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Revesby Country Fair

Date: 5th August 2018

To be judged by Mark Watson

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Results (added 12.09.18)

First and second year apprentice farrier.
First place-Alex Edney with 16.9
2nd place-Alistair Ross wi 16.8
3rd place-Aaron Bendy wi 16.7
4th place-Eddie Nicholls wi 16

Third and fourth year apprentice farrier.
First place-Jon Jon Zoutewelle with 17.6
2nd place-Jack Mason with 17.2
3rd place-Howard Booker with 16.6
4th place-Eddie Nicholls with 16.1

Open class for qualified farriers.
First place-Mark Watson with 17.8
2nd place-Shaun Chatterton with 17.5
3rd place-Jake Elliot with 17.1
4th place-Will Nicholls with 16.4

Eagle Eye class
First place-Will Nicholls with 17
2nd place-Jimmy Farnham with 15.7
3rd place-Alistair Ross with 15.5
4th place-Jason Tacey with 15.3


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