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TenderHoof Solutions is a family operated company that distributes unique products for the equine industry.

In the early 1960’s, James C. McKinlay developed a new technique for repairing quarter cracks. Jim taught Ian, his son, the art of repairing feet and as a result, Ian has been involved in the equine industry for the past 30 years. Ian is now regarded as one of the top hoof specialists in the USA.

TenderHoof Solutions now distributes products either designed or recommended by Ian McKinlay.

Ian was licensed as a a standardbred horse trainer in 1972 and starting working on thoroughbreds in 1985. Today approximately 90% of Ian's work is carried out on the thoroughbred horse and for the past 30 years has been patching and working on lame horses - witnessing in the region of 10,000 different cases.

Yasha shoes were developed by Ian over the past three years to provide a cushioned area in the heel that will minimize concussion. Initial results have been very successful in reducing or eliminating lameness. See their website -- www.tenderhoof.com -- for more information.

It is Ian’s goal to provide information to the equine industry that will ultimately remedy or prevent lameness. One of the product lines of TenderHoof Solutions is educational videos created by Ian, sharing some of the knowledge and insight Ian has gained over his numerous years of experience in the industry.


Quarter Crack Repair

This video demonstartes the repair of a quarter crack using a technique developed by Ian's father in the sixties. Heel support and crack stabilisation are both highlighted as important elements for heeling.


Rebuilding very thin walls

Thin walls can be a common issue for many horses and nailing to the natural hoof can be problematic. Artificial thickening of hoof walls is demonstrated here on a horse which went on to race in both New York and New Jersey. To give an idea as to how thin the walls are, the drill being used is 1/4 inch in size.


Crushed or low heels


Hoof restoration for major race part 1


Hoof restoration for major race part 2


Horseshoe comparison


Yasha shoes, their purpose

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