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Here you will find details of industry news and developments that are relevant to your industry - correct at the time of publishing; historical articles are displayed for interest and may not be a reflection of current situations.Should you have a story that you wish to be published please email details (and images) to claire@forgeandfarrier.co.uk.



Potential RVC Graduate Diploma

Are you a practicing Farrier – interested in developing your practical work into scientific knowledge and applying some evidence based learning to gain a better understanding of your daily work? Read full notice >>
Notice added 16 February 2016.

WCF New Master

The annual installation of a new Master for the Worshipful Company of Farriers took place in London on 23rd September 2015.  Succeeding working farrier Wayne Upton from West Sussex is lawyer and chartered surveyor, Guy Hurst from Chawton, Hampshire. Read full notice >>
Notice added 2 October 2015.

BEVA addresses injury risks posed to horse vets

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is working with other major veterinary bodies in the UK to address the injury risks posed to equine vets. The move follows the shocking results of the 2013 survey on work-related injuries in equine practitioners in the UK. This revealed that being a horse vet may carry the highest risk of injury of any civilian occupation in the country, beyond even that of a fire fighter. Read full notice >>
Notice added 10 September 2015.

ATFs to take Train the Trainer Award by 2020

The Train the Trainer Farrier Award (TTFA) was initially developed about two years ago by Mrs K Kissick at the request of the Farriers Registration Council.  The aims of the TTFA award were approved by the FRC in November 2014 and aim to continue the development of Farriery on sound and credible teaching of all aspects of Farriery in the workplace. Read full notice >>
Notice added 7 July 2015.