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Competition Results 2010

Competition Results 2010 have been sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes, the leading supplier of bar shoes by a World Class farrier.

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London Cup Horseshoeing Competition
8th December 2010


The London Cup Horseshoeing Competition is an annual competition between the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. The London Cup competition first took place in 1990 when The London Cup was presented by the WCF for this competition. It has been run with barely a year missed with great success and this year was no exception. This year it was held on the 8th of December 2010 at the Kings Troop RHA in North West London with Mr Nigel Brown AWCF as the Judge.

At 0700 the day began as normal, a cold but clear morning, with the Kings Troop farriers coming in to light the fires, check that the forge is still tidy and with everything that is needed for the day ahead. Shortly after, the Cavalry arrived - we were out of milk within the hour! (Think they must have a Jersey cow tethered up outside the forge at Knightsbridge to keep them in stock, at least it kept Gunners Greenslade and Gooding busy running to the shops to stock up).

At 0750 2 Kings Troop Horses were brought in and tethered; No 48 Romulus and 94 Caesar - both of similar size and stamp to keep things as fair as possible. Both horses were labelled up and then we drew for which horse each team would have and this in turn would relate to the fire. The phone rang and it was the Guard room to inform me that the Nigel had arrived. Everyone was eager to see him but more importantly see the specimen, of which he had kept a secret, except for the fact that it was made from 12” of 1” x ½” (pre-cut). The specimen was a sweet little bevelled front with a masselot clip with some peculiarity to the outside heel.

0830 and the first round started. Time keeper for the day was Gnr Oliver Greenslade who is approximately 18 months into his apprenticeship. Competitors L/Bdr French (Kings Troop) and L/COH Tingley (HCMR) shod the near fore and made the specimen for which they had 70 minutes to do as they are apprentices (the qualified farriers were allowed 65 minutes). The horses were shod with ¾ Fullered shoes all round with a toe clip.

Half way through the morning Mr Jeremy Fern, the Master of The Worshipful Company of Farriers arrived. More coffee followed and an introduction to our Troop Captain (TC), Veronica Deakin who also hosted Jeremy for lunch.

With 3 rounds complete, lots of blood (not horses!) sweat and nearly tears, it was time for a well deserved lunch. I was exhausted after all the hosting, talking, drinking coffee and the occasional transferral of scores onto the computer.

The last round started at 1300 hours. Had both teams kept the best till last? Who knows…. Bdr Matthew (Massive) Wallace and COH Chris (Taffy Boy) Thomas began with the hopes that they would be the best on the day, both having done well in past years. With the round finished both competitors shook hands with a competitive grin and scrutinised each other’s specimens to try and get an idea of who may have gained the most points.

The fires were turned off, forge swept through, tools packed away, sweaty t-shirts off, uniform on and everyone went to the JNCO’s Mess Bar for a pint or 7 awaiting the prize giving. This left Nigel sorting through the specimen shoes, placing them in order and giving them all a mark. The results were added, typed and printed off by Nigel and myself ready to be announced and handed out.

On reaching the Mess we got the important things done first which was a pint for me and a pint for Nigel. I called silence so that the Master, Mr J. Fern could say a few words. He was most impressed by what he viewed throughout the day and could not express enough how enjoyable it was to see the enthusiasm of our farriers creating the shoes from straight bar stock to the end results on the feet and of course the specimen shoes. My good friend Nigel also spoke on the work through the day and it was my pleasure to present to him, with thanks from the King’s Troop Forge, a framed picture of the King’s Troop doing their famous “gallop out” at Royal Windsor Horse Show. This is also when I had the pleasure in announcing that the King’s Troop RHA team had won with a score of 168.9 beating the HCMR with a score of 151.9 by 16.8!

Special thanks go to – The Commanding Officer of the King’s Troop, Major N. Cross RHA, The Master WCF Mr Jeremy Fern for fitting us into his incredibly busy schedule at fairly short notice - we all really enjoyed your company and look forward to meeting you again in the future, Mr Nigel Brown AWCF for judging on this occasion, giving the time in the day to competitors explaining how their work had gone and for keeping us all company that evening in the bar until some silly hour drinking, the men of the King’s Troop Forge for their hard work leading up to the competition and all the efforts on the day to make it all run smoothly.

SSgt Nicholas Cooper

Master Farrier King’s Troop.


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17th Master and Apprentice Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition and Open day
Saturday 20th November 2010



Judges: G Moon & N Fennel

1st - J Hayter & J Zysemil (Capewell Challenge Shield)
2nd - J Blurton & K Groes
3rd - A Casserly & J Casserly
4th - J Bryan & H Garner
Highly Commended Team - D P Smith & C Green

WCF Bronze Medal for best shoeing job by an apprentice - J Zysemil

Engraved Cottam’s Tankard for best prepared foot by an apprentice - J Zysemil

Gas fire presented by Mustad for the best shoeing job by an apprentice - J Zysemil

Highest mark by an ATF - J Hayter

Carl Jones Memorial Trophy for the highest placed Hereford Apprentice in the Shoeing Class - C Green


Judge: David Symons

1st - S Beane & A Jew (winner of Shield)
2nd - E Harries & S Snow
3rd - N Brown & R Watson-Greaves
4th - C Hughes & K Parkin
Highly Commended - J Brown & F Atherden

Best Shoe by an ATF - S Beane

Engraved Cottam’s Tankard for best shoe by an apprentice - S Snow

Strömsholm Challenge

Judge: L Silcock

D G Wilson

Individual marks and placings are available, please email Claire. Note: You will need to provide your team numbers so that i can identify you!!


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Stromsholm Apprentice Seminar
13th November 2010


1st Years
1st - James Coburn (25.1)
2nd - Jack Turner (24.7)
3rd - Jake Binham (24.6)
4th - George Rogerson (24.5)

2nd Years
1st - Shaun Evans (28.3)
2nd - Daniel Garner (28.0)
3rd - Michael Douglas (28.0)
4th - Ben Elkington (27.4)

3rd Years
1st - Jake Elliott (33.5)
2nd - Luke Cain (32.8)
3rd - Ben Wyles (32.0)
4th - Alan Ashcroft (31.6)

4th Years
1st - Harry Garner (35.1)
2nd - Ryan Wadling (34.6)
3rd - Dan Preece (34.2)
4th - Adam Curtis (32.7)

If you would like to know your individual results please email Claire.

To view the Photo Gallery click here

Full report to follow....


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YFEDA Barshoe Making Competition and British Team Championships
23rd & 24th October 2010


Barshoe Competition
Apprentice Class 1st 2nd year
1st - Alex Jew
2nd - S Moonie
3rd - G Calvert
4th - J Leadbeater

3rd/4th Year Class
1st - B Taylor W.C.F Bronze Medal
2nd - JC Lea
3rd - B Grange
4th - J Kirk

1st/2nd year speed class
1st - S Moonie
2nd - G Calvert
3rd - H Tracey

3rd/4th year speed class
1st - B Grange
2nd - J Kirk
3rd - B Taylor

Open Speed Class
1st - S Beane
2nd - J Atkinson
3rd - M Randels
4th - J Nunn

1st - J Atkinson W.C.F Bronze Medal
2nd - S Beane
3rd - B Ebrey
4th - M Randels


British Team Championship
1ST - Team 1 A Gourney J Kirk , B Taylor , H Tracy
2nd - Team 3 S Moran ,J Elliot , L Chapel , S Moonie
3rd - Team 2 J Smith , O Ridout , J Tracey , J Holiday
4th - Team 4 J Bourne whithey , E Gardner , S Chopes ,G Miller

Best Specimen
1st - B Taylor W.C.F Bronze Medal
2nd - J Elliot
3rd - J Kirk
4th - J Bourne Whithey
5th - S Moran
6th - J Smith

1st - Yorkshire Team S Beane , S M Brown ,J Atkinson ,P Collins
2nd - Staffordshire Team J Nunn, S Arnold , L Silcock , B Ebery
3rd - Darlow Team G Darlow , N May , R Slater , A Collier
4th - Harland Team G Harland , J Kirk ,D Redmen , T Smith

Best Specimen
1st - D Redmen W.C.F Bronze Medal
2nd - S Beane
3rd - J Atkinson
4th - A Collier
5th R Slater.

Best Foot Job
1st - G Darlow W.C.F Silver Medal
2nd - S Beane
3rd - L Silcock
4th - J Nunn

What a successful two day competition again this year well attended and great atmosphere within the team event….looking forward to next year….date for the diary the 22nd – 23rd October 2011.See you there!!

Tremendous thanks to all the competitors and Dave Smith for judging and to everyone that helped to make the event run smoothly without every ones support it couldn’t happen.

Finally on an educational footnote …apprentices due to take their Dip in the spring enjoyed following Dave who was judging and learnt from his coments.


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YFEDA Heavy Horse Shoemaking Competition
3rd October 2010


YFEDA would like to thank :-
Darren Bazin for judging the competition

Our sponsors - Richard Ash Horseshoes, MNC Ltd, Handmade Shoes UK Ltd, Stromsholm Ltd, Swan Products, County Steel Supplies Ltd, F. Cooper & Son, Londonderry Forge Supplies.

The competitors who stayed cheerful on a miserable day.

The results are as follows :-

Apprentice Class
1st - B. Grange
2nd - B. Taylor
3rd - L. Balfour
4th - A. Ashcroft

Best 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - C. Derby
2nd - S. Mooney
3rd - S. Moran
4th - S. Ridgewell

Gas Class
1st - J. Atkinson
2nd - B. Taylor
3rd - J. Elliott
4th - T. Pears

Open Class
1st - S. Beane
2nd - T. Pears
3rd - A. Fox
4th - J. Atkinson

The George Broadhead Sheild awarded to the Open Class entrant with the best combined Open & Gas score was awarded to J. Atkinson.


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National Hunter Championships
2nd October 2010


1st /2nd Year Shoemaking
1st - Robbie Watson -Greaves 35.8
2nd - Stuart McGaffin 36.6
3rd - Domonic Northmore 34.6

3rd/4th Year Shoemaking
1st - J C Lee 35.6
2nd - Dan Preece 34
3rd - Jake Elliott 32.2

Restricted Shoeing
!st - Dan Preece 41.1
2nd - Leon Bentham 40..7
3rd - Kevin Davis 40.6

Open Shoeing
1st - Gary Darlow 44.2 (won on better specimen shoe score)
2nd - Matt Randles 44.2
3rd - Gavin Golby 44.1

Best dressed foot Ricky Slater 9.3

Best specimen shoe Gavin Golby 9.2

Many thanks to all who competed and gave generously to our Richard Ellis fund raiser which came to a total of £603.00 and has now been sent on to him .

Thank you to Nigel Phillips for supplying the photo's.


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The Royal County of Berkshire Show (Newbury)
18th &19th September 2010


Class 1: Horse & Pony Shoeing.(Cp&RJ Linssner Ltd Challenge Trophy)
1st - Ben Ebrey
2nd - Joe Bryan
3rd - D.P.Smith
4th - Nigel Fennell
5th - Ricky Hilton
6th - Matt Randles
Best Dressed Foot - Ben Ebrey
Best Specimen Shoe - Joe Bryan

Restricted Class:
1st - Bob Stubbs
2nd - Robin Turnbull

Class 2: 3rd &4th Year shoemaking. (Cecil Swan Challenge Cup)
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - Dan Preece
3rd - Jack Casserly
4th - Ryan Derbyshire
5th - Dan Shinton
6th - Joe Gillings

Class 3: Therapuetic Shoemaking.(Stromsholm Challenge Shield)
1st - Matt Randles
2nd - D.P.Smith
3rd - Ricky Hilton
4th - Joe Bryan
5th - Ben Ebrey
6th - James Haigh

Class 4: Hunter Shoeing.(Royal County of Berkshire Show Challenge Trophy)
1st - Matt Randles
2nd - Andrew Reader-Smith
3rd - D.P.Smith
4th - Nigel Fennell
5th - Jay Tovey
6th - Sarah Mary Brown
Best Dressed Foot - Andrew Reader-Smith
Best Specimen Shoe - Matt Randles

  Restricted Class:
1st - Daniel Birchall
2nd - Bob Stubbs

Class 5:Apprentice Therapuetic Shoemaking.(Stromsholm Challenge Cup)
1st - Dan Preece
2nd - Jack Casserly
3rd - Jack Boardman
4th - Tom Middleton
5th - Harry Meek
Joint 6th - Luke Tello/Ben Grange

Class 6: 1st&2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking. (Stromsholm Challenge Shield)
1st - Robbie Watson Greaves
2nd - Thomas Waite
3rd - Sam Snow
4th - Henry Tracy
5th - Michael Bird
6th - Dan Atherden

Show Champion Apprentice: Dan Preece
2nd: Jack Casserly

Show Champion.(Championship Rose Bowl): Matt Randles
2nd: D.P.Smith


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11th September 2010


1st - Jim Cooper
2nd - Jason Gajzack
3rd - Ben Grange
4th - Jake Elliott
5th - Leon Bentham

1st & 2nd Year apprentice
1st - Shaun Mooney
2nd - Arron Deakin

3rd & 4th Year apprentice
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - Robert Bedford
3rd - Jake Elliott
4th - Alan Ashcroft
5th - Craig Walton

Massive thanks to all the competitors this year for there support. I would like to say a big thank you to Billy and Lucy Crothers at Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd and Carl Bettison at Stromsholm for their generous sponsorship of the classes.


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The Landrover Burghley Horse Trials
2nd - 5th September 2010

Congratulations to Stephen Hill AWCF winner of the Best Shod Horse at Burghley Horse Trials 2010. Alter Ego was ridden by Kate Walls and finished 50th overall.

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Edenbridge & Oxted
29th - 30th August 2010


Class 1 Pony (The Mick Orgill Perpetual Trophy)
1st - Dan Birchall
2nd - Ben Ebery
3rd- Andrew James
4th - Steve O'Dell
5th - Anthony Waterfield
6th - Jake Fletcher

Class 2 Roadster (The James Todd Perpetual Trophy)
1st - Jim Cooper
2nd - Steve Fisher
3rd - John Benfield
4th - David Dawson
5th - Dan Birchall
6th - Ben Ebery

Class 1 & 2 Heavy Horse (The Anthony Clare Trophy)
1st - Jim Cooper
2nd - Steve Fisher
3rd - John Benfield
4th - Dan Birchall
5th - David Dawson
6th - Ben Ebery

Class 3 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice (The PJC Services Trophy)
1st - John Benning
2nd - Ben Price
3rd - James Duncan
4th - Jonathon McCrail
5th - Sam Warman
6th - Fraser Atherdon

  Class 4 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice (The David Hicks Perpetual Trophy)
1st - Tom Williams
2nd - Will Sands
3rd - Janek Zyesmil
4th - Jack Boardman
5th - Ryan Derbyshire
6th - Luke Tello

Class 5 Apprentice Heavy Horse (The Suffolk Horseshoe Plaque)
1st - Ryan Derbyshire
2nd - Jack Boardman
3rd - Will Sands
4th - Tom Waite
5th - Charlie Madden
6th - Luke Tello

Best Apprentice In All Classes (Judge’s Opinion) (The Stromholm Trophy And WCF Bronze Medal) - John Benning

The Mick Orgill Special Achievement Trophy - Dan Birchall

Championship (C Collins & Sons Championship Trophy And WCF Silver Medal) - Dan Birchall


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International Team Horseshoeing Championship
27th - 29th August 2010

Huge congratulations to Wales - winners of the International Team Horseshoeing Championships at the weekend. England apprentices secured the Apprentice title! Full results and individual marks are available to view on the Forge Magazine website - click here...

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Peover Game Fair
15th August 2010


Peover Shoemaking Competition held on Sunday 15th of August at Cheshire Game and Angling Fair was another resounding success. With Judge Jon Atkinson DipWCF setting challenging shoes throughout, especially in the Open class; the competition was fierce to claim the wonderful prizes supplied by our generous sponsors: Swan Forges, Handmade Shoes, J & M Randles, Londonderry Forge, B.L. Farrier supplies, Derek Gardner, Stromsholm, Jim Blurton Tools, N & J Aluminium lining, Bob Marshall & NWT, Harris Gas, D.B. Crane Ltd, Cottams, A & J Ferrie, Breakaway Horseshoes and Steven Beane. Thank you to all competitors. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

1st - Steven Beane (18.8)
2nd - David Smith (17.3)
3rd - Matt Randles (17.1)
4th - Adam Fox (17.1)
5th - Sarah-Mary Brown (16.2)
6th - Leon Bentham (16.0)
7th - Ricky Hilton (15.7)
8th - Duncan Thomson (15.5)
9th - NIgel Brown (15.1)
10th - Ben Ebrey (14.8)

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Grange (18.4)
2nd - Alex Collier (18.3)
3rd - Jake Elliot (16.8)
4th - Greg Calvert (16.5)
5th - Callum Darby (16.5)
6th - Tom Waite (16.3)
7th - Robbie Watson-Greaves (16.1)
8th - Sam Snow (16.1)
9th - Daniel Ravern (15.5)
10th - Kris Parkin (15.1)

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - Dan Preece (17.7)
2nd - Ben Taylor (17.5)
3rd - J C Lee (17.0)
4th - Tom Galloway (16.0)
5th - Harry Meek (14.9)
6th - Will Sands (14.2)
7th - Ryan Darbyshire (14.0)
8th - Jamire Bourne-Withey (13.9)
9th - Chris Green (13.7)
10th - James Fairgrieve (10.7)

Champion Apprentice - Dan Preece
Winner of the B L Trophy for the highest marked shoe (apprentice) - J C Lee

Full marks are available, please email Claire.

Click here to view the full photo gallery.


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Crossan Farrier Competition
14th August 2010


On the 14th of August 2010 Crossan Forge held its second Farrier Competition in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, at present it is still the ONLY Farrier competition held in Northern Ireland. Growing in popularity from last year we had entrants from all over Ireland, Scotland and England who enjoyed the sunshine, atmosphere and lots of `craic`!

This year our judge was world renowned Farrier Mr Paul Robinson AWCF, who presided over seven classes, the successful and entertaining day was followed by a prizegiving dinner where the results were announced as follows-

Open shoeing -
1st - Mr Sam Brennan
2nd - Mr Martin Payne
3rd - Mr Wayne Balfour

Open Shoemaking -
1st - Mr Eddie Channon
2nd - Mr Martin Payne
3rd - Mr Sam Brennan

1st & 2nd Yr -
1st - Mr Arron Mullholland
2nd - Mr Stuart McGaffin
3rd - Mr John Macateer

3rd & 4th Yr -
1st - Mr Lewis Balfour
2nd - Mr Garbhan Quinn
3rd - Mr Steve McKay

Eagle Eye - Mr Dave Weberly.
App Eagle Eye - Mr Lewis Balfour.

`Bump it up to Size`- Mr Steve McKay.

We would like to thank all the sponsors, the judge, the helpers and most of all the competitors who made it such a great day, we are looking forward to 2011 !

Alwyn Mckeown DWCF


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Tockwith Show
7th August 2010


1st - Matt Randles (16.9)
2nd - Steven Beane (16.7)
3rd - Adam Fox (16.5)
4th - Jon Atkinson (16.4)
5th - Jonathon Nunn (16.1)
6th - Gavin Golby (15.8)

Speed Class
1st - Jon Atkinson
2nd - Matt Randles
1st - Alex Collier
2nd - J C Lee

1st - Dan Preece (17.1)
2nd - J C Lee (16.8)
3rd - Ben Grange (16.7)
4th - Alex Collier (16.6)
5th - J Milburn (15.9)
6th - Jake Elliot (15.2)

Full results and individual marks are available - please email Claire for your results. 


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St Mellons
7th August 2010


1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Robbie Watson-Greaves
2nd - Chris Stevens
3rd - Chris Hughes

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Dan Shinton
2nd - Anthony Williams
3rd - Robbie Watson-Greaves

1st - Nigel Brown
2nd - Harry Meek
3rd - Nick Cooper

One Heat Shoe
1st - Harry Meek

To view the full photo gallery, click here...


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Border Union
31st July 2010


Many thanks to the sponsors -
Gajczak Family,
J & A Ferrie
Mustad Hoof Care
Swan Potaforge

And many thanks to this years judge David Wilson.


Class 1, Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - Josh Wilson
2nd - Aaron Mulholland
3rd - Lewis Balfour
4th - Thomas Middleton

Class 2, Open Shoeing
1st - David Varini
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Ruaraidh Robb
4th - Devin Crearer

Class 3, Apprentice Speed Forging
1st - Thomas Middleton
2nd - Lewis Balfour
3rd - Aaron Mulhlland
4th - Josh Millburn

Class 4, Open Speed Forging
1st - Jon Atkinson
2nd - Jason Gajczak
3rd - David Varini
4th - Ruaraidh Robb

Thanks for Ian Gajczak for supplying the results and Kim Smith for sending in the images :)


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Royal Welsh Show
19th - 22nd July 2010


Class 1. Shoe Making (Open)
1st - Kevin Davies
2nd - Elgan Harries
3rd - Robin Turnbull
4th - Matthew Rees
5th - Tom Smith
6th = Mr Jamie Barnes
6th = Chris Powell

Class 2. Donkey Foot Trimming Competition
1st - Mr Tom Smith
2nd - Robbie Watson-Greaves
3rd - Chris Dowler

Class 2. Donkey Foot Trimming Competition - Apprentices
1st - Robbie Watson-Greaves
2nd - Chris Dowler
3rd - Anthony Williams

Class 3. Shoemaking – 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices Only
1st - Chris Stephens
2nd - Michael Hylands
3rd - R Taylor
4th - Dominic Northmore
5th - Robbie Watson-Greaves
6th - Justine Lomas

Class 4. Open Traditional Hunter Shoeing
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Chris Powell
3rd - Richard Slater
4th - Matthew Rees
5th - Phillip Martin
6th - Elgan Harries

Class 5. Shoemaking – 3rd & 4th Year Apprentices Only
1st - Harry Meek
2nd - Anthony Williams
3rd - Dan Shinton
4th - R Keene

Class 6. Open Ride and Drive
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - J Nunn
3rd - Richard Slater
4th - Matthew Rees
5th - Paul Horner
6th = Chris Powell
6th = L Silcock

Welsh Championship Award - Mrs E.E. Morris Memorial Cup: - Grant Moon

WCF Silver Medal – Overall Performance in Classes 4 & 6 and the RWAS Championship Rosette:- Grant Moon

RWAS Special Prize Card will be awarded to the competitor under 25 years of age on the first day of the Show – 19th July 2010 – gaining the highest aggregate marks in Classes 4 and 6 + NAFBAE Silver Medal for the winner + NAFBAE Bronze Medal for the runner up :- 1st Chris Slater

Thanks to Jonathon Nunn for providing the photo's!


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Great Yorkshire Show
13th - 15th July 2010


Class 1: Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - Graeme Moran (The Cooke Cup & WCF Silver Medal)
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - David Lynch
4th - Tom Pears
Best Prepared Foot - Mark Gilliver
Best Specimen Shoe - Jon Atkinson

Class 2: Open Hunter Shoeing

1st - Jon Atkinson (The Bass North Trophy)
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Tom Pears
4th - Jason Gajczak
Best Prepared Foot - Sara Mary Brown
Best Specimen Shoe - Jon Atkinson
Special Award To Tom Pears For Best Shod Foot

Class 3: Restricted Hunter Shoeing

1st - F Spittal (The Sutcliffe Trophy)
2nd - Scott Inman
3rd - Damian Readman
4th - Joe Rose
Best Prepared Foot - Scott Inmon
Best Specimen Shoe - F Spittal

Class 4: Open Agricultural Horse Shoeing
1st - Tom Pears (The Major Gleadow Trophy)
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Jon Atkinson
4th - Jason Gajczak
Best Prepared Foot - Damian Readman
Best Specimen Shoe - Jon Atkinson

Class 5: Open Shoemaking
1st - Jon Atkinson (The Westways Cup)
2nd - Jason Gajczak
3rd - Adam Fox
4th - Paul Collins


Class 6: Apprentice Shoemaking (1st & 2nd Years)
1st - Ben Grange (Apprentice Medal + Stromsholm Prizes (1st To 3rd))
2nd - Jake Elliot
3rd - S Moran
4th - Tom Middleton

Class 7: Apprentice Shoemaking (3rd & 4th Years)
1st - J C Lee (Capewell Cup & Apprentice Medal + Stromsholm Prizes (1st To 3rd))
2nd - Jonny Kirk
3rd - Lewis Balfour
4th - Tom Galloway

Class 8: Surgical Shoemaking
1st - Jon Atkinson (Westways Trophy & Bronze Medal)
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Paul Collins
4th - Leon Bentham

CHAMPION (Mustad Cup, (Classes 1, 2, 4, 5 & 8) - Jon Atkinson
Reserve Champion - Adam Fox


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Kent County Show
16th - 18th July 2010


Friday – Hunter Shoeing
1st - Will Hampson (Abbey Manor shield/WCF silver)
2nd - Daniel Birchall
3rd - Anthony Waterfield
4th - Stephen Cox Rusbridge
5th - Ben Hamilton

Saturday – Shire Shoeing
1st - Jim Cooper (Margret Slight trophy/ NAFBAE silver medal)
2nd - Stephen Cox Rusbridge
3rd - Will Hampson
4th - Daniel Birchall
5th - Lou Meade

Sunday – Open Shoemaking
1st - Anthony Waterfield (Open Shoemaking Plate/ WCF Bronze medal)
2nd - Daniel Birchall
3rd - Tom Williams
4th - Steve O’Dell
5th - Stephen Cox Rusbridge

  Apprentice Shoemaking Best 1st & 2nd Year
1st - Ben Price (Paul Stern Trophy/ NAFBAE Bronze)
2nd - Charlie Cerullo
3rd - Sam Warman
4th - Luke Bloomfield
5th - James Williams

Apprentice Shoemaking - Best 3rd & 4th Year
1st - Lewis Knaggs (Arthur Cottam Trophy/NAFBAE Bronze)
2nd - Tom Williams
3rd - Adam Illston
4th - Laura Jones
5th - Louis Meade
Tankard for Best Kent Apprentice - Lewis Knaggs

Forge & Bring
1st - Philip Martin (Edgar Stern Memorial Trophy)
2nd - Daniel Stern
3rd - Anthony Waterfield
4th - Stephen Cox Rusbridge
5th - Mark White

Kent Show Champion for classes 1, 2 & 3
1st - Daniel Birchall (Southern Counties Shield)
2nd - Anthony Waterfield (Engraved Tankard)

Kent Men Special for highest marks in classes 1, 2 & 3
1st - Anthony Waterfield
2nd - Steve O’Dell
3rd - Mick O’Dell

Best Competitor Under 25 Years - Janek Zysmil (Fred Harrison Trophy)


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Newport Show
10th July 2010


Open Shoeing
1st - Ben Ebrey & Matthew Crompton
2nd - Charles Hughes & Steve Arnold
3rd - Nick Partridge & Jack Harper
4th - John Benfield & Gareth Thomas
Best Dressed Foot - Oliver Gregory
Best Shod - Charles Hughes

Eagle Eye
1st - Andrew Smith

Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Year
1st - Frazer Atherdon
2nd - Stuart McGaffin
3rd - Tom Watt
4th - Fred Handley

Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Year
1st - Jake Preece
2nd - Jack Harper
3rd - Luke Tallo
4th - Ryan Derbyshire

Thanks to Jonathon Nunn for providing the photo's!


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World Championship Blacksmiths Competition, Calgary Stampede
7th - 11th July 2010

July 11, 2010 NEWS RELEASE

Beane forges a second straight Stampede blacksmith title


CALGARY – Beane there. Done that. Two years in a row.

England’s Steven Beane was virtually unbeatable when it counted Sunday, dominating the semifinal and final rounds under the Big Top o
win his second consecutive World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition title at the Calgary Stampede.

Beane, who hails from Northallerton, North Yorkshire, is the first back to back WCBC champion since Billy Crothers of Wales won the second and third of his five Stampede crowns back in 1995 and 1996.

“It’s unbelievably hard to do that. Really, really hard,” said Beane, 31. “You’ve got so many good guys competing here . . . you’ve got to be on the top of your game, and I’m lucky I was on top of my game today.

“I’ve had a bad year up until now, to be honest,” added Beane, who fires up his forge at between 15 and 20 blacksmith shows a year. “I
went to the European championships, where I’d won two years in a row, and I was second there. That was kind of hard to take. But I must admit that for the last couple of months, I’ve been focused on coming back here.”

Beane fired up a performance Sunday during the 31st annual WCBC that couldn’t be matched by any of his competitors. During the 10-man semifinal, he opened up a 21-point lead on Jake Engler of Magnolia, Texas, and in the final, he increased that advantage, prevailing by 32 points over Engler.

Beane finished with 147 points to Engler’s 115. As for the other finalists, Scotland’s Derek Gardner was third with 115 (Engler won a tiebreaker on the fit of a horse’s shoe), fellow Scot David Varini was fourth with 94, and Texan Gene Lieser ended up fifth with 87.

Beane wins a cheque for $10,000, as well as a gold-and-silver Stampede championship buckle, a limited edition bronze trophy, and a champion’s jacket. More than $50,000 in cash and prizes were handed out to WCBC competitors this weekend.

“It was pretty rough going for me today. Nothing was clicking,” said Engler. “Beane is always on the money, and he’s hard to beat. But I’m pretty happy with (second place). It can’t be too bad, since there’s only one guy better than me.”

The WCBC, known popularly as the “Olympics of blacksmithing,” attracted 58 competitors this year from 12 countries: England, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, the United States and Canada.

Sunday morning’s semifinal saw the 10 remaining contestants shoe both front feet of a light draft horse in 60 minutes. Scotland’s Ian Gajczak, Americans Chris Madrid, Jim Quick, and Tim McPhee, and Colain Duret of Turner Valley, Alta., were eliminated as the field was narrowed to five.


The finalists were given another 60 minutes to shoe both hind feet of that same horse. Judges Craig Trnka of the U.S., a Stampede champ in 1999, and Andrew Reader-Smith of New Zealand, a WCBC finalist last year, based their decisions, through a blind judging process, on shoe forging, finish, and nail placement, as well as preparation and balance of the horses’ feet.

Grant Moon was named Forging Champion this weekend, while Beane earned Shoeing Champion honours. The Artistic Champion nod went to Australia’s Dean Lewis, while Jonathon Nunn of the United Kingdom was named Rookie of the Year.

Blaine Virostek, who chairs the Stampede’s Blacksmith committee, was pleased with what he saw at this year’s 31st annual WCBC, which remains the blacksmith industry’s premier competition.

“All the other competitions in the world follow our lead,” said Virostek. “They’re all chasing us. That’s why we’re always trying to stay a step ahead, and continue to make changes for the betterment of the competition. We want to keep improving the show and challenging the competitors.”

Saturday night during the Metal Art Auction and Metal Art Showcase, an increasingly popular offshoot of the WCBC, Lewis swept up at the trophy table. Lewis won the pot luck artistic forging category with fellow Aussie Fred Savage, and was also named winner in the artistic forging and artistic metal non-forged categories. The seventh annual Metal Art Auction raised $13,000, with 60 per cent of proceeds going back to the artists.

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BFBA Royal Festival of the Horse Farriery Competitions

8th - 11th July 2010


Class 1 Hunter Shoeing (sponsored by Mustad)
1st - David P Smith (44.8)
2nd - Matt Randles (44.7)
3rd - Gary Darlow (44.3)
Best Dressed Foot - David P Smith
Best Specimen Shoe - Matt Randles

Class 2 - Heavy Horseshoeing Competition (sponsored by Londonderry Forge Supplies)
1st - David P Smith
2nd - Gary Darlow
3rd - Joe Bryan
Best Specimen Shoe (sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes) - Joe Bryan
Best Dressed Foot (sponsored by Londonderry Forge Supplies) - Ian Allison
Special Prize to Improvers, 3 years from Dip
1st - Ricky Hilton
2nd - Richard Slater
3rd - Richie Gilzean

Class 3 - Roadster Shoeing Competition
1st - Gary Darlow
2nd - Andy Martin
3rd - Joe Bryan
Best Specimen Shoe - (sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes) - Matt Randles
Best Dressed Foot - Colin Smith FWCF (Hons) Challenge Cup (sponsored by Arthur Cottam & Co) - Joe Bryan
Improvers -
1st - Ricky Hilton
2nd - Richard Slater
3rd - Ritchie Gilzean

Class 4 - Open Therapeutic (sponsored by Forge Magazine)
1st - Andy Martin
2nd - Ricky HIlton
3rd - Harry Garner
Special Prizes for Apprentices -
1st - Harry Garner (4th Year)
2nd - Dan Preece (4th Year)
3rd - Lewis Balfour (3rd Year)

Class 5 Tongs & Shoe Competition
1st - Joe Bryan and Jay Tovey
2nd - Gavin Golby and Matt Randles
3rd - Andrew Bowyer and Andrew Nichalls
Best Shoe - Gavin Golby
Best Tong - Joe Bryan

Class 6 - Apprentice Gas Forge Shoemaking Competition - 1st & 2nd Year (sponsored by Stromsholm Ltd)
1st - Jake Elliott
2nd - Callum Darby
3rd - Ben Grange

Class 7 - Apprentice Gas Forge Shoemaking Competition - 3rd & 4th Year (sponsored by The British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association)
1st - Paddy Homan
2nd - Lewis Knaggs
3rd - Robert Bedford

Class 8 - Apprentice Therapeutic Gas Shoemaking Competition (sponsored by The British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association)
1st - Jack Casserly
2nd - J C Lee
3rd - Harry Garner

Class 9 - Royal Show National Champion Apprentice
Champion (J&A Ferrie Perpetual Trophy) - JC Lee
Reserve Champion (NAFBAE Bronze Medal) - Ben Grange

1st - Gary Darlow
Reserve - David P Smith
Cookes Cup (for highest points for shoemaking over classes 1, 2 & 3) - Gary Darlow
Best Shod Foot (Over classes 1, 2 & 3) - David P Smith
Champion's Striker - Richard Slater

Joe Preston Memorial Trophy - awarded to the competitor with the highest points scored for shoemaking over the four days - David P Smith
Best Shod Foot (The Frank Moorcroft Memorial Trophy) - Ian Allison
CHAMPION - (£1000, the Mustad New Century Cup and Gold Medal) - David P Smith
Reserve - Andy Martin
Second Reserve - Matt Randles
Special Prize for the winners Striker, sponsored by DT Gardner AWCF Ltd - Andy Martin

Full results are available on the Forge Magazine website.

Full photo gallery can be seen by clicking here.


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Warfield Driving Show
4th July 2010

Congratulations to David Mathews, farrier to Red Admiral, owned by Colin Benford, winner of the Best Shod Horse and a Worshipful Company of Farriers' Plaque at Warfield Driving Show.

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World Horse Welfare Competition
3rd & 4th July 2010


Open Classes

Class 1 (B L Farrier Supplies Ltd)
1st - Wayne Balfour
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Jim Balfour
4th - Kevin Balfour
5th - Fraser Spittal

Class 5 (Woodside Veterinary Group)
1st - Jim Balfour
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Wayne Balfour
4th - Ruaraidh Robb
5th - Davie Sutherland

Class 3+7 (Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd)
1st - Tom Williams
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Kevin Balfour
4th - Stuart Malcom
5th - Ruaraidh Robb

Apprentice Classes

Class 2 (Ali Smith DipWCF Hons)
1st - Louis Balfour
2nd - Josh Wilson
3rd - Aaron Millholland
4th - Will Forbes
5th - Ollie Connelly

Class 6 (Donald Nicol Farriers Ltd)
1st - Josh Wilson
2nd - Aaron Millholland
3rd - Katrina Robb
4th - Louis Balfour
5th - Ollie Connelly

Class 4+8 (Richard Ellis DipWCF Hons)
1st - Aaron Millholland
2nd - Graham McBurney
3rd - Katrina Robb
4th - Ollie Connelly
5th - Tom Williams


Class 9 Open Eagle Eye - Davie Sutherland

Class 10 Apprentice Eagle Eye (Ken and Jamie Playle Trophy) - Lewis Balfour

Class 11 Open - Davie Sutherland

Class 11 Apprentice - Tom Williams

Best Specimen Class 1 (B L Farrier Supplies Ltd Trophy) - Kevin Balfour

Apprentice Overall Points Winner Classes 2,4,6,8 (Stromsholm Ltd Trophy) - Aaron Mullholland

Open Points Winner Classes 1,3,5,7 (Brooks Lane Cup) - Alex Sharman

The organisers would like to thank all of the class sponsors for their kind donation of prizes, the competitors who make the weekend work and to Richard Ellis for his hard work judging the competition. This competition will be moved to the last weekend in May next year and will feature an early preview of the specimen shoes for the Royal Highland Show - one not to be missed!

Many thanks to Donald Nicol for providing the results and images.


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27th June 2010

Congratulations to Michael Handley, winner of the Best Shod Horse and a Worshipful Company of Farriers' Plaque in the Single Horse Class at Sandringham.

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7th Swiss Military International Horseshoeing Competition
26th - 27th June 2010

Congratulations to Peter Brulisauer and Philipp Buhler winners of WCF Silver Medals!

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Strommy’s Maidstone (now known as BEST Equine Supplies & Tools)
26th June 2010


On what was probably the hottest day of the year we held our first shoemaking competition at our premises in Sandling, Maidstone. We had a high attendance of competitors and a big thank you goes to them for making it such a successful and special day. Braving the weather heat upon heat of the sun and forges the competition commenced with the First/Second Years rounds.

First Years Results
1st – Frazer Atherden (8.7) - BEST Trophy & £30 Stromsholm Voucher
2nd – John Benning (8.2 Judges decision) - BEST Trophy & £20 Stromsholm Voucher
3rd – Stuart McGaffin (8.2) - BEST Trophy & £10 Stromsholm Voucher
4th – Dain Atherden (8.1 Judges decision) - Rosette
5th – Jack Henty (8.1) - Rosette

Second Years Results
1st – Dom Northmore (8.6) - BEST Trophy & £30 Stromsholm Voucher
2nd – Tom Waite (8.5 Judges decision) - BEST Trophy & £20 Stromsholm Voucher
3rd – James Williams (8.5) - BEST Trophy & £10 Stromsholm Voucher
4th – Luca Palma (8.3) - Rosette
5th – Ben Hitchot (8.2) - Rosette

Third/Fourth Year Results
1st – Louis Mead (17.2) – BEST Trophy & £30 Stromsholm Voucher
2nd – Janek Zysemil (16.5) - BEST Trophy & £20 Stromsholm Voucher
3rd – Ryan Wading (16.4) - BEST Trophy & £10 Stromsholm Voucher
4th – Luke Cain (16.3) - Rosette
5th – Ryan Darbyshire (16.2) - Rosette

Open Class
1st – Jim Cooper (26 Judges decision) - £100 Stromsholm Voucher
2nd – Jason Brown (26) - £75 Stromsholm Voucher
3rd – Anthony Waterfield (25.6) - £50 Stromsholm Voucher
4th – Louis Mead (Senior) (25.4) - Rosette
5th – Greg Nuttall (25.3) - Rosette

Fun Class
Winner – Louis Mead (Senior) - £80 Prize Money

Best Shoe of the Day
Greg Nuttall
Shoe presented to Mrs Jean Andersen (local Nursing Home)

Special thanks go to our incredible Judge Mark White AWCF

Special Presentation of Silver Plate to Keith Baker RSS for 50 years farriery service

Prizes were kindly sponsored by Stromsholm represented on the day by Carl Bettison
Trophies by BEST Equine Supplies & Tools
Photographs by Jean Andersen
Big thank you to Martin, Emily, Robert & Ben Nuttall, Hazel, Amy & Grace Milton, Alice & Beth Bentley for all their help in cooking, clearing and running all day.

Well done everybody and we look forward to seeing everyone for our second competition in June 2011 – bigger and better!

With grateful thanks to Tracey for providing the photo's.

To view the full Photo Gallery click here...


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Royal Highland Show
24th - 27th June 2010


Class 1 Therapeutics Open
1st - David Varini
2nd - Brian Alexander
3rd - Fraser Spittal
4th - Devin Crerar
5th - Ian Gajzak

Class 1 Therapeutics 3rd & 4th Yr Apprentice
1st - Jackie Campbell
2nd - Ben Coy
3rd - Lewis Balfour
4th - Andrew Ireland
5th - Graham Mcburney

Class 1 Therapeutics 1st & 2nd Yr Apprentice
1st - Aaron Mulholland
2nd - Kenny Little
3rd - Ross Hood
4th - Robert Campbell
5th - Johnathan Black

Class 2 Hunter Shoes 1st & 2nd Yr Apprentice
1st - Aaron Mulholland
2nd - Ross Hood
3rd - Bruce Blower
4th - Stuart Moran
5th - Ian Christie

Class 2 Hunter Shoes 3rd & 4th Yr Apprentice
1st - Liam Cooper
2nd - Jackie Campbell
3rd - Ben Coy
4th - Josh Wilson
5th - Lewis Balfour

Class 3 Open Farm Horse Shoes
1st - Allan Ferrie
2nd - David Varini
3rd - Euan Taylor ( Apprentice )
4th - Lewis Balfour (Apprentice )
5th - Devin Crerar

Class 3 Apprentice Farm Horse Shoes
1st - Euan Taylor
2nd - Lewis Balfour
3rd - Andrew Ireland
4th - Josh Wilson
5th - Jackie Campbell

Class 4 Hunter Shoeing
1st - Jim Balfour
2nd - Ruaraidh Robb
3rd - Rodney Britton
4th - David Wilson
5th - Allan Ferrie

Class 5 Roadster Shoeing
1st - Ian Gajczak
2nd - Ruaraidh Robb
3rd - David Varini
4th - Jason Gajczak
5th - Sarah Mary Brown

Class 6 Clydesdale Shoeing
1st - Ian Gajczak
2nd - David Varini
3rd - Jim Balfour
4th - Allan Ferrie
5th - David Shearer

Class 7 2man Team Open
1st - Ian Gajczak / Jason Gajczak
2nd - Jim Balfour / Kevin Balfour
3rd - Allan Ferrie / David Shearer
4th - David Varini / Devin Crerar
5th - Paul Collins / Sarah Mary Brown

Class 7 2 Man Team Apprentice
1st - Andrew Ireland / Liam Cooper
2nd - Aaron Mulholland / Lewis Balfour
3rd - Jackie Campbell / Graham Mcburney
4th - Euan Taylor / Paul Taylor
5th - Ben Coy / Josh Wilson

Champion 2010 - David Varini

Reserve Champion 2010 - Ian Gajczak

Champion Apprentice 2010 - Jackie Campbell

Roadster Class Best Specimen Shoe - Sarah Mary Brown

Roadster Class Best Shod Foot - Sarah Mary Brown

2010/11 Scottish Farriery Team

1. David Varini
2. Jim Balfour
3. Ian Gajzak
4. Allan Ferrie
Reserve - Ruaridh Robb
2nd Reserve - Devin Crerar

With special thanks to Alan Murdoch for supplying the images!


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126th Lincolnshire Shoe Farriery Competition
23rd & 24th June 2010


The 126th Lincolnshire show Farriery competition was held the Wednesday and Thursday of the 23th & 24th of June. Competitor numbers were up again this year and the competition ran very smoothly. A very big thank you to the sponsors, Farriers Choice, Arthur Cottham and Farriers Formula. Without such great sponsors these competitions could not take place. A big thank you also goes out to Ben Smith DWCF for supplying horses’ last minute for the Hunter class. This year’s Judge was Mark Caldwell FWCF who supplied competitors with very well made traditional specimen shoes. A special big thank you once again to the chief steward Adrian Middleton and stewards Andy Welch and Alex Mercer for overseeing the smooth running of the competition. Lastly a massive thank you to the competitors which turned up, for your time and the high standard of work you produced. Hope to see more of you next year.

D Bennett


Class 1 Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - L Bentham
2nd - A Wilson
3rd - A Elliot
4th - A Shuttleworth
5th - D Lynch
6th - M Chisholm

Best Dressed Foot L Bentham
Best Specimen A Wilson

Class 2 1st & 2nd year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - J Elliot
2nd - G Calvert
3rd - J Baker
4th - M Hylands
5th - T Bradbury
6th - F Atherden

Class 3 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - T Galloway
2nd - S Schofield
3rd - W Taylor
4th - A Smith
5th - J Newhouse
6th - R Batchford

  Class 4 Open Shoemaking
1st -A Wilson
2nd - A Shuttleworth
3rd - G Calvert
4th - J Galloway
5th - L Bentham
6th - A Elkington

Class 5 Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - A Shuttleworth
2nd - A Wilson
3rd - L Bentham
4th - D Lynch
5th - A Mercer
6th - M Chisholm

Best Dressed Foot R Newton
Best Specimen A Shuttleworth


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BDS Annual Show
20th June 2010

Congratulations to Duncan Thomson, farrier to Brookeborough Duke owned by J Hollister and A Hamilton Jones, winner of the Best Shod Horse and a Worshipful Company of Farriers' Plaque at the BDS Annual Show.

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Three Counties Show
18th - 20th June 2010


Therapeutic Shoemaking (Open ) (£100.00 Prize Money & WCF Bronze Medal)
1st - Matthew Randles.
2nd - Steven Beane.
3rd - Derek Gardner.
4th - Grant Moon.
Apprentice Prize - J C Lee.

Cob Shoeing (Benjamin Baker Cup, £100.00 Prize Money & NAFBAE Bronze Medal)
1st - Derek Gardner.
2nd - Jon Atkinson.
3rd - Gary Darlow.
4th - Steven Beane.
Arthur Watts Cup :- ( Best Dressed Foot ) Phillip Martin.

Restricted Hunter (Restricted Hunter Trophy, £80.00 Prize Money & WCF Bronze Medal)
1st - Ben Ebrey.
2nd - Luke Silcock.
3rd - Aksel Vibe.
4th - Kevin Davies.
Deluxe Hoofpairer - Arthur Cottam (Best Dressed Foot) - Aksel Vibe.

Open Hunter Shoeing (Open Hunter Trophy, £100.00 Prize Money & NAFBAE Bronze Medal)
1st - Steven Beane.
2nd - Derek Gardner.
3rd - Matthew Randles.
4th - Gary Darlow.
Box Of Rasps (Mustad) (Best Dressed Foot) - Derek Gardner.

Four Forged Corner Test (£25.00 Prize Money).
1st - Nigel Brown.

Pony Shoeing (Cosira Cup, £100.00 Prize Money & NAFBAE Bronze Medal)
1st - Steven Beane.
2nd - Derek Gardner.
3rd - Jon Atkinson.
4th - Nigel Brown.
Box Legend Rasps ( Mustad ) (Best Dressed Foot) - Aksel Vibe.

1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking (Ellis Dawe & Derek Lloyd Challenge Trophy, WCF Bronze Medal).
1st - Greg Calvert.
2nd - James Elliott.
3rd - Ben Grange.
4th - Thomas Middleton.
3 Pairs Of Tongs - J Blurton and Arthur Cottam Tankard for the Highest 1st Year Apprentice - Greg Calvert.
3 Pairs Of Tongs - J Blurton and Arthur Cottam Tankard for the Highest 2nd Year Apprentice - Ben Grange.

3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking (Richard Ellis Trophy, WCF Bronze Medal)
1st - J C Lee.
2nd - Harry Meek.
3rd - Ryan Wadling.
4th - Mike Tynan.
J Blurton Knife and Stromsholm Ltd Tankard for the Highest 3rd Year Apprentice - J C Lee.

J Blurton Knife and Stromsholm Ltd Tankard for the Highest 4th Year Apprentice - Ryan Wadling.

Tongs & Shoe Competition.
1st - Nigel Brown and Duncan Thomson.

Speed Chain Making Competition (£100.00 Prize Money - Sponsored By Richard Ellis).
1st - Nigel Brown.

Best Shod Foot Of Competition - Londonderry Prize.
1st Derek Gardner.

Banks Silver Trophy, WCF Silver Medal awarded To Competitor Gaining The Highest Aggregate Marks In Three Classes - Steven Beane.

We Would Like To Say - Many Thanks To The Master Of The Worshipful Company Of Farriers For Presenting The Prizes.
Grateful Thanks To Sponsors :-
Arthur Cottam & Co.
Underwoods Steels.
Londonderry Forge.
J. Blurton - Tools.
R.H.Bengry - Coke.

Individual marks for all classes are available - please email Claire

To view the full Photo Gallery click here


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East of England Show
18th - 20th June 2010


Class 1 - 1st / 2nd Yr Apprentice Shoe Making
1st - J Elliott 9.40
2nd - C Gates 9.35
3rd - S O'Gara 9.30
4th - C Aldred 9.25
5th - J Dennison 9.20
6th - J Front 9.15

Class 2 - 3rd/4th Yr Apprentice Shoe Making
1st - H Garner 9.50
2nd - T Galloway 9.40
3rd - H Andrews 9.30
4th - A Curtis 9.25
5th - G Schofield 9.20
6th - L Tellow 9.15

Class 3 - Leisure Horse Shoeing
1st - R Hilton 73.3
2nd - R Shave 73.2
3rd - A James 73.0
4th - G Golby 72.7
5th - W O'Shaughnessy 72.7
6th - J Tovey 72.7

Class 4 - Hunter Shoeing
1st - J Tovey 45.8
2nd - R Hilton 45.8
3rd - E O'Shaughnesyy 45.7
4th - G Golby 45.6
5th - T Farmer 45.5
6th - W O'Shuaghnessy 45.5

Class 5 - Master & Apprentice
1st - W O'Shaughnessy & C Matts
2nd - C Matts and L Elliott 73.2
3rd - S O'Gara and T Farmer 73.0
4th - B Coy and Stephen Hill 72.9
5th - C Gates and W O'Shaugnessy 72.8
6th - L Tellow and J Brown 72.7

Class 6 - Therapeutic Shoe Making
1st - A Elkington 27.4
2nd - R Hilton 27.3
3rd - G Golby 27.1
4th - W O'Shaugnessy 27.0
5th - J Hackett 26.8
6th = J Elliott 26.7
6th = J Tovey 26.7
6th = T Farmer 26.7

Champion Apprentice
1st - J Elliott 36.1
2nd - T Galloway 36.0
3rd - J Wilson - 35.1

Show Champion
1st - R Hilton 146.4
2nd - G Golby 145.4

East of England Championship - Gulley/Gowing Trophy for the competitor gaining most points over the three days of the show - R Hilton

R C Gowing Perpetual Trophy for the Apprentice gaining most points from classes 1 or 2 and Class 6 - J Elliott

Bronze Medal & Rosette Presented by the Worshipful Company of Farriers for the winner of First Prize in Class 3 - Leisure Horse Shoeing - R Hilton

Silver Medal & Rosette Presented by the Worshipful Company of Farriers for the winner of First Prize in Class 4 - Hunter shoeing - J Tovey

Bronze Medal & Rosette Presented by the Worshipful Company of Farriers for the winner of First Prize in Class 6 - Therapeutic Shoe Making - A Elkington

Apprentice Bronze Medal & Commemorative Plaque Presented by the Worshipful Company Of Farriers for the winners of - Class 1 1st/2nd Year Apprentice - J Elliott

Apprentice Bronze Medal & Commemorative Plaque Presented by the Worshipful Company Of Farriers for the winners of - Class 2 3rd/4th Year Apprentice - H Garner

Perpetual Trophy Wood Carving of "Blacksmith At Work" Donated by Mr D L Gulley awarded to best work produced by a competitor
under the age of 25 years during the show - R Hilton

Individual marks for all classes are available - please email Claire

To view the full Photo Gallery click here


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South of England
10th - 12th June 2010


The Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd South of England Show 2010 had record entries - three days of six fires continually in use with up to seven rounds a day caused the organisers Sarah Hayter, Tim Fieldwick (Chief Steward) & Chris Perrot (Time Keeper & Steward) some heart stopping moments! Prior to the competition some fires and fans were malfunctioning and anvils were missing but thanks to G.W Day, Jim Hayter, Steven Fisher and Chris Perrot by 7am on the first day it was all systems go.

The competition ran in the heart of Sussex at one of the largest county shows, the South of England. The first day began with the Open Shoemaking with judge, Gavin Golby, setting the task of asking competitors to make a deep seated bar shoe and a hind cob beval shoe. Marks were spread across the board, with the highest score being for the cob beval shoe gaining 9.1 by class winner Ben Casserly who finished on a total Open Shoemaking score of 17.0, winning a Handmade Shoes Vice and Stand, just ahead of Dave Smith who finished on a total score of 16.5. George Hutchins scored a superb 9.2 for his deep seated bar shoe, but unfortunately couldn’t keep up the standard for both shoes.

Thursday also saw the Open Pony Shoeing class being won by last year’s judge Jay Tovey, with Dave Smith in second place. Third place went to Ricky Hilton - all receiving tools from Handmade Shoes Ltd.

The William Hayter Perpetual trophy was awarded in an emotionally charged presentation by Mrs Jenny Hayter to her son James who was also awarded a beautiful pair of Roadster Cufflinks, very kindly donated by Anvil Jewellery / Handmade Shoes. James has always wanted to win his late Father’s Cup for the Open Roadster class with the highest mark for fit - with a score of 8.9 - he finished on a total score of 42.4, just ahead of 3rd year apprentice Jack Casserly who is definitely one to watch for the future.

Jay Tovey finished the Open Hunter class with an impressive score of 44.1 just ahead of Andrew Casserly. Nigel Fennell scored an impressive 9.1 for his nail and finish to clinch third place.

The 3rd & 4th Year class was won on equal marks between Jack Casserly and Dan Preece - both finishing on a score of 17.5 - with first place eventually being awarded to Jack who actually had the higher mark of 9.0 for his specimen shoe.

Apprentice James Elliot will have made his boss Billy Crothers proud of him after finishing just outside the placings in the Open Shoemaking and taking home a well deserved win in the 1st & 2nd Year class, closely followed by Jack Henty who is trained by ATF Jim Hayter.

Gavin Golby told Open Competitors “he was very impressed with the high level of shoemaking and that he had been pleased with the trimming, nailing and finish he had been judging over the three days”.

The prize giving was well attended with Wayne Upton AFCL from the Worshipful Company of Farriers presenting silver & bronze medals to those that had attained the very standard demanded by the Company.

Once again the South of England Show would like to thank Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd for their continual support of this competition - for which they have now been sole sponsor of for the last four years. They very generously donated in excess of £3,000.00 worth of prizes to the 2010 competition and without companies such as Handmade Shoes it would be very hard to run these competitions.

With thanks to Sarah Hayter for writing the report and Aaron Kampfer for supplying the images. The full image gallery can be viewed here.


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Royal Bath & West Show
2nd - 5th June 2010


Restricted Pony Shoeing
1st - D Thomson 64.0
2nd - A Reader-Smith 62.8
3rd - A Bowyer 62.3
4th - J Somerville 62
5th - P Horner 60.6

1st /2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - B Grange 16.2
2nd - J Williams 15.6
3rd - D Northmore 15
4th - J Holder 14.4
5th - L Bloomfield 14.3
6th - J Elliott 14.2

3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - R Wadling 15
2nd - P Homan 14.6
3rd - J Harper 14.4
4th - C Green 14.4
5th - J Gillings 14.4
6th - R Keene 13.4
( Places split on hind shoe score)

Apprentice Therapeutic Shoemaking
1st - P Homan 15.6
2nd - Miss A Hardy 15.2
3rd - C Green 15.1
4th - J Elliott 15.1
5th - R Wadling 15
6th - B Grange 14.8
( Places split on hind shoe score)

Open Pony Shoeing
1st - DP Smith 70.2
2nd - A Reader-Smith 69.0
3rd - J Bryan 67.8
4th - I Allison 67.2
5th - D Bazin 66.8
6th - JC Lee 66.2

Best Dressed Foot A Reader-Smith

Open Cob Shoeing
1st - I Allison 71.0
2nd - DP Smith 70.0
3rd - D Bazin 69.8
4th - J Blurton 68.6
5th - J Tovey 67.6
6th - J Bryan 62.8

Best Dressed Foot I Allison

Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - DP Smith 78
2nd - D Bazin 77.4
3rd - A Reader-Smith 76.8
4th - I Allison 76.4
5th - J Bryan 75.2
6th - J Blurton 75.2

Best Dressed Foot I Allison
Best Specimen J Tovey

(Scores split on higher specimen score)

Open Shoemaking
1st - D Bazin 17.8
2nd - M Randles 17.8
3rd - N Brown 17.4
4th - J Tovey 17
5th - Miss S- M Brown 16.6
6th - J Blurton 16.6
( Places split on hind shoe score)

Show Champion - Darren Bazin

Reserve - D P Smith


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Staffordshire County Show Horseshoeing Competition
2nd & 3rd June 2010


Class 1 - Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - Steven Beane (42.1)
2nd - Jon Atkinson (41.8)
3rd - Richard Slater (41.7)
4th - Tom Richards (41.1)
5th - Matthew Randles (41.1)
6th - Gary Darlow (41.0)

Best Prepared Foot -Richard Slater

Class 2 - Restricted Roadster Shoeing
1st - J.C.Lee (42.5)
2nd - Fraser Youngson (41.5)
3rd - Ben Ebrey (40.8),
4th - Leon Bentham (40.6)
5th - Frazer Spittal (40.3)
6th - Luke Silcock (40.3)

Best Prepared Foot -Michael Richardson

Class 3 - Open Shoemaking
1st - Jon Atkinson (17.6)
2nd - Richard Slater (17.0)
3rd - Steven Beane (16.8)
4th - Matthew Randles (16.7)
5th - Adam Fox (16.3)
6th - Gary Darlow (16.3)

Class 4 - Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Year
1st - Thomas Middleton (15.3)
2nd - Alex Collier (15.0)
3rd - Fred Handley (14.6)
4th - Sam Hannam (14.5)
5th - Ben Wyles (13.9)
6th - Ben Dewhurst (13.9)

Class 5 - Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Year
1st - Ben Taylor (16.3)
2nd - J.C. Lee (15.0)
3rd - Will Sands (14.7)
4th - Daniel Preece (14.6)
5th - Jamie Bourne-Withey (13.1)
6th - Josh Spend low (12.8)

Class 6 - Speed Shoemaking
1st Richard Slater
Apprentice 1st J.C. Lee

WCF Silver Medal - Steven Beane
WCF Bronxe Medal - Jon Atkinson
WCF Apprentice Bronze Medal - Thomas Middleton
WCF Apprentice Bronze Medal - Ben Taylor

Staffordshire Champion - Richard Slater

Staffordshire Apprentice Champion - Alex Collier

To view the full Photo Gallery click here... With grateful thanks to Jackie Hickman for taking the photographs :)


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Suffolk Show
2nd & 3rd June 2010


Fireman and Doorman Championship
1st - Nigel Fennell and William Hampson
2nd - Ed O'Shaughnessy and Will O'Shaughnessy
3rd - Stephen Gowing and Steven Taylor
Reserve - Tom Farmer and Stephen Hill
Highly Commended - Adam Fitch and James Hackett
Commended - Louis Meade and Mark White

1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - James Duncan
2nd - Jake Elliott
3rd - Sammy O'Gara
4th - Arnie Pamment
5th - Tom McCarthy
Reserve - Sam Warman
Highly Commended - Scott Taylor
Commended - James Coburn

3rd & 4th Year Apprenticeship
1st - Harry Garner
2nd - Rob Bedford
3rd - Robert Rush
4th - Thomas Wall
5th - Alex Reilly
Reserve - Michael Warden
Highly Commended - Jodhi Beard
Commended - James Newhouse

National Punch Shoeing Championships
1st - NIgel Fennell
2nd - Martyn Elliott
3rd - Steven Rust
4th - Stephen Gowing
5th - Tom Farmer
Reserve - William O'Shaughnessy
Highly Commended - Stephen Hill
Commended - Adam Fitch

  Therapeutic Class
1st - William O'Shaughnessy
2nd - Martyn Elliott
3rd - Edward O'Shaughnessy
4th - Nigel Fennell
5th - Jake Elliott
Reserve - Robert Shave
Highly Commended - Stephen Gowing
Commended - Sammy O'Gara

Local Farriers (The J & C Gibbins Perpetual Trophy)
1st - Steven Rust
2nd - Stephen Gowing
3rd - Tom Farmer

Best Local Apprentice (The Gowing Trophy)
1st - Harry Garner
2nd - Robert Rush
3rd - Thomas Wall

Best Overrall Apprentice - Harry Garner
Reserve - Rob Bedford

Dobberson Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Nigel Fennell 


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Surrey County Show
31st May 2010

Congratulations to Simon Legge, winner of the Best Shod Horse in the Cob Class. 'Grigio Fumo' is owned by Karen Ledger in the Isle of Wight. Simon will receive a WCF Plaque.

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YFEDA Otley Competition
22nd May 2010


With temperatures soaring into the 80’s it was a survival of the fittest at this years Otley shoemaking competition. All the classes ran smoothly and on time thanks to chief steward Jon Hick so a massive thanks to him. Spud was kept busy judging over 300 shoes and our thanks go to him for doing a brilliant job .Our thanks for the continued support of our sponsors who were so very generous this year these include Handmade shoes, Londonderry Forge Supplies, Mustad, Arthur Cottam’s who this year in addition to prizes gave a trophy in memory of Arthur, to Vettec who sent 3 fantastic tool bag’s filled to the brim with Vettec goodies, Energas, County Steel and Swan Forges . We would really like to thank all the people who helped behind the scenes and made it another very successful year for the competition especially Cadfeal & Adam , roll on next year !.

Results Otley Shoemaking Competition 2010

The Handmade Shoes UK Open Roadster Shoemaking
1st - Matt Randles
2nd Steven Beane
3rd - Jon Atkinson
4th- Adam Fox
5th- Ian Gajczak

The Londonderry Forge Supplies Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - Greg Calvert
2nd - Josh Wilson
3rd - Ben Taylor
4th - Alex Collier
5th - Rob Bedford

Best 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice- Greg Calvert

The Arthur Cottam Open Speed Shoemaking
1st - Matt Randles
2nd - Steven Beane

The Mustad Apprentice Speed Shoemaking Class
1st - Rob Bedford
2nd - Alex Collier

The Vettec 15 min Challenge Class
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Jason Gajczak

With grateful thanks to Emma Atkinson for providing the report and images.


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Devon County Show
20th - 22nd May 2010


Class 1 Pony Shoeing
1st - G Moon
2nd - J Blurton
3rd - J Nunn
4th - A Reader-Smith
5th - P Martin
6th - M Evans
7th - D Birchall
8th = C Pell
8th = G Thomas

Class 2 Open Shoemaking
1st - G Moon
2nd - A Reader Smith
3rd - J Nunn
4th - B Ebrey
5th - B Casserly
6th - A Nickalls
7th - A W James
8th - J Blurton
9th - G Thomas

Class 3 Roadster
1st - G Moon
2nd - J Blurton
3rd - B Ebrey
4th - A Reader-Smith
5th - A Bowyer
6th - M Evans
7th - A Nickalls
8th - L Silcock

Class 4 Hunter Shoeing
1st - J Evans
2nd - B Ebrey
3rd - P Challis-Hircock

  Class 5 Firemen/Doormen
1st - A Reader-Smith & J Blurton
2nd - G Moon & J Nunn
3rd - A Bowyer & A Nickalls

Class 6 1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Luke Bloomfield
2nd - D Northmore
3rd - R Watson-Greaves

Class 7 3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - D Preece
2nd - J Casserly
3rd - C Green

Class 8 Eagle Eye
1st - J Evans
2nd - B Ebrey
3rd - P Challis Hircock

South West Championship -
A Reader-Smith

Reserve Champion - J Blurton 


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Welsh Farriers and Blacksmiths Association Competition at Royal Welsh Spring Show
15th & 16th May 2010


Open Shoeing Team
1st - C.Powell & T.Smith
2nd - G.Thomas & M.Rees
3rd - N.Brown & H.Meek
4th - A.Bowyer & J.Miles

Best Dressed Foot - T.Smith

1st & 2nd Year Apprentice
1st - C.Stephens
2nd - D.Baker
3rd - L.Bloomfield
4th - D.Rabin

  Sunday Open Shoemaking
1st - G.Thomas
2nd - L.Bentham
3rd - R.Price

3rd & 4th Year Apprentice
1st - D.Shinton
2nd - J.C.Lee
3rd - T.Williams
4th - A.Williams

Eagle Eye


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Mustad 'Champion of Champions' Exhbition
8th May 2010


13th May 2010

The Champions of Champions Exhibition 2010 - Final Report

12th March 2010

The Champions Event - preview article!

5th March 2010

Specimen Shoe details confirmed


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YFEDA Hunter Shoeing
3rd May 2010


HMS Open
1st - Steve Beane 43.8
2nd - Jon Atkinson 43.0
3rd - Paul Collins 42.0
4th - Ian Gajczak 41.6

G H Tools Apprentice
1st - Ben Taylor 17.2
2nd - Ben Grange 17.0
3rd - J C Lee 16.7
4th - Greg Calvert 16.7

  Londonderry Forge Supplies Open Gas Forging
1st - Jon Atkinson

Londonderry Forge Supplies Apprentice Gas Forging
1st - Ben Grange

Kevin Bacon 15min Class
1st - Jon Atkinson


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World Cup Draft Shoeing Competition, Gatton, Queensland, Australia
1st & 2nd May 2010


Finally the first competition of the year in Queensland has been run and won. The Heavy Horse Field Day at Gatton was the venue for the 2010 World Cup. With competitor numbers up to 40 this year the standard was incredible. Two teams from New Zealand made the trip over and we must thank them generously for their support of this event. Col Smith from Melbourne was kind enough to give up his weekend to come and judge and we all thank him for his effort. While everyone else had a public holiday on the Monday, Victorians didn't have the same luxury so Col was up at 5am to get to the airport and back to Melbourne for a days work. Col stayed with my family during his stay in Queensland for the weekend which is the second time he has done so and I have been able to learn quite a lot about him. He has had a very wide travelled and wide ranging career so far and I will have to find the time to interview him in the near future, I'm sure his story will be interesting. Col is another example of a farrier at the pointy end of the trade, they seem to have a clarity in their thinking when it comes to shoeing. He seems to be able to highlight things that were right infront of us all the time but we couldn't see. That is probably a vague statement but get into a conversation with Col and you will see what I mean.

The Saturday started with the traditional judge's talk. Col went through the blue prints telling us every element he wanted to see in the shoes. We were left in no doubt as to what was required from us and so there would be no excuses. This was driven home to me on the Saturday afternoon when I proudly called for the judge and handed him my shoe for his perusal. I had checked my level and nail holes and was pleased with my efforts. I decided it needed one more hemming run to clean up the edges and flaten it out a bit more, I was sure I was about to knock Col's socks off with my prowess. I quickly gave it a brush and cooled it out. I realise now that you should ALWAYS check you nail fit as the last thing you do before you hand a shoe to a judge. I painfully learnt this as I watched Col put the nail into the first nail hole on the outside. At this point I was waiting for his impressed look but all I saw was his eyebrows hit his hairline when the nail only went half way in. I was going to ask for the shoe back but somehow I don't think this is allowed.

For the second year in a row the trophy for the best foot prep went to an apprentice. Last year Ryan Wighton took home the chocolates and this time it was Colten Preston's turn. I suppose this shouldn't be too surprising considering they finished first and second in Australia's Top Apprentice Competition. Well done lads (maybe we should get them to do a clinic for the rest of us who compted. We all had four goes at trying to do a better job than them and were found wanting)

I have written reports on quite a few comps in the past year and I seem to always find a stand out performance. This may not mean the best shoe or best shoeing job, but just something that I noticed that everyone else probably didn't. This time I have to give it to a team rather than an individual. The Team of Luke Riding, Luke Klan and Bruce Donaldson had a very unco-operative horse on the Sunday morning. Despite the horse playing up like a second hand lawn mower they continued to try and get a good burn so their shoe would be set properly onto the foot. At no time were they flustered or asking for a time extension, they just got on with the job and made the best of it, even when the vet was about to give it a sedative they declined.

The result

The First four placegetters were:

1st - S. Riggs, J. Pagden, M. Brace
2nd - J. Bryant, B, MacDonald, J. Aplin
3rd - C. Brewer, R. Thompson, L. Cameron
4th - W. Graham, M. O'Leary, C. Preston

With thanks to Stephen Crosbie for supplying the report and images....


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Myerscough Competition
17th April 2010


Master & Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - G Thomas & T. Glover (£50 each, Myerscough College Shield & £50 Cottams Voucher APP)
2nd - D. Gardener & C. D’Arby (£30 each)
3rd - A. Fox & B. Grange (£20 each)
4th - I. Allison & P. Smith
5th - A. Calvert & G Calvert

Master & Apprentice Shoeing
1st - M . Randles & A. Collier (£50 each, Myerscough College Shield & £50 Cottams Voucher APP)
2nd - E. Harries & K.Grose (£30 each)
3rd - L. Bentham & J. C. Lee (£20 each)
4th - R. Robb & G. Carberry
5th - D. Gardener & B. Taylor

Open Shoemaking Senior
1st - D. Gardener (£50 Cottams voucher)
2nd - A. Shuttleworth (£30)
3rd - M. Randles (£20)
4th - L. Bentham
5th I. Allison

  Open Shoemaking Apprentice
1st - J. C. Lee (£50 Cottams voucher)
2nd - B. Taylor (£30)
3rd - G. Calvert (£20)
4th - R. Shard
5th - T Middleton

Best 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice - G. Calvert

Best Specimen Shoe: Joe Preston Trophy - T. Glover

Eagle Eye: 50% of total entries - D. Gardener

Thanks to: -
Myerscough College and staff for use of Facilities.
Judges: Grant Moon & Mark Caldwell.
for their sponsorship once again.
Everyone who kindly supplied horses at last minute.
Stewards for their time and help.


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16th Master & Apprentice Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition, Holme Lacey, Hereford
27th March 2010



Judges: P. Dumall & J Tovey

1st - Dave P Smith & Chris Green
Winner of the Capewell Challenge Shield, an apron donated by Gibbins & Jackets presented by Handmade Shoes (UK)
& Shirts presented by Forge & Farrier
2nd - Jim Blurton & Katie Croes
Winner of a Jim Blurton knife & a clench cutter for the apprentice & Shirts presented by Forge & Farrier
3rd Team - Nigel Brown & Harry Meek
Winner of a Wire brush donated by Jim Blurton& Shirts presented by Forge & Farrier
4th Team - Billy Crothers & Jack Harper
Highly Commended Team - Rob Atkinson & Liam Cooper

WCF Bronze Medal for best shoeing job by an apprentice - Katie Croes
Engraved Cottam’s Tankard for the best prepared foot by an apprentice - Chris Green
Gas fire presented by Mustad for the best shoeing job by an apprentice - Katie Croes
Highest mark by an ATF - Billy Crothers
Carl Jones Memorial Trophy for the highest placed Hereford Apprentice in the Shoeing Class - Chris Green


Judge: Mark Watson

1st - Adam Fox & Ben Grange
Winner of Shield, & Jackets presented by Handmade Shoes (UK) Jim Blurton knife & a clench cutter for the apprentice
& Shirts presented by Forge & Farrier
2nd - Jonathan Nunn & Tom Williams
Winner of a Wire brush donated by Jim Blurton plus Shirts presented by Forge & Farrier
3rd - Andy Reader-Smth & Adam Illston
Winner of Shirts presented by Forge & Farrier
4th Team - Nigel Brown & Robbie Watson Greaves
Highly Commended - Paul Horner & Dom Northmore
Best Shoe by an ATF - Billy Crothers
Engraved Cottam’s Tankard for best shoe by an apprentice - Ben Grange


Judge: D. P. Smith

Winner of 10 boxes of shoes, a carton of Nails and a carton of rasps donated by Carl Bettison of Strömsholm -

Luke Silcock

Individual marks can be obtained by emailing Claire.

Click here to view PHOTO GALLERY


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Shire Horse Show
20th - 21st March 2010


First and Second Year Apprentices to make two hind shoes. Time allowed 60 minutes.
1st - C Gates (WCF Bronze Medal)
2nd - A Pamment
3rd - D Cianola
4th - T Wait
5th - D Cherrington
6th - M Hylands
7th - L Bloomfield
8th - B Hitchcott
9th - J Holder
10th - J Lomas

Third and Fourth Year Apprentices to make two front shoes. Time allowed 60 minutes.
1st - P Homan (WCF Bronze Medal)
2nd - C Westlake
3rd - R Rush
4th - B Coy
5th - D Roberts
6th - J Harper
7th - J Milburn
8th - H Andrews
9th - A Ashcroft
10th - J Nesham

Heavy Horse Shoeing and Shoe Making. Open to registered farriers only. Time allowed 60minutes.
1st - D Smith
2nd - G Thomas
3rd - S J Hill
4th - A Nichols
5th - M Rees
6th - D Birchall
7th - N Fennell
8th - R Turnbull
9th - M Thompson
10th - D J Bennett

To view the full photo gallery click here

Worshipful Company of Farriers Plaque awarded to Maple Leaf Winstons Passion owned by A D Matthews and shod by Jim Cooper.

Worshipful Company of Farriers Silver Medal awarded to M D Smith.


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Ayrshire Branch Competition
19th - 21st March 2010


Apprentice Gas Forging (sponsored by John Hodge Farriers)
1st - Ben Taylor
2nd - Jackie Campbell
3rd - Ben Grange
4th - Alex Collier
5th - Tom Williams
6th - Harry Meek

Gas Forging (sponosred by Bob Marshall Farriers Equipment)
1st - Paul Robinson
2nd - Darren Bazin
3rd - Steven Beane
4th - Devin Crerar
5th - David Varini
6th - Derek Gardner

Apprentice Eagle Eye (sponsored by Ariat)
1st - J C Lee
2nd - Callum Derby
3rd - Tom Galloway
4th - Ben Taylor
5th - Campbell Davidson Kelly
6th - Jake Elliott

Eagle Eye (sponsored by Ariat)
1st - Derek Gardner
2nd - Gary Darlow
3rd - Darren Bazin
4th - Alan Clavert
5th - David Wilson
6th - Graham Moran

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices (sponsored by B & L Farrier Supplies)
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - Alex Collier
3rd - Jake Elliott
4th - Aaron Mulholland
5th - Stuart McGaffin
6th - Thomas Middleton

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices (sposnored by B & L Farrier Supplies)
1st - Jackie Campbell
2nd - Ben Taylor
3rd - Tom Williams
4th - J C Lee
5th - Liam Cooper
6th - Lewis Balfour

Two Man Apprentice Draught Shoe Making (sponsored by LifeData)
1st - Andrew Ireland & Liam Cooper
2nd - Tom Galloway & Ben Grange
3rd - Callum Derby & Ben Taylor
4th - Lewis Balfour and Euan Taylor
5th - Jackie Campbell & Graham McBurney
6th - J C Lee & Alex Collier

Two Man Draught Shoes (sponsored by Fiona & Colin Fyfe)
1st - Paul Robinson & David Varini
2nd - Steven Beane & Derek Gardner
3rd - Kevin Balfour & Devin Crerar
4th - Ian Gajczak & Jason Gajczak
5th - Sarah Brown & Darren Bazin
6th - Duncan Thomson & Matthew Randles

Two Man Roadster (sponsored by Mustad)
1st - Paul Robinson & David Varini
2nd - Steven Beane & Derek Gardner
3rd - Jon Atkinson & Adam Fox
4th - Joe Bryan & Gary Darlow
5th - Sarah Brown & Darren Bazin
6th - Ian Gajczak & Jason Gajczak
Best Shod Foot - Jon Atkinson & Adam Fox
Best Roadster - Jon Atkison & Adam Fox

Intermediate (sponsored by David Shearer)
1st - Leon Bentham
2nd - James Haigh
3rd - George Hutchins

Open (sponsored by Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd)
1st - Paul Robinson
2nd - Steven Beane
3rd - Grant Moon
4th - Gary Darlow
5th - Darren Bazin
6th - Derek Gardner
Best Dressed Foot - Matthew Randles
Best Shod Foot - Steven Beane

APPRENTICE FINALS (sponsored by Stromsholm)
Champion - Ben Taylor
Reserve Champion - Ben Grange
3rd - Jackie Campbell
4th - Alex Collier
5th - J C Lee

1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Champion (sponsored by J & A Ferrie) - Ben Grange

MASTER FINALS (sponsored by Vettec)
Champion - Paul Robinson
Reserve Champion - Derek Gardner
3rd - Steven Beane
4th - David Varini
5th - Darren Bazin

To view the full results and/or to see your individual marks please email Claire

With grateful thanks to Hazel Ferrie for supplying the photo's, to view the full size images click here.


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G W Day & Co Shoemaking Competition
6th March 2010



Class 1 1st Year Apprentice
1st John Benning
2nd Jack Henty
3rd Thomas Glover
4th Adam Norton
5th Charlie Madden
6th Stuart McGaffin

Class 2 2nd Year Apprentice
1st Ryan Lawrence
2nd Sammy O’Gara
3rd Ben Price
4th Christopher Dean
5th James Williams
6th Luke Bloomfield

Class 3 3rd Year Apprentice
1st Tom Williams
2nd Ben Coy
3rd Thomas Worsfield
4th Luke Cain
5th Jodhi Beard
6th Steve McRay

  Class 4 4th Year Apprentice
1st Dan Preece
2nd Jake Fletcher
3rd Abi Hardy
4th Joe Gillings
5th Thomas Wall
6th Will Sands

Class 5 Open
1st Nigel Fennell
2nd Matt Randles
3rd James Hayter
4th John Fuller
5th Dan Birchall
6th George Hutchins

1st/2nd Year Highest Score winner of David Sharpe & James Hayter Shield - Ryan Lawrence

3rd/4th Highest Score winner of the Frank Dean Trophy- Tom Williams

G W Day & Co Shield - Nigel Fennell


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Home International
26th - 28th February 2010


1st - England (Masters: John Atkinson, Matt Randles, David Smith, Gavin Golby and Nigel Fennell(R), Aprentices: Paddy Homan, Ben Taylor, J C Lee, H Garner, Jack Casserly (R))
2nd - Scotland (Masters: Ian Gajczak, David Sutherland, David Varini, Jim Balfour, D Crerar (R), Apprentices: Katrina Robb, Andrew Ireland, Josh Wilson, Lewis Balfour, J Cooke (R))
3rd - Wales (Masters: Matthew Rees, Rob Duggan, Elgan Harries, Gareth Thomas, C Williams (R), Aprentices: Anthony Williams, Harry Meek, Daniel Shinton, Tom Williams, N Tynon (R)).
4th - Ireland (Masters: Alwyn McKeown, Sam Brennan, Ed O'Shaughnessy, Will O'Shaughnessy, Ed Channon (R), Apprentices: Garbhan Quinn, Rory Brennan, Arron Mulholland, James Woods, P Brennan (R))
5th - British Army (Masters: Rob Hayden, Leew Blakeway, Mark Watson, Nick Cooper, Apprentices: Ryan Anderson, Richard Howell, M Stanford, Mark French)

For FULL breakdown of results, click here
England Team Photo


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Middlewich Shoemaking Competition
7th February 2010


This year saw the first Middlewich shoemaking Competition, held at BL Farrier Supplies LTD and run by Leon Bentham and JC Lee. This competition was sponsored by over twenty-four local, national and international businesses, who together donated over two thousand pounds worth of steel, prizes and the running costs.

These sponsors included, BL Farrier Supplies LTD for the use of the yard and all the rosettes, Leggs Brothers for the concave steel, Staffordshire NAFBAE Branch for the loan of seven fires and anvils, Swan Products LTD for the loan of ten fires, Londonderry Forge Supplies, Jameg, Breakaway Horseshoes LTD, Handmade Horseshoes UK LTD, 3rd Millennium, J&A Ferrie, Alan Calvert Tools, MNC, Mustad, NWT Farrier Supplies, Ariat, Derek Gardner Tools and Alsager and Sandbach Saddlery all for very generous prizes, Ed Bentham & 1st Timperley Scouts for the food, Leon Bentham for the three trophies, Finn Carroll, Simon Bourne, Paul Brennan, Darren Slater and Chris Pailor all for cash towards the flat steel and gas and not forgetting Greenwood Photography LTD for the great snaps of the proceedings.

The publicity we were provided by forgeandfarrier.co.uk brought seventy-two competitors journeying many miles to take part and make this competition an excellent event. There were seventeen gas fires blazing all day so the competitors had no chance of getting cold on this frosty February day. With the daylight hours on our minds and twenty-two rounds to get through there was a big worry of it going dark before we had finished the day’s work. Local Farrier Terry Hargreaves kindly gave up his Sunday and rose up to the challenge as chief steward. Terry, although not having been to a shoemaking competition in many years did a fabulous job keeping everyone in order and the day not only running to time but we were early at one point!

The judges Alan Calvert and Gary Darlow had a tough job marking nearly four hundred shoes from the nine classes between them, but they did an excellent job. Our thanks would like to go to Russell Jones who checked all the marks for Alan in the 1st & 2nd year class, as Alan’s son was competing, so we could be sure of no bias.

All through the day demonstrations were being held in the warehouse by Hew from Londonderry Forge Supplies and John from Equitech.

Lunch was provided by Ed Bentham who had the mammoth job of peeling potatoes for over one hundred and twenty portions of hot pot.

A mention must go out to Lisa and Lu who sorted out all the scores in quick time so the competitors were not standing around in the cold for too long before prize giving. (Drinking all our beer supplies!!)

Another big thanks for all who were involved in the event and we hope to see you again next year.

Class 1 1st Year
1st - Greg Calvert (7.8) Handmade Hammer
2nd - Callum Darby (7) Londonderry Groover & Hamer
3rd - Fraiser Atherden (6) Londonderry Brass Ruler
4th - James Elliot (5.8) Jameg Groover
5th - Daniel Rabin & Tom Wait (5.6)
6th - Sam Johnson & Shaun Mooney (5.4)

Class 2 2nd Year

1st - Alex Collier (9) Handmade Hammer
2nd - Ben Grange (8.8) 3rd Millenium Hammer
3rd - Tom Williams (8.6) Londonderry Sure Weld
4th - David Golel (8.4) Jameg Groover
5th - Ryan Darbyshire (8.2)
6th - Luke Bloomfield (8)

Class 3 3rd Year
1st - Ben Taylor (8.5) Handmade Hammer
2nd - Jonny Kirk (8.2) 3rd Millenium Knife
3rd - JC Lee (8) Londonderry Wire Brush
4th - Jason Richardson (7.8) Jameg Groover
5th - Martin Pearson (7.6)
6th - Dan Preece (7.2)

Class 4 4th Year
1st Place - Luke Tellow (7.5) Handmade Hammer

Class 5 1st & 2nd Year
1st - Alex Collier (17.2) Mustad Nippers & Pullers
2nd - James Elliot (17.1) NWT Floor Box
3rd - Tom Williams (17) Ferries Buffer
4th - Shaun Mooney (16.7) Jameg Groover
5th - Greg Calvert (16.6)
6th - David Golel (16.3)

Class 6 3rd & 4th Year
1st - Ben Taylor (16.5) NWT Anvil Stand
2nd - JC Lee (15.6) JAF Tongs
3rd - Martin Pearson (14.8) JEF Nailing On Hammer
4th - Dan Preece (14) Jameg Groover
5th - Jamie Bourne Withey (13.7)
6th - Luke Tellow (13.5)

Apprentice Championship
1st - Alex Collier (26.2) Alan Calvert Fuller, Derek Gardener Hammer & A Trophy
2nd - Tom Williams (25.6) Alan Calvert Fuller & Derek Gardner
3rd - Ben Taylor (25) Derek Gardner Hammer
4th - David Golel (24.7)
5th - Greg Calvert (24.4)
6th - Luke Bloomfield

Best Local Apprentice Sponsored By Jameg & Alsager And Sandbach Saddlery - Alex Collier

Class 7 Intermediate
1st - David Lynch (17.4) 4 Boxes Shoes Breakaway, MNC & A Trophy
2nd - JC Lee (17.3) 3 Boxes Shoes Breakaway & MNC
3rd - Greg Calvert (17.1) 2 Boxes Shoes Breakaway & MNC
4th - Tom Richards (16.9) Jameg Groover
5th - Robin Turnbull (16.8)
6th - Jason Brown (16.4)

Class 8 Open
1st - Jon Nunn (18) 4 Boxes Shoes Handmade, MNC & A Trophy
2nd - Richard Slater (17.9) 3 Boxes Shoes Handmade & MNC
3rd - Jon Atkinson (17.6) 2 Boxes Shoes Handmade & MNC
4th - Jameg Groover Ben Ebrey (16.4)
5th - Matt Randles (15.8)
6th - Paul Colins (13.4)

Best Local Farrier Sponsored By Jameg And Mustad - Jon Nunn

Class 9 Eagle Eye
1st - Ralph Blatchford, Ferries Nippers
2nd - Daniel Rabin, Mustad Pullers
3rd - Luke Bloomfield

Open Including Apprentices
1st - Jon Nunn, Ariat Boots
2nd - Richard Slater, Mustad Nippers
3rd - Ben Ebray


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European Farriery Championships, Bordeaux
5th - 7th February 2010


EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2010- David Varini (Scotland, UK)
European Reserve Champion - Steven Beane (England, UK)
3rd - Ludovic Mathieu (France)
4th - Nicholas Guillot (France)
5th - Henrik Berger (Denmark)
6th - Christian Albergne (France)
7th - Gonzague Baijot (France)
8th - Vincent Lamaille (Belgium)
9th - Salm Gertjan (Netherlands)
10th - Dag Reiersen (Netherlands)
11th - Petter Spilling (Norway)
12th - Jiri Cubiaz (Czech Republic)

View the full PHOTO GALLERY

For a further breakdown of result and marks visit the European Championships website.

Special thanks to ProFeet, sposnors of the UK Farrier Team.


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