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Royal Three Counties Show

Date: 14th June 2019 - 16th June 2019

Judges -

R1, R2, R4, R5, R7 - Mr I Allison DipW.C.F
R10, R11 - Ms M Cole F.W.C.B
R12, R14 - Mr A Legge F.W.C.B
R3 - Ms M Parker F.W.C.B
R6, R8, R9, R15 - Mr G Golby A.W.C.F

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Results (added 19.06.19)

Class R.1. Results.

Therapeutic Shoemaking (Open )

£100.00 Prize Money & Bronze Medal - W.C.Farriers.


1st          George Rogerson

2nd        Ben Grange       

3rd         Nigel Brown

4th         Dan Rabin


Class R.2. Results.

Cob Shoeing.

Benjamin Baker Cup.

Bronze Medal N.A.F.B.A.E.


1st          George Rogerson

2nd        Christopher Hole

3rd         Ben Grange

4th         Phillip Smith



Arthur Watts Cup :-        

( Best Dressed Foot ) 

Christopher Hole


Class R.4. Results.

Restricted Hunter.

Restricted Hunter Cup.

Bronze Medal W.C.Farriers.


1st          Jack Bowling      

2nd        Oliver May

3rd         Lyle Evans

4th         Ben Hart


Best Dressed Foot.

Deluxe Hoofpairer.


Joe Hosie


Class R.5. Results.

Open Hunter Shoeing.

Open Hunter Cup.

Bronze Medal N.A.F.B.A.E.


1st          Matthew Randles           

2nd        George Rogerson     

3rd         Christopher Hole     

4th         Ben Grange       


Best Dressed Foot

Dan Rabin


Class R.7. Results.

Pony Shoeing.

Cosira Cup.

Bronze Medal N.A.F.B.A.E.


1st          Ben  Grange

2nd        Liam  Collins

3rd     Harry  Meek

4th         George  Rogerson


Den Morgan Trophy.

Best Dressed Foot =      Ben  Grange


Class R.8. Results.

Apprentice Shoemaking 1st & 2nd Year.

Ellis Dawe & Derek Lloyd Challenge Trophy.

Bronze Medal W.C.Farriers.


1st          Emily  Hockney

2nd        Jake  Downs

3rd         Henri  Allison

4th         Cameron  Brady



Tankard                                Jake Downs

Highest 1st Year Apprentice


Tankard                                Emily Hockney

Highest 2nd Year Apprentice 


Class R.9. Results.

Apprentice Shoemaking 3rd & 4th Year.

Richard Ellis Trophy.

Bronze Medal W.C.Farriers.


1st          Joe Bell  ( 3 Year )

2nd        Sam West  ( 3 Year )

3rd         William Badlan  ( 3 Year )

4th         Jake Sweet  ( 4 Year )



Highest 3rd Year Apprentice   Joe Bell



Highest 4th Year Apprentice  Jake Sweet


Class R.15. Results.

Therapeutic Apprentice Shoemaking


1st          Sam  West

2nd        Emily  Hockney

3rd         William  Badlan

4th         Henri  Allison


Banks Silver Trophy

Silver Medal - W.C.Farriers.

Awarded To Competitor Gaining The Highest Aggregate Marks In Three Classes.


Winner   Ben Grange


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