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Bernard Duvernay invites you to join him in helping farriers in developing countries improve the care of horses:

After 20 years as a consultant farrier travelling in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America Bernard Duvernay has met remarkable individuals and gained a rare insight into the way people care for horses. His unique experiences have enabled him to draw a number of conclusions:

-There are huge disparities in the way farriery has developed around the world.
-There’s a growing interest in equestrian sports and horsemanship in many emerging countries.
-Horses travel and are traded from continent to continent. Competent farriery plays a major role in their acclimatisation and performance.
-Farriers need help to keep up with the latest techniques.




• The FAF is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to improve the quality of farriery in countries where these skills are not taught.
• Its method is to set up training projects for under-resourced farriers to enable them to become true professionals.
• Its ideal is the wellbeing of horses through the better understanding and application of modern farriery.


• The FAF’s priority is to support fellow farriers in remote areas.
• The importance of farriery is little understood in many countries. The FAF aims to make it attractive to young people through well-organised training.
• It is therefore developing appropriate training tools and methods while setting up a network of instructors to give courses in selected countries.
• Mexico and India have been earmarked for the initial training projects.


• The Foundation is establishing training structures that can be locally managed after a couple of years. The FAF then assumes a supervisory role to ensure the project’s sustainability.


How you can help

• Your help, involvement and support will make the anvil fly.
• The formalities have been completed. The Swiss federal authorities have approved the statutes of the Flying Anvil Foundation and the name is being registered with the Geneva chamber of commerce.
• As a founding member, your generous contribution will enable the FAF to launch a worthy and worthwhile project.


Globalization is unstoppable. We need to promote intelligent globalization in farriery. All those who work with horses will benefit from it.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at:

The Flying Anvil Foundation
Route de Bossey
1256 Troinex Geneva,
Phone : 0041 79 608 01 03
Email : duvernay@flyinganvil.ch

An ambitious and worthwhile initiative !


My new project is the fruit of a lifetime of travels around the world including Asia, the Middle and Far East, Africa, Latin America in connection with my work. Over the years I have had some amazing experiences and met so many extraordinary people. Today I feel the time has come to come to some conclusions about my experiences :
Farriery is developing very unequally in different parts of the world,
At the same time, equestrian sports and leisure activities are developing rapidly in many of the emerging countries,
Horses are being transported very widely, they are being bought and sold in different continents and their proper acclimatization can depend on the professional skill of the farrier,
Farriers need support which will enable their know-how and understanding of modern techniques to be brought up to date,
In the West, farriers have the means and the contacts they need to assist colleagues who find themselves working in isolated situations to keep abreast of developments in the craft,
In emerging countries modern materials and tools are often not available and can be excessively costly,
My mission is starting the FLYING ANVIL FOUNDATION has been to help our farriery colleagues in the most remote locations,
Thanks to your support and involvement, the project is coming to fruition. A first and very tangible step will be the introduction of the FLYING ANVIL COMPANY’S new range of hand-tempered farriery tools. Profits from their sale will provide a budget towards the Foundation for the provision of training in farriery,
On the different chapters within our web site you will find full details of the FAC company philosophy.


Globalization is unstoppable. Let us create intelligent and sustainable globalization in the field of farriery, which will benefit all the actors in the equine world !

Bernard Duvernay

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