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Book advances understanding of horse’s hoof

A new in-depth book by farrier and honorary vet Dr Simon Curtis illuminates problems old and new in the hoof care world.

Newmarket, UK - 8 November 2018

Dr Simon Curtis has spent ten years researching the equine hoof to produce a book written for farriers, horse owners, veterinary professionals, and all who may be interested in the horse and how its unique hoof works. Simon’s new book ‘The Hoof of the Horse’ will take you on a journey tracing the development of the equine hoof, from its beginning in the mare’s uterus all the way to maturity and old age. It is written in three sections which explore the physical nature of the hoof; the five ages of the hoof; and affects upon the hoof.

The book includes 250 beautiful colour illustrations to illuminate the text, showing the hoof as it has never been seen before. Much of the information in this book has not been published elsewhere. Working as a Newmarket farrier for over 45 years, Simon gained a PhD for his research on horse’s hooves and shares many of his thesis findings in ‘The Hoof of the Horse’.

Simon says, “We all know that the hoof is an extremely important part of the horse, and hoof health is the greatest factor in a horse’s soundness. There has not been enough simple science applied to help us get the best from our horses’ hooves. My book addresses this problem, looking to improve knowledge and, ultimately, hoof care.”

In addition to his contributions to farriery as an author, writing four in-depth books and being published in numerous journals, Simon has also lectured and demonstrated farriery in more than 20 countries on 6 continents. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Cambridge and is the only farrier to have been awarded an Honorary Associate by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.  Simon is also a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and previously Chairman of the Farriers Registration Council. Other accolades include his induction to the International Farriers Hall of Fame; being awarded an Honorary Fellowship of Myerscough College; and gaining his Doctoral degree in Equine Biomechanics & Physiology.

In 2018 Simon was awarded the Sir Colin Spedding Award by HRH Princess Anne, for his outstanding contributions to the equine industry. He continues to practice farriery, teach and write for a worldwide audience.

‘The Hoof of the Horse’, which will have an online launch on 3 December, is now available to pre-order from Simon’s website [curtisfarrierbooks.com]. Pre-orders begin shipping the week of 22 November. The first 100 copies pre-ordered will be personally signed by the author. The website also features a global list of book stockists.

Join the online book launch on 3 December via Simon’s Facebook page. The virtual launch will involve a live Q&A video with the author answering your questions, input from other hoof experts, a competition and more. Follow the Simon J Curtis Facebook page to join the event [https://www.facebook.com/farriersimoncurtis/].

For more information, please contact Sophie Curtis sjcurtisbooks@gmail.com or visit the website curtisfarrierbooks.com