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Devon County Show

Date: 16th May 2019 - 18th May 2019

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Goodbye flies Open pony shoeing 

1st Jay Tovey 

2nd Matt Randles 

3rd Liam Collins 

4th Dan Rabin 


Vulcan Open Shoe making

1st Liam Collins 

2nd Dan Rabin 

3rd Matt Randles 

4th Jay Tovey


Tom Mcintosh Roadster shoeing 

1st Andrew Reader Smith

2nd Matt Randles 

3rd Phillip Martin

4th Jay Tovey


Arthur Cottam Southwest Hunter Shoeing 

1st Matt Randles

2nd Steven Beane 

3rd Andrew Reader Smith

4th Andrew Nickalls


NWT Fire/Doorman

1st Andrew Nickalls/Steven Beane 

2nd Andrew Reader Smith/Matt Randles 

3rd Dan Preece/Phillip Martin

4th Scott Topham/Billy 


Southwest Farrier Supplies restricted Pony Shoeing

1st Charlie Dyson

2ndJack Vickary

3rd Toby Thurgood

4th James Kirby 


1st and 2nd year apprentice 

1st Henry Alison

2nd S Tovey

3rd Billy Wigg

4th Emily Hockney


3rd and 4th year apprentice

1st Rob Hawthorne 

2nd Stuart Pink

3rd Oliver Gilchrist

4th  Amy Bolt


Show Champion Matt Randles 

Reserve Champion Andrew Reader Smith


Hunter classes Best shod 

Champion Dan Rabin

Reserve Gareth Thomas 

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