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Great Yorkshire Show

Date: 10th July 2018 - 12th July 2018

Results (18.07.18)


Class 1: Open Hunter Shoeing


1st:               B Grange    

2nd:              C Hole                 

3rd:              S Moran              

4th:              M Bilderbeck                


Best Prepared Foot:        C Hole


Best Specimen Shoe:      B Grange



Class 2: Restricted Hunter Shoeing


1st:               W Crozier

2nd:              L Bean

3rd:              A Westley

4th:              H Beauchemin



Best Prepared Foot:        W Crozier



Best Specimen Shoe:      W Crozier



Class 3: Open Agricultural Shoe-Making


1st:                                  Ben Grange

2nd:                                 Matt Bilderbeck

3rd:                                 Sarah Mary Brown

4th:                                  J Hammond


Class 4: Heavy Horse Shoeing


1st:                                  B Grange

2nd:                                 S Chatterton

3rd:                                 M Bilderbeck

4th:                                  T Pears


Best Prepared Foot:        Mrs S M Brown


Best Specimen Shoe:      S Chatterton



Class 5: 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Shoe Making


1st:                                  D Welch

2nd:                                 M Telford

3rd:                                 A M O’brien

4th:                                  W Friston


Class 6: 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoe Making


1st:                                  M Argo

2nd:                                 Ja Clayton

3rd:                                 E Nicholls

4th:                                  I Evans


Class 7: Open Roadster Shoeing


1st:                                  Chris Hole

2nd:                                 Matt Bilderbeck

3rd:                                 Ben Grange

4th:                                  Jordan Hammond


Best Prepared Foot:        Will Crozier


Best Specimen Shoe:      Matt Bilderbeck


Glenn Brooke Memorial Trophy 2018


Awarded For The Most Combined Foot Points From Classes 1, 4 & 7 (Open Hunter, Heavy Horse Shoeing & Open Roadster)


Winner:                          Ben Grange


 Class 8: Surgical Shoemaking


1st:                                  Matt Bilderbeck

2nd:                                 Tom Pears

3rd:                                 T Pedley

4th:                                  J Hammond




Competitor  Name:                   Ben Grange




Competitor Name:          Matt Bilderbeck

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