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Making a Lead Plate for under a Tool Block ~ Nigel Brown AWCF

Nigel, like many other farriers, had spent numerous hours making jigs and moulds for pouring lead into to make plates to go under tooling blocks. Following an article in Today's Pro Farrier demonstrating the making of a lead plate using paper, Nigel revised the technique to come up with a solution that is so simple you will not believe it!!

This method can be used for any shape or size of block.

Simply take masking tape of a good width and wrap around the block bottom at least four times. The width of the tape should allow for half of the tape to be stuck to the block whilst the remaining half be sufficient for the depth of the lead plate required.

'Gaffa' or any type of plastic tape MUST NOT be used as this will melt and will not work.

Do not worry at this stage if some of the tape appears to 'fall inwards' as this can be moulded with finger and thumb once the block has been sufficiently wrapped.
The mould complete.
The fire should be of a low heat and not too fierce.

Using an old (!) household saucepan, position in the fire and push the coke around the edge to stop flames rising around the saucepan.

Lead strips can be cut from sheet lead or recycle old lead plates.

When the bottom of the saucepan is glowing a dull red it is ready to melt the lead. Place the lead into the pan.
If you are recycling lead plates or using old lead remove any foreign bodies by scraping to the side with cold steel.

Pour the molten lead into the 'tape' moulds....



..and allow to cool.

Remove the tape.

One perfectly fitting lead plate which can be tapped off and the procedure repeated!