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The articles on the following pages have been published to provide additional information for the farrier and apprentice. Forge & Farrier is committed to sourcing further articles, please do contact us if you have an article to share or would like us to try and cover a particular topic. The Administrator would like to reiterate that these articles have been written by industry professionals and are not necessarily the view of Forge & Farrier.

Horse Health

Reiki and Horses by Carmen O'Connor
(added 11th December 2007)
Laminitis by Jim Ferrie FWCF
(added 15th November 2007)
Hoof Cracks or Stress Fractures of the Hoof Capsule by Jim Ferrie FWCF
(added 14th November 2007)
Modern Hoof Repair Materials by Mark Andrews
(added 16th October 2007)
Reverse Wedge Shoeing for Founder by Mark Andrews
(added 16th October 2007)
Maximising Equine Performance by Fran Jurga
(added 31st August 2007)
Obesity in the equine population reflects that of childhood obesity - Teresa Hollands, Nutritionist at Dodson & Horrell Ltd
(added 30th August 2007)
ILPH Right Weight Campaign
(added 23rd August 2007)

Business Matters

VAT - To Register or Not To Register (added 26th November 2007)
2007/08 Tax Planning Article
(added 25th September 2007)
Protecting Your Income
(added 12th September 2007)
Vehicle Finance, Balance Payments
(added 12th September 2007)
Vehicle Finance/New Rules for Young Drivers
(added 5th September 2007)
Vans and the Tax Man
(added 17th August 2007)

Farriery Industry

Number of Farriers in Relation to the Horse Population (linked 22nd August 2007)
(added 21st August 2007)

Equine Industry

Feed Companies Act Over Morphine Risk (added 12th November 2007)

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