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CPD - your input required

The FRC have circulated a CPD 'discussion paper' and are asking for comment from farriers regarding the future of CPD for the farriery industry. Written comment will be submitted to the FRC by the end of 2016. The paper provides an insight into current CPD activity since its launch in 2007 and details the current uptake amongst the profession. Questions put to the profession include the current CPD points system and the delivery, administration and monitoring undertaken. Please consider the 'focussed questions' carefully.

READ: Discussion Paper


TAB A: Continuing Professional Development Guide

TAB B(1): CPD points 2013

TAB B(2): CPD points 2014

TAB C: CPD Directed Model

The current CPD system has been under review by the BFBA and a Working Group was formed early in Spring 2016. Chaired by Ben Benson and Rob Hayden, members include Jim Cooper, Dean Bland, Sarah Mary Brown, Abby Bunyard, Carl Wain, Greig Elliott, Adam Fitch, Claire Brown and Chris Linssner.

The Working Group held their first meeting last month and have a second planned in June. The BFBA would welcome comments from all of the farriery profession throughout the course of this year but would also like to invite you to an 'Open Forum' which will take place at Farrier Focus on the weekend of 24th and 25th September.


Please direct comments to BFBA Headquarters, Amanda Hill -

Telephone: 024 7669 6595

Email BFBA HQ: nafbaehq@nafbae.org