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Three Counties Farrier Competition

Date: 25th September 2021 - 26th September 2021

Therapeutic Shoemaking (Open)

£100.00 Prize Money & Bronze Medal - W.C.F.


1st          Phillip  Martin

2nd        Eddie Gardner  

3rd         George Rogerson

4th         Sam   Rust


Cob Shoeing

Benjamin Baker Cup, Silver Medal W.C.F.


1st          George Rogerson

2nd        Oliver May

3rd         Charles  Dyson

4th         Phillip  Martin


Restricted Hunter

Restricted Hunter Trophy, Silver  Medal W.C.F.


1st          Sam  Rust

2nd        Henri  Allison

3rd         Josh Rose

4th         Robbie Hawthorn


Open Hunter Shoeing

Watts Challenge Cup, Silver Medal W.C.F.


1st           George Rogerson            

2nd        Oliver May    

3rd         John Benfield 

4th         Phillip Martin


Best Dressed Foot - George Rogerson


Pony Shoeing

Cosira Cup, Silver Medal W.C.F.


1st          George Rogerson

2nd     Phillip Martin

3rd          Alex Taylor

4th         Oliver May


Den Morgan Trophy, Best Dressed Foot -     Alex Taylor



Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Year

Ellis Dawe & Derek Lloyd Challenge Trophy, Bronze Medal W.C.F.


1st          Theo   Williams   (2nd Year)

2nd        Saul   Barker   (2nd Year)

3rd         Alex  Willis   (1st Year)

4th         Jake  Saint   (2nd Year)


Alex  Willis, Highest 1st Year Apprentice

Theo  Williams, Highest 2nd Year Apprentice


Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Year

Richard Ellis Trophy, Bronze Medal W.C.F.


1st          Ross Johnstone

2nd        Christian Welsford


3rd         George Eastwood

4th         James Jenkins


Ross Johnstone, Highest 3rd Year Apprentice

George Eastwood, Highest 4th Year Apprentice


Therapeutic Apprentice Shoemaking

Bronze Medal W.C.F.


1st          Liam  Burkinshaw     (4th Year)

2nd        J  Sweet    (4th Year)

3rd         George Eastwood  (4th Year)

4th        Kieran  Smale   (3rd Year)



Banks Silver Trophy, Silver Medal - W.C.Farriers.

Awarded To Competitor Gaining The Highest Aggregate Marks In Three Classes.

Winner  - George Rogerson


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Scoresheet R1

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