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Introducing Life Data Hoof Clay

Life Data® Hoof Clay is a non-irritating, easy to handle and sticky clay that easily packs and remains in place within wall cracks, wall defects, old nail holes, hoof wall separations and the sulcus of the frog. The ingredients iodine and tea tree oil give the product unique properties to provide protection for extended periods of time.

Water, mud, feces, debris, and microbes can invade old nail holes, hoof cracks, the white line and other areas of the hoof such as the sulcus of the frog. To be effective, hoof packings must be sticky enough to stay in place for extended periods of time.

Whilst there are many hoof packings on the market, most contain caustic ingredients that are harmful to tissue. The product label may advise that you to wear gloves and to keep the product away from the horse’s sensitive tissues.

In barefoot horses an effective amount of Life Data® Hoof Clay will stay in the sulci around the frog and on hoof wall defects for 2 to 3 days in wet conditions; whereas in dry conditions the clay will stay for approximately a week.

In shod horses, many farriers apply a coat of Life Data® Hoof Clay to the shoe prior to nailing on the shoe. The clay helps hold the shoe in place for the first nail, and also helps protect the new nail holes as the product is driven into the hoof wall along with the nails.

Available in a 284 gram (10 oz) wide mouth jar.

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