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The Problem with Most Hoof Topicals

A horse’s hoof, tough as it may appear, is made from the same proteins as your own skin. In fact, a horse’s hoof is 95% protein.

Many chemicals used in commercial hoof topicals are caustic and can denature the protective function of the proteins in the hoof wall. Formaldehyde, turpentine, pine tar and acetone will harden the hoof and make it shine; however by chemically “cooking” the protein, the hoof loses some of its elastic qualities and ability to absorb shocks. A hoof wall without elasticity is more prone to cracking, and a hoof wall unable to “breathe” naturally cannot maintain healthy moisture balance and promotes the growth of “hoof eating” anaerobic bacteria.

Unlike other hoof care products, Farrier’s Finish® does not utilize harmful tar or petroleum based chemicals. Farrier’s Finish® is a safe and effective hoof conditioner, while at the same time destroys the microbes which cause white line disease, thrush and crumbling hoof wall. The product also maintains correct moisture balance in the hoof capsule, protecting the hooves in overly dry or wet environments.

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