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European Vet and Farrier Federations join forces to promote best practice

The Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations (FEEVA) and the European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA) have joined forces to promote best practice in farriery.

The initiative is the result of recognition by both organisations that equine welfare is best served with the use of only properly trained farriers, working closely with veterinary surgeons as and when needed.

The main aims  of the new partnership include:

  • Improving the welfare of the horse by encouraging the highest standards of hoof trimming and shoeing by means of a certified farrier.
  • Encouraging close working between farriers and veterinary surgeons on the therapeutic treatment of horses’ hooves.
  • Encouraging the education of the horse owning public to make use of certified farriers who guarantee the art and science of farriery.

The President of FEEVA, Professor Josh Slater says: “We look forward to working together at European level and encouraging member associations to do the same at national level, with the primary intention of enhancing equine health through first class farriery.”