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Warwickshire College trial new delivery model

What's new?

The Farriery department at Moreton Morrell College would like to inform our prospective employers and apprentices that we are trialling a different delivery model for the new farriery apprenticeship standard, which has been very successful in other subject areas. Employers favour the ability to start an apprentice at any time during the year, and apprentices benefit from block delivery patterns that are more suited to their current level of ability.  

Information for Employers

For employers, WCG will offer one annual start each September, in addition should you wish to employ an apprentice at any time of the year, we will interview your apprentice, and following this should your apprentice be successful at interview we will arrange an individual learning plan with you and your apprentice.


Our employers are appointed a Farrier Placement Officer, who ensure a clear process for your new apprentice, whom will then infill into a group to continue their training on block.


For further information please contact  Lorna Walters: lwalters@warwickshire.ac.uk or telephone 0330135 6434