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Devon County Show

Date: 17th May 2018 - 19th May 2018

Entries close 6th April

Judges: A Reader-Smith AWCF and D Mallendar AWCF

Enter online - www.devoncountyshow.co.uk

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Results (published 23.05.18)

Open Roadster

1st Ben Grange

2nd Alex Collier

3rd Ian Allison

4th Dan Preece

5th Dan Rabin

6th James Holliday


Vulcan Open Shoemaking

1st Alex Collier

2nd Ben Grange

3rd Dan Rabin

4th Phillip Smith

5th Ian Allsion

6th Phillip Martin


Open Pony Shoeing

1st Ben Grange

2nd Alex Collier

3rd Sam Duern

4th Phillip Smith

5th Ian Allison

6th James Holliday


Open Hunter

1st James Holliday

2nd Sam Duern

3rd Ben Grange

4th Ian Allison

5th = Dan Rabin

5th = Alex Collier


Restricted Pony

1st Sam Duern

2nd Charles Dyson

3rd Toby Thurgood

4th Dan Foley

5th S Shanks

6th S Craddock


1st and 2nd Year Apprentice

1st Sam West

2nd Joe Bell

3rd Henry Allison

4th Robbie Hawthorne

5th Tom Close

6th L Cottier


3rd and 4th Year Apprentice

1st Alistair Ross

2nd Josh Jones

3rd Gabby Heart

4th Jack Power

5th Jack Wonnacott



Reserve - Alex Collier


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