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Forest Heath Master & Apprentice

Date: 28th July 2018

RESULTS (added 9th August 2018) - 


Class 1 Master & App shoeing 


1st George Rogerson & Olly May 

2nd Adam Meehan & Ryan Arnell 

3rd Steve Rust & Sam Rust 

4th Jack Vickery & Jesse Gough 

5th Stephen Britten & Nick Wilson 

6th Iain Nixon & Robert Challinor 


Best Dressed App Foot 

    Nick Wilson 

    Rob Challinor 

Best Shod Master : George  Rogerson 

Best Shod App : Olly May 


Class 2 M&A Shoemaking 


1st Rhett Parker Dennison & Henry Carnell

2nd Lance Setter& Jamie Morris 

3rd James Coburn & Dan Harbourne 

4th Danny Elliot & Tom Marshall 

5th Steven Britten& Jake Lewis Fawsett 

6th Adam Meehan & Matthew Thourne 


Best Spec Master: Adam Meehan 

Best Spec App : Henry Carnell 


Class 3: Mustad Modification 

1st Dylan Schiche 

2nd Rob Challinor 

3rd Jamie Morris 

4th Ryan Arnell 

5th Henry Carnell

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