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Rutland County Show

Date: 2nd June 2019

Showground Way, Barley Thorpe, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7TW

All shoemaking classes will be done out of the back of your own van. You will need to provide your own forge and anvil as well as relevant PPE, including safety glasses.

Judge: Phillip Martin AWCF

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Results (added 04.06.19) -

Open Shoemaking

1st Ed Dodd

2nd Michael Lees

3rd Seb Handley

4th Matt Cooney

5th Chris McCabe


3rd/4th Year Shoemaking

1st James Black

2nd Sam Rust

3rd Arlo Coles

4th Jake Sweet

5th Jamie Hughes


1st/2nd Year Shoemaking

1st Dan Harbourne

2nd Kai Wells

3rd Joel Downes Richardson

4th Oliver Arnold

5th George Eastwood


Open Speed Class

1st Sam Masters

2nd Ed Dodd

3rd Jordan Priestley

4th Alan Bould

5th Matt Cooney


3rd/4th Year Speed Class

1st Arlo Coles

2nd James Black

3rd Jake Sweet

4th Sam Rust

5th Jamie Hughes


1st/2nd Year Speed Class

1st Dan Harbourne

2nd Liam Brinkley

3rd Kai Wells

4th George Eastwood

5th Elliott Marris


Qualified Champion

1st Ed Dodd

2nd Matt Cooney


Apprentice Champion

1st Dan Harbourne

2nd James Black

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