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Competition Results 2008

Competition Results 2008 have been sponsored by Jim Blurton Specialist Shoes, the leading supplier of bar shoes by a World Class farrier.

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Australia's Top Apprentice 2008


The search for Australia's Top Apprentice Farrier for 2008 has been conducted. In a spirited competition held at the University of Qld Gatton, Tim Heeb representing Scone TAFE NSW (pictured left) showed that he was the best man on the day. Second was Glyn Haag of Victoria and Dan Philip of Qld was third. Congratulations to Tim and well done also to Glyn and Dan. Tim is currently in the third year of his apprenticeship under Steve Riggs at Hervey Bay. Tim makes the trip to Scone once a month to do his training with Bob Sim and Dave Adams. This usually consists of a block period of 3 days a month which Tim coincides with spending a few days with another farrier in the Tamworth area to get ensure he gets input into his training from other respected tradesmen.

The Judges Talk
The competitors started the day by being treated to a demonstration by judge for the event Craig Jones. Craig made the same shoe the competitors would be making and shod one foot on a horse to give them a perspective on what he was looking for from them when it was their turn. As a man who hand makes every shoe he puts on as well as being an avid competitor, Craig is well placed to demonstrate these types of shoe making skills. The other apprentices who were spectators for the day were also able to watch this display and I'm sure they would have picked up a few pointers from Craig for their own shoe making exercises.

Event 1
The first event for the competitors was the shoeing of the front feet of a horse with Victory Racing Plates. This proved top be a very interesting part of the competition as none of the competitors regularly shoe racehorses. So with the shoes being put on cold and clips let in with a knife and not burnt in they set about their task with vigor. Below are photos of the front feet completed by each competitor.

Event 2
While Craig started to judge the front feet, they set about making the fullered double clipped hinds for their horses. This is where they all showed why they had been selected as the best from their state. With all of them having spent a lot of time on their fronts they had a big job to get 2 shoes made and nailed on in the time remaining. For quite a while it look as if none of them would have a completed job at the end of the time limit. We need not have been concerned as when the time started to diminish they simply stepped up their work rate to get finished in the nick of time.

Event 3
After some lunch and a well earned rest the boys set about their next task which was the forging of two shoes. The first shoe was a concave egg bar and the next was a lateral toe extension on a hind shoe. The latter of these shoes was a judges choice, so the competitors had no idea what they would have to make prior to the day, so they had to make sure all their skills were up to date as they didn't;t know what shoe they would need to practice.

Event 4
The final event of the day was an Eagle Eye. For those of you who haven't heard of one this is how it works, each competitor gets a 10 second look at a prepared hoof. They can't touch or measure the hoof. After each one has gone and cut the amount of steel they think will be required, they have 15 minutes to make the shoe, with the best fit being declared the winner.


Report and photograph's courtesy of Steve Crosbie, Queensland Master farrier's Association.


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Stromsholm Apprentice Seminar
14th December 2008

1st / 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Antony Williams - won £30.00
2nd - Richard Keene - won £20.00
3rd - Luke Cain - won £10.00

3rd / 4th Year Apprentices
1st - Ricky Hilton - won £30.00
2nd - Simon Krog - won £20.00
3rd - Damian Readman - won £10.00

England Team Trials Results -
1 - James Haigh
2 - Richard Slater
3 - George Hutching
4 - Steven Howard
5 - Robert Bedford

The person that got the best marks in the mock oral was, Michael Girling who won the new Farriers Formula Double Concentrate

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Hereford Master & Apprentice Competition
22nd November 2008


Judges: Mr Mark Evans, Mr Robin May, Mr Nigel Perrott, Mr Ruaraidh Robb.

Judges: N. Perrott & R. May
1st - J Blurton & R Hilton (Winner of the Capewell Challenge Shield, an apron donated by Gibbins and a pair of tongs for ATF and apprentice also a pair of hoof cutters for apprentice donated by Jim Blurton.)
2nd - N Brown & M Wolverson (Winner of a hoof knife for apprentice and ATF donated by Jim Blurton)
3rd - E Harries & J Cheney (Winner of a wire brush for apprentice and ATF donated by Jim Blurton)
4th - J Blurton & W Gratton
Highly Commended - C Powell & R Comerford

WCF Bronze Medal for best shoeing job by an apprentice - J Cheney
Engraved Cottam’s Tankard and a pair of hoof cutters for best prepared foot by an apprentice -
M Wolverson
Gas fire presented by Mustad for the best shoeing job by an apprentice - J Cheney
Prize for the ATF who worked particularly well on a bad foot; donated by profeet - A Mercer
Carl Jones Memorial Trophy for the highest placed Hereford Apprentice in the Shoeing Class -
M Wolverson

Judge: Mark Evans
1st - D Bazin & M Pearson (Winner of Shield, and a coat for the apprentice to be embroidered with the apprentice name, donated by Forge & Farrier, also a pair of tongs and a nailing on hammer for the apprentice)
2nd - D P Smith & C Green (Winner of a polo shirt donated by Forge & Farrier, also a pair of farriers tongs and a pair of hollow bit tongs)
3rd - A Reader-Smith & A Illston (Winner of a polo shirt donated by Forge & Farrier, also a pair of farriers tongs and a pair of hollow bit tongs)
4th - J Bryan & H Garner
Highly Commended - M Preece & D Preece
Best Shoe by an ATF - D Bazin
Engraved Cottam’s Tankard and a pair of hoof cutters for best shoe by an apprentice - M Pearson

Strömsholm Challenge
Judge: R. Robb
Winner of £500 worth of the winners choice of Kerkhaert shoes donated by Carl Bettison of Strömsholm - D P Smith

Blacksmithing (make a shepherds crook)
1st/2nd Year
1st - Matthew Boltwood
2nd - Tom Wait

3rd/4th Year
1st - Richard Weaver
2nd - James Silverthorne

Professional Blacksmiths/Farriers
1st - Steve Mitchell
2nd - David Field

Complete results
(download as Microsoft Excel file)


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British Army Competition
14th - 16th November 2008

Judge: Gary Darlow AWCF The Army Competition was back in full swing this year, with a dazzling array of talent on display once again.

This year’s judge was last year’s winner, Mr Gary Darlow AFCL. With over 55 competitors taking part, 88 feet being shod and 106 specimens to judge, this really was the biggest the competition has been.

The competition started in earnest with the Military and Ex-Military day on the Friday. The apprentices were up bright and early to light the fires, get the kettle on and then start their rounds. This year the shoes required a bit of thought and lots of skill to produce a winner. The juniors had to make a pair of concave hunter shoes and the seniors a lateral three quarter fullered lateral extension bar shoe and a set toe concave hunter hind. All this was to be done in fifty minutes.

After this the horses were brought into the forge and battle commenced. It was particularly good to see people this year who had not been back to the Army for some years and throughout the day there was much banter, laughter and in some cases tears! The Military class competitors were required to make a unilateral sidebone bar shoe which proved to be very entertaining as well as stimulating much debate as to how much Gary had actually cut for it. After the prize giving was over, it was time for the competitors to take a steady walk down to the town and relax with a few gentle beers and a chat.

The second day saw the open hunter competitors apply a tooled and fullered shoe to the foot and also a tooled and fullered calkin and wedge specimen. As far as I am aware the army remain the only competition where competitors get to put a tooled and fullered onto the foot. Again, all spaces were full with six rounds in total and over eight horses being shod all round. Added to this, the sound and sight of “double tapping” in the forge served to remind us what an impressive sight competition farriery is. This year we had a new prize to give for the hunter class. The prize was the Ivon Bell Cup which is given to the highest placed military/ex military farrier in the open hunter class. It goes without saying that Ivon did so much for farriery, both military and civilian that his untimely loss was tragic and felt throughout the farriery community. I was delighted that Ivon’s eldest daughter Jocelyn had agreed to come and present the trophy to the first ever winner Steve Newman.

The final day was the turn of the open therapeutic class. This year we had to apply a straight bar shoe to the foot and also produce a hammer finished plain stamped rocker-bar front shoe. The competitors get seventy minutes to achieve this and believe me, they needed it. Once again, the class was absolutely full with not a foot to spare and the forge was busy as ever with as much enthusiasm as the first day.

Sunday also saw the return of the sponsors’ lunch. This is where we show our appreciation to all our sponsors by hosting them in the Officers’ Mess during the afternoon. This year, as always, we were very well supported by our sponsors, some of which have been sponsoring us for many years now. The competition ended with the presentation of the Horse Trust Rose Bowl with prize money by Brigadier Paul Jepson of the Horse Trust. This year’s winner was Mr Jim Blurton by the narrowest of margins over the Reserve Champion Steve Newman.

I’d personally like to thank all our competitors, sponsors and the Commandant of the Defence Animal Centre, Colonel DA Macdonald for allowing us to host the competition once again.

Finally, my personal thanks go to all my staff at the Army School of Farriery in the smooth running of the competition yet again.

Next year’s competition will be held on 13th – 15th November 2009.

M Watson


Junior Military Apprentices
1st - Gnr Ryan Anderson
2nd - Gnr Mark French
3rd - L/Cpl Elliott Cooper
4th - L/CoH Giles Tingley

Senior Military Apprentices
1st - L/CoH Chris McCabe
2nd - L/Cpl Ben Turpie
3rd - L/CoH Taff Howell
4th - L/Cpl Stan Stanford

Military and Ex-Military Class
1st - WO1 (FSM) Mark Watson
2nd - Danny Bennett
3rd - Steve Newman
4th - SSgt Nick Cooper
5th - Richard Ellison
6th - Barry Gray
7th - Sgt Alex Mercer
8th - Russell Jones

Best Specimen Danny Bennett
Best Dressed Foot SSgt Nick Cooper
Best Ex-Mil Farrier Danny Bennett

Open Hunter Class
1st - Joe Bryan
2nd - Jim Blurton
3rd - Jay Tovey
4th - Tom Pears
5th - Steve Newman
6th - Jon Atkinson
7th - Shaun Chatterton
8th - Charles Hughes

Best Dressed Foot Tom Richards
Best Specimen Joe Bryan
Best Shod Foot Jim Blurton
Ivon Bell Cup Steve Newman

Open Tharapeutic Class
1st - Steve Newman
2nd - Jim Blurton
3rd - Jay Tovey
4th - SSgt Nick Cooper
5th - WO1 Mark Watson
6th - Danny Bennett
7th - Richard Ellison
8th - Russell Jones

Best Dressed Foot Tom Richards
Best Specimen SSgt Nick Cooper
Best Military Farrier SSgt Nick Cooper

Special Awards
Best Farrier under 25 in hunter and therapeutic classes - Tom Richards
Best Military Farrier in classes B,C and D - WO1 Mark Watson
Army Competition Reserve Champion - Steve Newman
Army Competiton Champion - Jim Blurton


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YFEDA, Bar Shoemaking Competition
25th October 2008


Judge: Gary Darlow AFCL

Gary Darlow set good tests for all classes which made the competion and saw 39 competitors take part. It was the first competition of this type held by YFEDA on this date but not the last and next year it is hoped the competition will be run over two days.

Class 1 Open
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Matt Randels
3rd - Ian Gajczac
4th - Sara Mary Brown
5th - Graham Harland
6th - Glen Brook

Class 2 1/2 YEARS
1st - Tom Galloway
2nd - Ben Grange
3rd - Dale Harland
4th - John Nesham
5th - Jason Richardson
6th - Sam Warman

Class 3 3/4 YEARS
1st - Matt Crompton
2nd - Georgeina Miller
3rd - Benn Green
4th - Russ Hepworth
5th - Michael Darwin
6th - Andy cooper

SPEED CLASS 1st John Atkinson

( The prizes were £80 1st, £50 2nd, £30 3rd in the Open and Stromsholm gave £30 1st, £20 2nd, £10 3rd for both appentice classes and £40 for speed class)

With thanks to Steve Hewitt for the photographs.


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HOSE (NAFBAE Leicestershire Branch)
11th October 2008

Judges: Andrew Casserly AWCF (Open) and Mark Connell DWCF (Apprentices)

1st - Steven Beane (90.2)
2nd - Shaun Chatterton (89.6)
3rd - Gary Darlow (88.8)
4th - David Smith (88.4)
5th - Matthew Randles (87.8)
6th - Elgan Harries (87.6)
7th - Adrian Devereux (87.4)
8th - Nigel Fennell (87.2)
9th - Tom Pears (86.4)
10th - Duncan Thomson (86.0)

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - JC Lee (36.0)
2nd - Ben Taylor (35.2)
3rd - Luke Reynolds (34.4)
4th - Greg Calvert (33.6)
5th - Alex Collier (32.8)
6th - Gareth Schoffield (30.0)


3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Casserly (35.6)
2nd - Richard Slater (35.2)
3rd - Ricky Hilton (34.8)
4th - Joel Morris (34.0)
5th - Andrew Marris (33.8)
6th - James Haigh (33.6)

* Congratulations to all competitors. Forge & Farrier does have a complete breakdown of results so if you would like to know your individual marks please do contact us.


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National Hunter Championship 2008, Bath & West Showground
4th October 2008


This year saw a full entry for the hunter competition now in its third year at the Bath & West Forge, drawing once again on competition farriers of the highest calibre from around the UK. Also an apprentice shoemaking class was held which drew an entry of 24.

The judge this time was present holder Mr Gavin Golby DWCF & Mr Steve Belasco AWCF kindly judged the shoemaking class, without which we would not have a competition. Many thanks to them both . Also a thank you to Jim Blurton Tools Ltd for their continued support in sponsorship .

The Hunter class was split into open and restricted sections, both making and fitting one shoe on the foot and this year the open competitors making a tool and fullered hind with a knocked up feathered inside heel and caulkin outside. The restricted competitors making a concave caulkin and wedge hind, time allowed 50 minutes.

The apprentice class was split into two parts in the first part they where required to make a pair of hunter front shoes in 45 minutes, and in the second part 1st and 2nd year competitors made concave hunter hinds whilst 3rda and 4th year competitors made a pair of concave caulkin and wedge hinds for this they had 50 minutes. The class being judged on the accumulative score of the set of shoes.

As can be seen in the results the competition was very close and of a high standard all-round.

Many thanks to all who took part and all those who where on hand to help out and to our horse owners who provided some very fine Somerset hunters.
I look forward to seeing you all next year .

Nigel Phillips


Open Shoeing
1st - D Smith (35.9)
2nd - G Darlow (35.6)
3rd - N Fennell (35.4)
4th - D Thomson (35.1)
5th - J Blurton (34.9)
6th - J Tovey (34.9)
7th - A Devereaux (34.5)
8th - M Randell (34.4)
9th - A Casserley (33.9)
10th - E Harris (31.0)

Restricted Shoeing
1st - L Larder (34.0)
2nd - A Lake (33.7)
3rd - P Horner (33.1)
4th - R Slater (32.6)
5th - A Manners (31.5)
6th - F Sampson (31.2)

1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - D Preece (34.0)
2nd - M Pearson (33.7)
3rd - P Homon (33.6)
4th - C Green (33.2)
5th - A Bradley (32.8)
6th - A Hunter (32.4)

3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - R Hilton (35.3)
2nd - R Slater (35.2)
3rd - B Casserley (34.0)
4th - M Wolverson (33.6)
5th - J Barnes (32.8)
6th - J Morris (31.6)

Forge & Farrier does have the full list of results from this competition, if you would like to know your marks and final position please email us.



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Yorkshire Farriers Education and Demonstration Association,
Heavy Horse Shoemaking Competition
28th September 2008

The annual YFEDA Heavy Horseshoe Making was held at Londonderry Forge, Northallerton, North Yorkshire on Sunday 28.09.08. The association would like to thank our Judge, Steven Beane, for his hard work on the day which saw over 50 farriers and apprentices compete with others visiting to enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Thankyou to members who took a turn at being competition stewards & all who entered and came along to make this such an enjoyable day.

We very much appreciate the support of our sponsors who were :-



Open Class
1st - G. Darlow (16.8)
2nd - P. Collins (15.7)
3rd - J. Atkinson (14.9)
4th - M. Elliott (14.2)
5th - R. Hurcomb (13.4)
6th = Gr Harland (13.3)
6th = M. Richardson (13.3)

Apprentice Class
1st - R. Slater (17.8)
2nd - R. Bedford (17.1)
3rd - T. Farmer (16.2)
4th - A. Smith (16.0)
5th - J. Richardson (15.6)
6th = T. Galloway (15.5)
6th = B. Taylor (15.5)

Best Placed Junior Apprentices (1st & 2nd Year)
1st - R. Bedford
2nd - A. Smith
3rd - J. Richardson
4th - T. Galloway

Gas “ Eagle Eye “ Class
1st - J. Gajczak
2nd - D. Lowe
3rd - J. Haigh
4th - J.C. Lee

George Broadhead Shield – awarded to competitor with the best combined Open Class & Gas Class points - G. Darlow


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Flintham Show
25th September 2008

WCF Medal for the Best Shod Horse - Katie Jerram's 'Noble Clover' shod by Michael Lamb.

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Royal County of Berkshire (Newbury)
20th - 21st September 2008


Judge: Mr D P Smith AWCF

Class 1 Hunter
1st - Charles Hughes
2nd - Andrew Casserly
3rd - Gary Darlow
4th - Andy Reader-Smith
5th - Grant Moon
6th - Nigel Fennell
1st - Rayleigh Dasiato
2nd - Thomas Richards
Best Dressed Foot - Charles Hughes
Best Specimen Shoe - Gary Darlow

Class 2 Horse & Pony Shoeing
1st - Jay Tovey
2nd - Jim Ravenscroft
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Jonathon Nunn
5th - Grant Moon
6th - Andy Reader-Smith
1st - Jonathon Nunn
2nd - Dan Birchall
Best Dressed Foot - Jay Tovey
Best Specimen Shoe - Grant Moon

Class 3 Therapeutic Shoemaking
1st - Andrew Casserly
2nd - Grant Moon
3rd - Matt Randles
4th - Jonathon Nunn
5th - Nigel Fennell
6th - Rayleigh Dasiato
Best Apprentice
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Steven Griffin

Class 4 Open Shoemaking
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Duncan Thompson
3rd - Andrew Casserly
4th - Gary Darlow
5th - Jim Ravenscroft
6th - Matt Randles
Best Apprentice:
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Dean Dibsdall

Class 5 1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Jack Casserly
2nd - Harry Garner
3rd - Patrick Homan
4th - Daniel Preece
5th - Katie Grose
6th - Jack Boardman

Class 6 3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Andrew David Smith
2nd - James Haigh
3rd - Richard Slater
4th - Steven Griffin
5th - Ed Maskell
6th - Dean Dibsdall

Local Counties Champion - Nigel Fennell

Show Champion - Grant Moon

WCF Medal to the Best Shod Retrained Racehorse, farrier Guy Stevens.

The NAFBAE (Reading Branch) would like to thank show sponsors Stromsholm for their generous support of the competition and presence of the tradestand run by Alan and Steve.

This year the competition attracted it's biggest ever entry - space was found for 85 competitors including some international visitors which was good to see! Next year make sure your entry forms are sent off early to ensure you get the chance to compete.

Special thanks to the judge, Mr David P Smith who worked extremely hard throughout the day and provided some excellent specimens.


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Euroskills 2008, Rotterdam
18th - 20th September 2008


Huge congratulations to Ricky Hilton and Ben Casserly, to read the full report, click here...


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Orsett Heavy Horse Show
6th September 2008

Congratulations to Tom Phillips, farrier to the Best Shod Horse owned by AL & C Thompson and winner of a WCF medal.

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The Landrover Burghley Horse Trials
4th -7th September 2008

Congratulations to Jim Blurton, winner of the Best Shod Horse at Burghley Horse Trials. The horse, Kincluny, was ridden by Polly Stockton and owned by Mrs Sarah Wardell.

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Edenbridge & Oxted
24th, 25th August 2008

Class 1 Pony - Sponsored By: Eastlake & Beachell
Presented by: Sarah Perryman, The Mick Orgill Perpetual Trophy

1st - Anthony Waterfield
2nd - Stephen Hill
3rd - James Hayter
4th - Dan Birchall
5th - Andrew James
6th - Jon Martlew

Class 1 Restricted -
Presented by: Sarah Perryman, The Forge Hill Trophy
Winner: Anthony Waterfield

Best Specimen Shoe For Sunday -
Winner: Stephen Hill

Class 2 Hunter - Sponsored by: Pegasus Horseshoes Ltd
Presented by: Phil Perryman AWCF, The James Todd Perpetual Trophy

1st - James Hayter
2nd - Stephen Hill
3rd - Dan Birchall
4th - Anthony Waterfield
5th - Grey Nuttall
6th - Steve O’Dell

Class 2 Restricted
Presented By: Phil Perryman AWCF, The Owen Pine Trophy
Winner: Anthony Waterfield

Best Specimen Shoe For Monday -
Winner: James Hayter

Class 3a 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice - Sponsored By: G W Day & Co
Presented By: Grace Cronin, The PJC Services Trophy

1st - Jake Fletcher
2nd - Jodhi Beard
3rd - Ryan Anderson
4th - Luke Tello
5th - Louis Meade
6th - Janek Zysemil

Class 3b 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice - Sponsored By: Mr D Hicks
Presented By: Mrs Hicks, The David Hicks Perpetual Trophy

1st - George Hutchins
2nd - Tom Farmer
3rd - Chris Elridge
4th - Wayne Place
5th - Yogi Sharp

Best Apprentice In 3a & 3b (Judge’s Opinion)
Winner: Jake Fletcher, The Stromholm Trophy

Best 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice
Winner: Jake Fletcher, The Putney Show Shield

Class 4a Heavy Horse - Sponsored by: Stephen Hill
Presented by: Stephen Hill, The Anthony Clare Trophy

1st - Anthony Waterfield
2nd - Richard Ellison
3rd - John Foyle
4th - James Hayter
5th - Matt Wallace
6th - Steve O’Dell

Class 4b Apprentice Heavy Horse - Sponsored By: Local Rider Magazine
Presented By: Phil Perryman AWCF, The Suffolk Horseshoe Plaque, & The Worshipful Co Of Farriers Bronze Medal

1st - Tom Farmer
2nd - George Hutchins
3rd - Jake Fletcher
4th - Ryan Anderson
5th - Louis Meade
6th - Sammy O’Gara

The Mick Orgill Special Achievement Trophy
Winner: Anthony Waterfield, Presented By: His Granddaughters.

Best Pair Over The 2 Days
Presented By: Phil Perryman, The Folly Forge Plate
Winners: Jason Brown & Andrew James

The Committee would like to say a big thank you to Stephen Hill for sponsoring the heavy horse classes and Simon Dale from Pegasus Horseshoes Ltd for the concave iron and nails.

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NAFBAE 2008 International Team Horse Shoeing Championship Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
22nd - 24th August 2008


Click here to view the full gallery!

Welsh Farriers on top of the world!

12 farriery teams from across the world took part in the hotly contested Team Horse Shoeing Championships held on bank holiday weekend at The Forge, Stoneleigh.

Organised and run by the UK’s National Association of Farriers, Blacksmiths and Agricultural Engineers, this competition includes the prestigious Individual Championship as well as the hotly contested World Team Championship title.

Each team, consisting of five farriers, is selected to represent their country in a gruelling competition covering three days. The judge’s this year, Jim Balfour (Scotland) and Bruce Hague (Canada), completed the unenviable task of rigorously evaluating and marking each part of the competition.

The Welsh Team consisting of Billy Crothers (Mentmore, Buckinghamshire), Grant Moon (Chebsey, Stafford), Andy Martin (Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire), Jim Blurton (Forden, Welshpool) and reserve Nigel Brown, (Abergavenny, Monmouthshire) presented an exceptionally high standard of work at every stage of the competition whilst demonstrating a strong sense of belief and team spirit.

The Individual Championship was won by Grant Moon which was made all the more remarkable by the fact that Grant had won this tile previously in 1985, a gap of 23 years. Billy Crothers followed in 6th with Andy Martin and Nigel Brown in 10th and 12th respectively. Billy Crothers also took the special prize for the Best Specimen Shoe.

The Team Championship, starting in earnest with ‘gas shoemaking’ on Saturday afternoon saw the English team gain a brief lead in the competition just 0.6 marks ahead of Wales with Scotland 0.8 marks behind in third place. With all to play for in the Team Shoeing on the Sunday, the Welsh team pulled out all the stops with a fine performance to comfortably secure the Team Championship title 2.4 marks ahead of England with Scotland third, Ireland fourth and the USA fifth.

As a competitor and manager of the welsh Team, Jim Blurton stated that it was the best final days performance from any team in the last ten years. “The standard was very high this year but the Welsh Team produced some fantastic work throughout the weekend to clinch a hard fought victory” With Billy Crothers, Grant Moon and Jim Blurton all World Champion Farriers the bar was set very high and with the talents of Andy and Nigel Wales truly are on Top of the World!

Individual - Best Prepared Foot
1st - David Smith (9.0)
2nd = Paul Robinson (8.8)
2nd = Steve Beane (8.8)
2nd - Billy Crothers (8.8)
5th = William O'Shaughnessy (8.6)
5th = Alan Ferrie (8.6)
5th = Grant Moon (8.6)
5th = Simen Krog (8.6)
5th = Hans Stegmaier

Individual - Best Shod Foot
1st - Alan Ferrie (35.8)
2nd - Grant Moon (35.6)
3rd - David Smith (35.4)
4th - Paul Robinson(35.2)
5th - Steven Beane (35.0)
6th - David Varini (34.8)

Individual - Best Specimen Shoe
1st - Billy Crothers - Wales (9.0)
2nd - Grant Moon - Wales (8.8)
3rd = Darren Bazin - England (8.6)
3rd = Paul Robinson - Ireland (8.6)
5th = Andy Martin - Wales (8.4)
5th = Alan Ferrie - Scotland (8.4)

Individual Competition
1st - Grant Moon - Wales (44.4)
2nd - Alan Ferrie - Scotland (44.2)
3rd - Paul Robinson - Ireland (43.8)
4th - David Smith (43.6)
5th - Steven Beane (43.2)
6th - Billy Crothers (43.0)

Gas Forging (Part 1) -
1st - England (35.4) Steve Beane, David Smith, Andrew Casserly, Gavin Golby
2nd - Wales (34.8) Andy Martin, Jim Blurton, Billy Crothers, Grant Moon
3rd - Scotland (34.6) Alan Ferrie, David Varini, Ian Gajczak, Devin Crerar

Team Shoeing Result by Individual
1st - Paul Robinson - Ireland (46.2)
2nd - Billy Crothers - Wales (45.2)
3rd - Jim Blurton - Wales (45.0)

Team Shoeing Result by Team
1st - Wales (178.4) - Billy Crothers - 45.2, Jim Blurton - 45.0, Andy Martin - 44.2, Grant Moon - 44.0
2nd - Scotland (175.8) Ian Gajczak - 44.6, Devin Crerar - 43.8, David Varini - 43.8, Alan Ferrie - 43.6
3rd - England (174.8) Steve Beane - 44.4, Gavin Golby - 44.2, Andrew Casserly - 43.8, David Smith - 42.4

INTERNATIONAL 2008 - Parts 1 and 2
1st - Wales (248.0) Billy Crothers - 62.8, Jim Blurton - 62.6, Andy Martin - 62.2, Grant Moon - 60.4
2nd - England (245.6) Steve Beane - 63.2, Gavin Golby - 61.0, Andrew Casserly - 61.0, David Smith - 60.4
3rd - Scotland (245.0) Alan Ferrie - 62.0, David Varini - 61.4, Ian Gajczak - 61.4, Devin Crerar - 60.2
4th - Ireland (239.8) Paul Robinson - 63.8, Edward O'Shaughnessy - 62.6, David Lynch - 58.4, Sam Brennan - 55.0.
5th - USA (238.8) Jake Engler - 61.2, James Foy - 59.4, Gene Leiser - 59.4, Troy Price - 58.8
6th - Norway (230.0) Simen Krog - 60.4, Aksel Vibe - 57.6, Petter Spilling - 56.6, Dag Reiersen 55.4

Click here to view the full gallery!


Full results, courtesy of Tom Ryan and the National Association of Farriers Blacksmiths and Agricultural Engineers, are available from the Forge Magazine website.


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Blair International Horse Trials
21st - 24th August 2008

Winner of the Best Shod Horse, receiving a Worshipful Company of Farriers Medal: John Stanley, Northallerton. Horse Master Barnes ridden by Nicola Wilson and owned by Sir Robert Ogden CBE LLD.

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Peover Shoemaking Competition
Sunday 17th August 2008


Judge: Gavin Golby

Sunshine forced its way through the clouds for the competition held at the Cheshire Game and Angling Fair held at Peover Park, Knutsford.
The competition organised and run by Gary, Edwina and Becki Darlow proves to be a consistently popular event enjoyed by many spectators visiting the Fair.
The Organisers would like to thank the Judge, Gavin Golby, sponsors of the classes for their very generous donation of prizes - Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd, Londonderry Forge Supplies, Cottams Horseshoes, Stromsholm Ltd and Derek Gardner Tools and further thanks to Swan Products for the kind loan of the gas forges, Mike and Jackie Randles of Logotec for the embroidery on the complimentary hats for competitors, Harris Gas, B L Farrier Supplies for the trophy for the Best Apprentice Shoe and to all those that assisted in the running of the day.

1st - Steven Beane (17.7)
2nd - David Smith (16.8)
3rd - Jon Atkinson (16.6)
4th - Simon Krog

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Martin Pearson
2nd - J C Lee
3rd - Alex Collier
4th - Ben Taylor

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Ricky Hilton
2nd - Richard Slater
3rd - James Haigh
4th - Ben Casserly

Chmapion Apprentice: Ricky Hilton
B L Farrier Supplies Trophy for the best Apprentice Shoe: Ricky Hilton




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St.Mellon's Shoemaking Competition
Wednesday 13th August 2008

Judge: Nigel Brown AWCF

1st - Matt Reece
2nd - Mike Wolverson
3rd - Wade Willis
4th - Dick Enderson

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - Jamie Barnes
2nd - Mike Wolverson
3rd - Julian
1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Daniel Shinton
2nd - Anthony Williams
3rd - Harry Meek


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The Lowther Horse Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition
Saturday 9th August 2008


Class 1 Two Man Roadster Shoeing
1st - Jim Blurton / Ricky Hilton
2nd - Steven Beane / Ben Casserley
3rd - Gary Darlow / Richard Slater
4th - Ian Allison / Gavin Golby
5th - Ian Gajczak / Jason Gajczak
6th - David Beardmore / Josh Eddleston

Class 2 Apprentice Shoe Making Competition
1st - Tom Farmer
2nd - Ricky Hilton
3rd - Ben Casserley
4th - Daniel Preece
5th - Josh Eddleston
6th - JC Lee

  Best First or Second Year Apprentice - Daniel Preece

Farrier That Travelled Greater Distance to the Show -
Mark / Daniel Preece

Best Dressed Feet - Jim Blurton / Ricky Hilton

WCF Silver Medal: Jim Blurton and Ricky Hilton
WCF Bronze Medal: Tom Farmer (3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Danile Preece (1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking)


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Tockwith Show
2nd August 2008


Judge: Jon Atkinson

1st/2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Ben Grange
2nd - Dave Harland
3rd - Andy Smith
4th - Sam Warman

3rd/4th Year Apprentices
1st - James Haigh
2nd - Jason Gajczak

1st - Adam Fox
2nd - Sam Beeley
3rd - Steven Hewitt
4th - Nick Clark

Speed Shoemaking - Adam Fox (Open) and Jonny Kirk (Apprentices)

  On an extremely hot and sunny day this competition enjoyed a particularly good turnout and judge, Jon Atkinson provided some excellent specimens to act as the benchmark for the competitors.
The organisers would like to thank Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd for their extremely generous sponsorship and Swan Products for the loan of the gas forges. Thanks also to all those that helped in the running of the competition.


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Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd Shoemaking Competition
26th July 2008


Click here for results and gallery.....


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Royal Welsh Show
21st - 24th July 2008


Judge: Darren Bazin AWCF

Open Shoemaking
1st - Elgan Harries
2nd - Thomas Richards
3rd - Matthew Reece
4th - Ed Simcock
5th - Jamie Barnes
6th - Kevin Davies

Donkey Trimming
1st - R. Calderbank
2nd - David Jones
3rd - Alex Mercer
4th - Edward Simcock
5th - Robert Comerford
6th - Mr. Lee Roy Fleet

Donkey Trimming (Apprentices)
1st - Robert Comerford
2nd - Jamie Barnes
3rd - Nick Woods

Open Ride & Drive
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Nigel Brown
3rd - Jonathon Nunn
4th - Ed Simcock

Open Hunter
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Elgan Harries
3rd - Matthew Reece
4th - Tom Richards
5th - Gareth Holt
6th- Jonathon Nunn

1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - Garry Clarke
2nd - Anthony Williams
3rd - Christopher Dowler
4th - Richard Keene
5th - Michael Tynan
6th - Daniel Wright

3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - Julia Cheney
2nd - Chris Harris
3rd - Lee Roy Fleet
4th - Robert Comerford
5th - Jamie Barnes
6th - Matthew Wallace

Under 25's - Matthew Reece



WCF Silver Medal: Grant Moon
WCF Bronze Medal: Elgan Harries
WCF Bronze Medal: Garry Clarke (1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Julia Cheney (3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Best Shod Horse, Hunter: Nick Youngman


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Newport Show
19th July 2008


Judge: Richard Ellis DipWCF (Hons)

The second annual heavy horse shoeing and shoemaking competition took place at Newport show in Shropshire on the 19th July judged by Richard Ellis and organised by the Staffordshire Branch of NAFB&AE. Grateful thanks to sponsors Jim Blurton AWCF for providing prizes for all classes and Swan Products LTD for kindly loaning gas forges for the weekend. Thanks also to Newport and District Agricultural Society, who provided an excellent venue for the competition with a large covered area for the five shire horses to stand under. Twenty farriers and apprentices entered in the competition. Jonathan Nunn would like to thank judge Richard Ellis and all who took part to compete and help organise what promises to be a popular competition.

Shoemaking Results
1st - John Benfield
2nd - Charles Hughes
3rd - Gary Darlow
4th - Elgan Harries
5th - Matt Randles

Heavy Horse Shoeing

1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Elgan Harries
3rd - John Benfield
4th - Gary Darlow
5th - Matt Randles

SHOW CHAMPION - Elgan Harries



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Romiley Young Farmers Show
19th July 2008


Seniors - One shoe on the foot and one shoe as judge requires
1st - R. Jones
2nd - J. Atkinson
3rd - L. Bentham
4th - A. Calvert

  Eagle-eye - 10 seconds to look at foot plus 10 minutes to make shoe
1st - A. Calvert
2nd - J. Hick
3rd - J. C. Lee
4th - L. Bentham
Apprentices - Two shoes as judge requires and fullering required.
1st - J. C. Lee
2nd - Greg Calvert
3rd - J. Andrews
4th - A. Bradley


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Great Yorkshire Show
15th - 17th July 2008


Class 1: Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - Jon Atkinson
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Steven Beane
4th - R F Jones
5th - R Britton
6th - Miss S-M Brown
Best Prepared Foot: John Hick
Best Specimen Shoe: Steven Beane

  Class 6: Apprentice Shoemaking (1st & 2nd Years)
1st - J C Lee
2nd - Miss Olwyn Starkey
3rd - Will Jones
4th - Jonny Kirk
5th - D Shinton
6th - A Norris
Class 2: Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Garry Harland
4th - Rodney Britton
5th - Glen Brooke
6th - Graham Moran
Best Prepared Foot: Sam Beeley
Best Specimen Shoe: Adam Fox
  Class 7: Apprentice Shoemaking (3rd & 4th Years)
1st - Josh Eddlestone
2nd - Rob Neale
3rd - Ricky Phillips
4th - James Haigh
5th - Damian Readman
6th - A Cox
Class 3: Restricted Hunter Shoeing
1st - Sarah-Mary Brown
2nd - James Morton
3rd - James Canning
Best Prepared Foot: Sarah-Mary Brown
Best Specimen Shoe: Sarah-Mary Brown

Class 8: Surgical Shoemaking
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Garry Harland
4th - Paul Collins
5th - Jon Atkinson
6th = Rodney Britton / Andrew Shuttleworth

CHAMPION: Steven Beane


WCF Silver Medal: Steven Beane
WCF Bronze Medal: Steven Beane
WCF Bronze Medal: J C Lee (1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Josh Eddlestone (£rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)

Class 4: Open Agricultural Horse Shoeing
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Paul Collins
4th - Rodney Britton
5th - Garry Harland
6th - Glen Brooke
Best Prepared Foot: Steven Beane
Best Specimen Shoe: Steven Beane
Class 5: Open Shoemaking
1st - Steven Beane
2nd - Adam Fox
3rd - Jon Atkinson
4th - Garry Harland
5th - Sarah-Mary Brown
6th - David Lynch


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Kent County Show
11th - 13th July 2008


Hunter Shoeing
1st - John Martlew (Abbey Manor Shield and Worshipful Co Farriers Silver Medal)
2nd - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge
3rd - Grey Nuttall
4th - Raymond Mathews
5th - Mark White
Highly Commended - Andrew Johnson
Commended - Anthony Waterfield

Shire Shoeing
1st - John Benfield (Margaret Slight Trophy and NAFBAE Bronze Medal)
2nd - Louis Meade
3rd - Greg Nuttall
4th - Stephen Cox Rusbridge
5th - Anthony Waterfield
Highly Commended - Andrew Johnson
Commended - Alex Mercer

Open Shoemaking
1st - Mark White (Open Shoemaking Plate)
2nd - Joe Whitehead
3rd - John Benfield
4th - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge
5th - Greg Nuttall
Highly Commended - George Hutchins
Commended - Janek Zysemil

1-2 yr Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - Louis Meade Jnr (Paul Stern Trophy)
2nd - Dean Scott
3rd - Abi Hardy
Highly Commended - Jack Casserly
Commended - Thomas Wall

3-4 yr Apprentice Shoemaking
1st - George Hutchins (Arthur Cottam Trophy)
2nd - Yogi Sharp
3rd - Russell Deering
Highly Commended - Nathan Brazier
Commended - Mick Woods

  Best Kent Apprentice - George Hutchins (Tankard)

1st - John Daly (Don Mallett Trophy)
2nd - Chris Pardoe
3rd - Nathan Brazier

Forge & Bring
1st - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge (Edgar Stern Memorial Trophy)
2nd - Alex Mercer
3rd - Mick Woods
4th - Andrew Johnson
5th - Mark White
Highly Commended - John Stern
Commended - Greg Nuttall

Kent Show Championship (highest marks over classes 1,2,3)
1st - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge (Southern Counties Shield)
2nd - Grey Nuttall (Engraved Tankard)

Kent Men Special
1st - Greg Nuttall
2nd - Anthony Waterfield
3rd - Nathan Brazier

Best Competior under 25 Years (Fred Harrison Trophy) - Anthony Waterfield

Malcolm Yeats Trophy - Phil Dunmall


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Warfield Driving Show
6th July 2008

WCF Best Shod Horse: Stephen Crawford Brown

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World Horse Welfare North of Scotland Shoeing and Shoemaking Competition
5th & 6th July 2008


Judge: David Wilson AWCF

Open -

Class 1 sponsored by B L Farrier Supplies Ltd
1st - Stephen Gowing
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Sarah Logie
4th - Danolad Nicol
5th - Wayne Balfour

Class 5 sponsored by Woodside Veterinary Group
1st - David Sutherland
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Stephen Gowing
4th - Sarah Logie
5th - Donald Nicol

Class 3 & 7 sponsored by Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd
1st - David Sutherland
2nd - Alex Sharman
3rd - Sarah Logie
4th - Wayne Balfour
5th - Donald Nicol

Apprentice -

Class 2 sponsored by Ali Smith DipWCF Hons
1st - Wayne Balfour
2nd - Mark Innes
3rd - Willie Brook
4th - Troy Owen
5th - Lewis Balfour

Class 6 sponsored by Donald Nicol Farriers Ltd
1st - Wayne Balfour
2nd - Mark Innes
3rd - Oliver Connelly
4th - Jackie Campbell
5th - Willie Brook

Class 4 & 8 sponosred by Richard Ellis DipWCF
1st - John Paterson
2nd - Mark Innes
3rd - Wayne Balfour
4th - Oliver Connelly
5th - Gary Armit

  Class 9 Open Eagle Eye - Alex Sharman

Class 10 Apprentice Eagle Eye, Ken & Jamie Playle Trophy - Jackie Campbell

Best Specimen Class 1, B L Farrier Supplies Ltd Trophy -
Stephen Gowing

Apprentice Overall Points Winner Classes 2, 4, 6, 8, Stromsholm Ltd Trophy - Wayne Balfour

Open Points Winner Classes 1,3,5,7, Brooks Lane Cup, Alex Sharman


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World Championship Blacksmiths Competition, Calgary Stampede
3rd - 6th July 2008

Contact us
for full results and picture gallery....................

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Royal Show
3rd - 6th July 2008

Judge: J Bryan DipWCF (Specimen Shoes), J Ferrie AFCL, FWCF (Foot Judge), M Evans DipWCF (Apprentice's)

Class 1 Hunter - Sponsored by MUSTAD
Winner - Gary Darlow
Best Dressed Foot - Nigel Fennell
Best Specimen Shoe - Sponsored by 3rd Millennium - Gary Darlow

Class 2 Roadster - Sponsored by Farriers Equipment Ltd
Winner - Steven Beane
Best Dressed Foot - Duncan Thomson
Best Specimen Shoe - David P Smith

Class 3 Heavy Horse - Sponsored by Londonderry Forge Supplies
Winner - Gavin Golby
Best Dressed Foot - Jim Hayter
Best Shod Foot - Gavin Golby
Best Specimen Shoe - Steven Beane

Class 4 Open Therapeutic - Sponsored by Forge Magazine
Winner - Steven Beane
Special prize to apprentices entered in this class
1st place - Ricky Hilton
2nd place - Ben Casserley
3rd place - Daniel Preece

Class 5 Tongs and shoe (pairs)
Winners - Nigel Fennell & Steven Beane

Class 5 Tongs and shoe (individual)
Special prize for the best tongs - Nigel Fennell
Special prize for the best shoe - Matthew Randles

Class 6 Apprentice 1st & 2nd years - Sponsored by Stromsholm
Winner - JC Lee

Class 7 Apprentice 3rd & 4th years - Sponsored by Stromsholm
Winner - Ricky Hilton

Class 8 Apprentice Therapeutic - Sponsored by WCF
Winner - Ben Casserly

Class 9 Royal Show National Champion Apprentice
Winner - Ben Casserly
Reserve Champion - Ricky Hilton

Class 10 Royal Show Championship
Special prize to the highest placed improver (3 years from DipWCF) - Martin Haigh
Special prize card to 2nd place improver (3 years from DipWCF) - Sarah-Mary Brown

The Cookes Cup (competitor with the highest points scored for shoemaking over classes 1-2-3) - Steven Beane

2008 Royal Show Champion - Steven Beane
2008 Royal Show Reserve Champion - Gary Darlow
Special Prize to the Winners Striker - Nigel Fennell

Class 11 National Championship 2008 - Sponsored by MNC
Joe Preston Memorial Trophy - Steven Beane
Best Shod Foot - James Blurton

2008 National Champion - David P Smith
Special prize for winners striker - Jay Tovey


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British Driving Society Annual Show
22nd June 2008

WCF Medal for the Best Shod Horse, winner Duncan Thompson

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Lincolnshire Show
18th - 19th June 2008


Class 1 Open Hunter Shoeing
1st - Shaun Chatterton
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Russell Jones
4th - Anthony Wilson

  Class 4 Open Shoe Making
1st - Shaun Chatterton
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Russell Jones
4th - Stephen Hewitt
Class 2 1st/2nd Year Apprentice
1st- Ashley Norris
2nd - Georgina Miller
3rd - Craig Callum
4th - William Jones
  Class 5 Open Cob Class
1st - Shaun Chatterton
2nd -Stephen Hewitt
3rd - Daniel Bennett
4th - Jon Atkinson
Class 3 3rd/4th Year Apprentice
1st - Andrew Marris
2nd - Daniel Lowe
3rd - Ben Green


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Three Counties Show
13th - 15th June 2008


Judge: Richard Ellis Dip WCF (Hons), Huw Dyer AWCF, David Smith AWCF

Class R.1. Therapeutic Shoemaking - Open
1st - Gary Darlow
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - D P Smith
4th - Grant Moon

Class R.2 Cob Shoeing - Benjamin Baker Cup
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Jim Blurton
3rd - D P Smith
4th - I T Alison
Arthur Watts Cup (Best Dressed Foot) - Grant Moon

Class R.4 Restricted Hunter - Irish Horse Board Trophy
1st - Simon Krog
2nd - James Slimmings
3rd - Gary Morley
4th - Owen Evans
Breakwell Memorial Trophy - James Clowes

Class R.5. Open Hunter Shoeing - Watts Challenge Cup
1st - Grant Moon
2nd - Jim Blurton
3rd - D P Smith
4th - Gary Darlow

Class R.6. Four Forged Corner Test
1st - Nigel Brown

Class R.7. Pony Shoeing - Cosira Cup
1st - Jim Blurton
2nd - Gary Darlow
3rd - I T Alison
4th - D P Smith

Class R.8. Apprentice Shoemaking - Ellis Dawe & Derek Lloyd  Challenge Trophy & Bakers Horse Shoes Knife
1st - Joel Morris
2nd - Richard Slater
3rd - Robert Comerford
4th - Katie Grose

1st - Year Tankard:- A Bradley
2nd - Year Tankard:- Katie Grose
3rd - Year Tankard:- Joel Morris
4th - Year Tankard:- R Comerford

Class R.9.Forgeing Competition - Tongs & Shoe
1st - Nigel Brown & Ed Simcock
2nd - Gary Darlow & R Slater
3rd - M Randles & D Tomson
4th - A Vibe & D Evenson

Class R.13. Speed Chain Making
1st - Nigel Brown
2nd - Neil Lossock
3rd - Steve Cooper
4th - D P Smith

WCF Silver Medal: Jim Blurton
WCF Bronze Medal: Gary Darlow
WCF Bronze Medal: Simon Krog
WCF Bronze Medal: Joel Morris (Apprentice Shoemaking)


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East of England Show
13th - 15th June 2008


Judge: Steven Newman FWCF

CLASS 1a – 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Shoe Making
1st - Harry Garner
2nd - Luke Reynolds
3rd - Harvey Andrews
4th - Gareth Schofield
5th - Alex Reilly
6th - Ben Coy

CLASS 1b – 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoe Making
1st - Andrew Marris
2nd - Tom Farmer
3rd - Michael Girling
4th - James Blake
5th - Matt Alderman
6th - Joe Rose

CLASS 2 – Leisure Horse Shoeing
1st - Stephen Hill
2nd - Mark White
3rd - Steve Rust
4th - Justin Rose
5th - Sarah Brown
6th - Colin Seymore

CLASS 3 – Hunter Shoeing
1st - Stephen Hill
2nd - Mark White
3rd - Justin Rose
4th - William O’Shaughnessey
5th - Edward O’Shaughnessey
6th - Russell Deering

CLASS 4 – Master & Apprentice
1st - Stephen Hill & Tom Farmer
2nd - Joe Rose & Justin Rose
3rd - William O’Shaughnessey & C Matts
4th - Edward O’Shaughnessey & Matt Berndes
5th - Russell Deering & James Hackett
6th - L Walker & Andrew Marris

CLASS 5 – Theraputic Shoe Making
1st - William O’Shaughnessey
2nd - Mark White
3rd - Tom Farmer
4th - Edward O’Shaughnessey
5th - Harry Garner
6th - Dean Dibsdall


SHOW CHAMPION - Stephen Hill

WCF Silver Medal: Stephen Hill
WCF Bronze Medal: Stephen Hill
WCF Bronze Medal: Will O'Shaughnessy
WCF Bronze Medal: Harry Garner (1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Andrew Marris (3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Best Shod HOrse, Heavy Horse: Ben Pinion


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South of England
5th - 7th June 2008

Judge: Nigel Fennell AWCF

Open Hunter
1st - Andrew Casserly (45.4) WCF Silver Medal
2nd - David Smith (45.0)
3rd - Matthew Randles (44.1)
4th - Jim Hayter (43.3)
5th - Ben Casserly (42.0)
6th - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge (39.3)

  Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - David Smith (44.6)
2nd - Andrew Casserly (44.1)
3rd - Matthew Randles (43.7)
4th - Adrian Devereux (43.3)
5th - Ben Casserly (42.7)
6th - Gavin Golby (41.7)
Open Pony
1st - David Smith (45.8)
2nd - Matthew Randles (44.0)
3rd - Andrew Casserly (44.0)
4th - Gavin Golby (42.6)
5th - Ben Casserly (42.1)
6th - Jim Hayter (41.5)
  1st & 2nd Year Apprentice
1st - Jack Casserly (16.3) WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - Harry Garner (15.6)
3rd - Will Sands ( 15.0)
4th - Jake Fletcher (15.0)
5th - Janek Zysmil (14.6)
6th - Tom Wall (14.0)
Open Shoemaking
1st - Andrew Casserly (18.4) WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - Adrian (17.0)
3rd - David Smith (16.8)
4th - Gavin Golby (15.5)
5th - Ben Casserly (15.3)
6th - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge (15.2)
  3rd & 4th Year Apprentice
1st - Ben Casserly (15.6) WCF Bronze Medal
2nd - George Hutchinson (14.3)
3rd - Stephen O'Dell (13.2)
4th - Michael Girling (12.0)
5th - Yogi Sharpe (9.8)
6th - Joel Morris (7.6)


A full range of pictures from the South of England Show may be viewed, and purchased, at Combat Moose Photography.


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Royal Bath & West Show
28th - 31st May 2008


Judge: Richard Ellis DipWCF (Hons)

Open Hunter
1st - David Smith (72.0)
2nd - Jim Blurton (71.2)
3rd - Ian Allison (69.0)
4th - Gavin Golby (68.8)
5th - Darren Bazin (68.8)
6th - Shaun Chatterton (68.4)
Best Dressed Foot - David Smith

Open Shoemaking
1st - Gavin Golby (15.2)
2nd - Darren Bazin (14.8)
3rd - Axel Vibe (14.75)
4th - Adam Fox (14.7)
5th - Joseph Bryan (14.6)
6th - Jim Blurton (14.3)

Open Pony Shoeing
1st - Jim Blurton (78.8)
2nd - Ian Allison (77.6)
3rd - Matt Randles (77.4)
4th - Jay Tovey (77.4)
5th - Darren Bazin (77.3)
6th - David Smith (76.9)
Best Dressed Foot - Matthew Smailes

Open Cob Shoeing
1st - Gavin Golby (70.0)
2nd - David Smith (70.0)
3rd - Nigel Brown (69.6)
4th - Jim Blurton (69.4)
5th - Ian Allison (68.8)
6th - Darren Bazin (68.4)
Best Dressed Foot - Adrian Devereux

Apprentice Therapeutic Shoemaking
1st - Ed Maskell
2nd - Steven Griffin
3rd - Joel Morris
4th - Daniel Preece
5th - Fred Sampson
6th - Martin Pearson

1st & 2nd Yr Shoemaking
1st - Harry Garner
2nd - Tom Bougord
3rd - Chris Green
4th - Richard Keene
5th - Adam Illston
6th - Alexander Eltringham

3rd & 4th Yr Shoemaking
1st - Joel Morris
2nd - Ed Maskell
3rd - Steven Griffin
4th - Kathryn Dawe
5th - Lee Tibbatts
6th - Fred Sampson

Restricted (Local) Pony Shoeing
1st - Andy Reader-Smith (43.8)
2nd - Alex Lake (43.6)
3rd - Nigel Perrott (43.2)
4th - Andrew Bowyer (41.0)
5th - Paul Horner (39.4)
6th - Andy Manners (39.2)
Bst Dressed Foot - Alex Lake

Bath & West Show Champion - Jim Blurton

WCF Silver Medal: Gavin Golby
WCF Bronze Medal: Gavin Golby
WCF Bronze Medal: Harry Garner (1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Joel Morris (3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)


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Stafford County Show
28th & 29th May 2008


Judge: Carl Bettison AWCF

" NAFB&AE Staffs Branch competition at Stafford County show was well attended by sixty farriers and apprentices. Carl Bettison did a superb job throughout judging the roadster and shoemaking classes He included some aluminium shoes and tooled and fullered shoes which made an interesting competition. Thanks to President of NAFB&AE Richard Hurcomb who attended to compete and present trophies. Also thanks to sponsors, Farriers Supplies Midland, Swan Products Ltd, NAFB&AE, Mike and Jackie Randles of Logotech embroidery, E.C Straiton & Partners and the Worshipful Company of Farriers."

Class 1 Open Roadster Shoeing
1st - Gary Darlow
2nd - Jon Atkinson
3rd - Russell Jones
4th - Tom Richards
5th - Leon Bentham
6th - Jason Megan
7th - Matthew Randles
8th Grant Moon
Best Prepared Foot - Jason Megan
Best Specimen Shoe -Gary Darlow.

Class 2 - Restricted Roadster Shoeing
1st - Julia Cheney
2nd - Tom Richards
3rd - Rick Ward
4th - Jason Megan
5th - James Farnham
6th - Oliver Gregory
7th - Stephen Wyles
8th - Matthew Rees
Best Prepared Foot - James Farnham
Best Specimen Shoe - Richard Slater.

Class 3 - Open Shoemaking
1st - Richard Slater
2nd - Matthew Randles
3rd - Russell Jones
4th - Alan Calvert
5th - Jon Atkinson
6th - Gary Darlow
7th - Ben Casserly
8th - Grant Moon.

Class 4 - Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Year
1st - J.C. Lee
2nd - Matthew Fedrick
3rd - Gary Clark
4th - Ashley Norris
5th - Anthony Williams
6th - Richard Sunderland
7th - Anthony Mackenzie
8th - Jasper Smart

Class 5 - Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Year
1st - Ben Casserly
2nd - Richard Slater
3rd - Matthew Crompton
4th - Michael Girling
5th - Julia Cheney
6th - Ricky Hilton
7th - Spencer J. Edwards
8th - Daley Johnson.

Staffordshire Champion - Richard Slater

Staffordshire Apprentice Champion - Richard Slater

WCF Silver Medal: Gary Darlow
WCF Bronze Medal: J C Lee (1st/2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Ben Casserly (3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: Julia Cheney (3rd/4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking)


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Suffolk Show
28th & 29th May 2008

Judge: Mark Preece AWCF

1st - S Gowing & S Taylor
2nd - Robert Shave & Mark Thompson
3rd - Edward O'Shaughnessy & William O'Shaughnessy
Reserve - Tom Farmer & Stephen Hill
Highly Commended - James Povey & Steven Rust
Commended - Stephen Hill and Mark White

1st - Robert Bedford
2nd - Danny Mulhall
3rd - Christopher Matts
4th - Thomas Higgins
5th - Harvey Andrews
Reserve - James Newhouse
Highly Commended - Ben Coy
Commended - Adam Curtis

1st - Tom Farmer
2nd - Andrew Marris
3rd - Matthew Berndes
4th - James Warden
5th - Joe Rose

Best Overall Apprentice - Robert Bedford

Local class for apprentices residing in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire
1st - Danny Mulhall
2nd - Andrew Marris
3rd - Christopher Matts

1st - S F C Taylor
2nd - Stephen Hill
3rd - Robert Shave
4th - Edward O'Shaughnessy
5th - William O'Shaughnessy
Reserve - Stephen Gowing
Highly Commended - James Pilcher
Commended - Ben Hamilton

Local class for competitors in residing in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire
1st - S F C Taylor
2nd - Robert Shave
3rd - Edward O'Shaughnessy

1st - James Pilcher
2nd - Ben Hamilton
3rd - Edward O'Shaughnessy
4th - William O'Shaughnessy
5th - S F C Taylor
Reserve - Robert Shave
Highly Commended - Harry Garner
Commended - James Povey

SPECIAL - For the competitor gaining the most points in the Farriery Competitions - S Taylor

WCF Medals:
Silver - S F C Taylor
Bronze - James Pilcher
Bronze (Apprentice Shoemaking) - Robert Bedford.
Best Shod Horse, Heavy: R J Clark FWCF

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Devon County Show
15th - 17th May 2008


Judge: Mark Evans Dip WCF

Class 1 - Pony Shoeing
1st - Andrew Nickalls
2nd - Nigel Brown
3rd - Elgan Harries

Class 2 - Shoe Making Open
1st - Ricky Hilton
2nd - Stephen Cox-Rusbridge
3rd - Nigel Brown

Class 3 - Roadster Competition
1st - Elgan Harries
2nd - Andrew Nickalls
3rd - Matthew Rees

Class 4 - Hunter Shoeing Open
1st - Elgan Harries
2nd - Nigel Brown
3rd - Andrew Nickalls

Class 5 - Firemen/Doormen Comp
1st - Andrew Bowyer & Andrew Nickalls
2nd - Elgan Harries & Rob Duggan

Class 6 - 1st & 2nd Yr Apprentices
1st - Will Sands
2nd - Daniel Preece

Class 7 - 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice
1st - Ricky Hilton
2nd - Ben Casserly

South West Championship - Andrew Nickalls

Devon County Show Champion - Nigel Brown
Reserve Champion - Elgan Harries


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Woodbridge Show
5th May 2008

WCF Silver Medal: Stephen Hill
WCF Bronze Medal: Dean Scott (Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Bronze Medal: James Blake (Apprentice Shoemaking)
WCF Best Shod Horse, Hunter: Roger Clark

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Herefordshire Spring Fair
4th May 2008

WCF Best Shod Horse, Private Drive: Mark Jones

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Leicester County Show
4th - 5th May 2008 


Judge: Andy Martin AWCF (Open), Joe Bryan DipWCF (Apprentices)

Open Roadster
1st - Jay Tovey (90.2)
2nd - Dave Smith (89.0)
3rd - Ed Simcock (88.4)
4th - NIgel Brown (87.6)
5th - Gary Darlow (87.4)
6th - Jon Atkinson (87.2)
7th - Joe Bryan (87.0)
8th - Matthew Smailes (87.0)
9th - Gavin Golby (87.0)
10th - Matthew Randles (86.2)
11th - Darren Bazin (86.2)
12th - Simon Krog (85.6)
13th - Tom Pears (84.8)
14th - Duncan Thomson (84.6)
15th - Russell Jones (84.2)
16th - Adam Fox (83.2)
17th - Richard Spence (82.8)
18th - Mark Watson (82.0)
19th - James Clowes (78.8)
20th - Sarah Mary Brown (78.4)

Open Hunter
1st - Dave Smith (89.6)
2nd - Gary Darlow (88.8)
3rd - Matthew Randles (88.8)
4th - Andrew Casserly (88.6)
5th - Adam Fox (87.2)
6th - Nigel Brown (87.2)
7th - Joe Bryan (86.4)
8th - Jay Tovey (85.2)
9th - Gavin Golby (85.0)
10th - Duncan Thomson (84.4)
11th - Ed Simcock (83.8)
12th - Jon Atkinson (81.6)
13th - Frazer McDonald (81.4)
14th - Mark Watson (81.2)
15th - Richard Spence (78.6)
16th - Russell Jones (78.4)
17th - Sarah Mary Brown (78.4)
18th - Simon Jackson (76.0)
19th - Matthew Smailes (75.8)
20th - Alex Mercer (74.6)

1st/2nd Year Apprentice
1st - Jack Casserly (33.2)
2nd - Dean Scott (32.4)
3rd - Gareth Schoffield (31.0)
4th - Luke Reynolds (29.6)
5th - Chris McCabe (28.6)
6th - Thomas Wall (27.6)
7th - Katie Grose (27.2)
8th = Anthony Williams (26.8)
8th = Peter Bamford (26.8)
10th = Adam Bradley (26.4)
10th = Ralph Blatchford (26.4)

3rd/4th Year Apprentice
1st - Ricky Hilton (32.8)
2nd - Richard Slater (32.6)
3rd - Ben Casserly (32.6)
4th - Julia Cheney (32.4)
5th - Andrew Marris (30.4)
6th - Michael Richardson (29.4)
7th - Joel Morris (27.6)
8th - Alexander Bunclarke (25.6)
9th - Andrew Smith (24.0)
10th - Mike Girling (22.0)

WCF Best Shod Horse: Richard Spence


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Badminton Horse Trials
1st - 4th May 2008

Winner of the Best Shod Horse at Badminton this year was Paul Gordon DipWCF from Sandbach, Cheshire. Ridden by Hannah Bate and owned by Katie Worlock & Janette Brocklehurst, Valdemar finished 36th in the competition overall.

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European Farriers Championship: Hansepferd, Hamburg
18th, 19th April 2008


1st - Steven Paul Beane (UK) 396.9
2nd - Derek Gardner (UK) 393.6
3rd - Paul Robinson (IRE) 391,5
4th - Jim Blurton (UK) 389,5
5th - Gonzague Baijot (France) 387.3
6th - Paul Duddy (IRE) 385.5
7th - Yoann Policard (France) 385.0
8th - Gert Jan Salm ( Niederlande) 382.6
9th - Aksel Vibe (Norway) 378.7
10th - Henrik Berger (Denmark) 370.0
11th - Mattias Mittbrodt (Sweden) 369.2
12th - Phillip Bühler (Switzerland) 368.8
13th - Edward O’Shaughnessy (IRE) 365.9
14th - Joop Wijnen (Netherlands) 365.5
15th - Bruno Jessen (Denmark) 364.9
16th - Simen Krog (Norway) 364.6
17th - Jacob Algot (Denmark) 364.1
18th - Christian Krieg (Switzerland) 362.9
19th - Tobias Petersen (Denmark) 362.5
20th - Thibault Racine (France) 361.1
22nd - William O’Shaughnessy (IRE) 356.4
31st - Sarah-Mary Brown (UK) 340.7

1st - United Kingdom (Steven Paul Beane, Derek Gardner, Jim Blurton, Sarah-Mary Brown) 1520,7
2nd - Ireland (Paul Robinson, Paul Duddy, Edward O’Shaughnessy, William O’Shaughnessy) 1499.3
3rd - France (Gonzague Baijot, Yoann Policard, Thibault Racine, Laurent Nisou) 1482.3
4th - Denmark (Henrik Berger, Bruno Jessen, Jacob Algot, Tobias Petersen) 1461.5
5th - Norway (Aksel Vibe, Simen Krog, Petter Spilling, Dag Reiersen) 1453.9
6th - Netherlands (Gert Jan Salm, Joop Wijnen, Douwe Dokter, Arjen van Deelen) 1445.8
7th - Switzerland
8th - Finland
9th - Germany
10th - Spain
11th - Austria
12th - Hungary
13th - Sweden
14th - Czech Republic
15th - Russia
16th - Ukraine


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Ayrshire Branch Competition
4th & 5th April 2008

Judges: Stewart Armstrong FWCF, Graham Moran DipWCF, Rodney Britton DipWCF

The Ayrshire Branch would like to thank the sponsors of all the classes for their support and in helping to make this competition a success.

Apprentice Gas Forging (sponsored by Stromsholm Ltd)
1st - Ricky Hilton
2nd - Ben Casserly
3rd - Richard Slater
4th - Stuart Malcolm
5th - Wayne Balfour
6th - Frazer Spittal

Gas Forging (sponsored by Kevin Moriarty and Stewart Armstrong)
1st - Ed Simcock
2nd - Duncan Thompson
3rd - Stephen Beane
4th - Gary Darlow
5th - Nigel Brown
6th - Paul Robinson

Apprentice Eagle Eye (sponsored by Vettec)
1st - Jason Gajczak
2nd - Ben Casserly
3rd - Julia Cheney
4th - Jack Casserly
5th - Daniel Broad
6th - Troy Owen

Eagle Eye (sponsored by Vettec)
1st - Gary Darlow
2nd - Gary Morley
3rd - Justin Rose
4th - Darren Bazin

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