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World Horse Welfare Aboyne Competition

Date: 10th May 2019 - 12th May 2019

22nd World Horse Welfare

Fund Raising Shoemaking Competition at Belwade Farm Aboyne

Entries Close 10th May

Judge: Wayne Balfour DipWCF

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Belwade Match Play

Friday Match Play


Results (added 14.05.19)-

Class 2A   3/4 year Hunter Shoe Making, sponsored by Ali Smith DipWCF
1. Tom Stott    
2.  Cameron Grey
3. Ryan Murphy
4. Craig Taylor

Class2B  1/2 year Hunter Shoe Making, sponsored by The Wade Family
1. Grant Neilson

Class 6A  3/4 year Shoe Making, sponsored by Donald Nicol Farriers Ltd
1. Cameron Grey
2. Tom Stott
3. Ryan Murphy
4. Craig Taylor

Class 6B   1/2 year Shoe Making, sponsored by The Wade Family
1. Grant Neilson
2. Stuart Davidson

Class 12 Fun Class Open
Alexander Sharman

Class 12 Fun Class Apprentice 
Ryan Murphy

Open & Gas
Class 1   Roadster Shoe Making, sponsored by Leon Bentham
1. Andrew Dryburgh
2. James Robinson
3.  Ross Crawford
4. Josh Wilson
5. Tom Stott

Class 5   Therapeutic Shoe Making, sponsored by Woodside Veterinary Group
1. Josh Wilson
2. Andrew Dryburgh
3. James Robinson
4. Ross Crawford
5. Alex Sharman

Class4+8  Apprentice Gas, sponsored by Richard Ellis DipWCF
1. Cameron Grey
2. Ryan Murphy
3. Craig Taylor
4. Tom Stott
5. Stuart Davidson

Class3+7  Open Gas, sponsored by The Wade Family The Galloway Cup 
1. Alexander Sharman
2. Ross Crawford
3. Andrew Dryburgh
4. Donald Nicol
5. Josh Wilson

Class 9    Open Eagle Eye
Donald Nicol

Class 10    Apprentice Eagle Eye Ken & Jamie Playle Trophy
Cameron Grey

Best Specimen Class 1 
Andrew Dryburgh

Bring A Shoe Open
James Robinson

Bring a Shoe 3-4
Ryan Murphy

Bring a Shoe 1-2
Grant Neilson

Apprentice Overall Points Winner Classes 2,4,6,8 
Stromsholm Ltd Trophy
Cameron Grey

Open Points Winner Classes 1,3,5,7, Brooks Lane Cup
Andrew Dryburgh

Open Match Play
Andrew Dryburgh

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