting their rules, should we be moving away from government funding? i.e increase entry qualifications (to A levels) so that we can increase the academic level of the WCF Diploma qualification?

5. COLLEGES: How do the colleges see the future of training changing?

If time allows –

FRC:  At present there appears to be a lot of resentment towards the FRC due in part to the retention fee increase last year and disciplinary hearings. Are the FRC looking to improve relations with registrants and how do they propose to do so?

WCF:  With the recently approved “barefoot” qualification being classified as a level 5, is the WCF looking for reclassification of the Diploma?

FRC:  There appears to be an increase in disciplinary cases, some of which are not related to horse welfare. The punishment for professional misconduct appears to be rather harsh, especially where punishment has already been received through legal channels. Can the FRC provide a comprehensive list of offences and punishments to Registered Farriers?

FRC: CPD – should you only be able to get points for farrier related activities or should anything that improves you as a professional should be considered for example, teaching qualifications, business courses, evening courses, running the forges at the Olympics and dealing with multi-national organisations?