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Here you will find details of industry news and developments that are relevant to your industry - correct at the time of publishing; historical articles are displayed for interest and may not be a reflection of current situations.Should you have a story that you wish to be published please email details (and images) to admin@forgeandfarrier.co.uk.



Huufe: The Horse Riders App is Live 

Huufe is the first social media platform that is 100% built for equestrians. It combines ride tracking with pictures and video sharing, stable management, classifieds, riding groups and cutting-edge accident detection and notification. Read full notice >>
Notice added 26 July 2018.

Working Group for fund Scottish Apprentices

The Royal Highland and Agriculture Society of Scotland and the Scottish Farriery Team are looking to bring together a working group to see what can be done by way of sourcing finance and assistance for Scottish apprentice farriers. Read full notice >>
Notice added 23 May 2018.

Young Racehorses and skeletal symmetry

McTimoney animal practitioner, Rory O’Brien, will present a scientific study he has undertaken on young racehorses at the prestigious British Society of Animal Science conference in Croke Park, Dublin in April. Read full notice >>
Notice added 19 March 2018.

Greg Rutherford and Owen Bush bladesmithing

Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford will star in a series of short films on TV channel HISTORY® where he will learn the art of bladesmithing. Under the expert tutelage of Kent-based bladesmith, Owen Bush, Greg learns the ancient craft of forging iron and steel to create historic tools and weapons. Read full notice >>
Notice added 19 March 2018.