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Equine Arthritis: Diagnosis and New Technology

Date: 30th October 2020 - 31st October 2020

Equine Arthritis: Diagnosis and New Technology was conceived to bring together not only the treating veterinary surgeons, but also those front line professionals most likely to have that vital first encounter with patient and owner. It will also provide valuable CPD for vets, practitioners and paraprofessionals working with equine arthritis.

To be held at Plumpton College.



-Equine arthritis - the complete picture.

-Fourteen hours of practical take home CPD delivered by world class presenters at the top of their profession, in an environment of open discussion and collaborative learning.

-How can we pick up the very early signs and, are there cases that could possibly be prevented?

-What are the latest diagnostic and treatment options?

-The latest advances in stem cell therapy, including a world-exclusive debate on the pros and cons of allogenic vs. autologous.

-Imaging for arthritis - how to get the most out of your diagnostics.

-How can other equine professionals support the arthritic horse and, what are the alternatives if drugs are not an option?


View the full programme and book tickets - https://www.pkwevents.co.uk/events-diary/equine-arthritis

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