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NEW SIZES! Imprint First and Imprint Sport

Imprint First Round 6 ½”

Horses with hooves as large as 6 ½” (165mm) can now be accommodated.

The new Imprint First Round shoe would be appropriate for larger cobs and horses with some draft breeding in them.

Specifically designed for the treatment of laminitis, Imprint First has stood the test of time and scientific rigour resulting in a peer reviewed paper being published by the staff of Utrecht University in Holland. Details of their findings can be seen on the news page of our website.

Now in our 20th year thousands of laminitics have benefitted from the skilled application of the Imprint First shoe. Those benefits can now be extended to the larger footed horse.


Imprint Sport Front 6 ½”

Now larger hooves as wide as 6 ½” (165mm) can benefit from the cushioning, shock absorbing, light weight and flexible features of the Imprint Sport shoe.

Concussive conditions such as corns, side bone and palmar heel pain are relieved by the skilled application of Imprint Sport.

Hoof function can be restored without the need of elastomers, sole packs and fillers. Broken hooves that are difficult to nail can be shod with Imprint Sport, returning hooves to full integrity.

This tried, tested and proven shoeing system restores feet to comfort and enables the horse to operate with confidence in all conditions.


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