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Ayrshire Branch 40th Anniversary Competition

Date: 22nd March 2018 - 24th March 2018

Celebrating 40 years!

Jim Ferrie FWCF, Allan Ferrie FWCF, David Shearer DWCF,
Andy Martin AWCF & Andrew Dryburgh DWCF

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Gas forging specimen shoes (added 16.02.18) - 

Eggbar 1

Eggbar 2

Pony Roadster 1

Pony Roadster 2


Apprentice gas forging shoes (added 09.03.18) -

Image 1

Image 2


Please note:

Open Gas Forging Egg Bar 18" of 7/8 3/8

Open Gas Forging Pony Roadster 11" of 3/4 3/8 Apprentice Gas Forging 3/4 Barshoe 15 1/2"

Apprentice Gas Forging Plain Stamp 12 1/2"


Times (added 14.03.18) - 

Download Four Man Team

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Results! (added 27th March 2018) - 

Four Person Team Shoeing -

1st Billy Crothers, Andy Martin, Ryan MacDonald and Nigel Brown

2nd Derek Gardner, Steven Beane, Paul Robinson, David Varini

3rd Jim Balfour, Wayne Balfour, Lewis Balfour, Adam Balfour

Best Dressed Foot David Varini

Best Shod Foot Paul Robinson

Download full results sheet


Apprentice Gas Forging

1st Matt Argo

2nd Jack Clayton

3rd James Robinson

4th Dominic Welch

5th Sam West

6th Harry Crombie


Gas Forging

1st Steven Beane

2nd Matt Randles

3rd Adam Fox

4th Rodney Ross

5th James Holliday

6th Philip Buhler


Apprentice Eagle Eye

1st Matt Argo

2nd Harriet Young

3rd Joe Hosie

4th Eli Wilson

5th Jack Clayton


Eagle Eye

1st Steven Beane

2nd Lewis Balfour

3rd David Varini

4th Jordan Hammond

5th Devin Crerar

6th David Frei


1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Class

1st Sam West

2nd Marcus Telford

3rd Henri Allison

4th Joseph Bell

5th Tom Stott

6th Emily Hockney


3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Class

1st James Robinson

2nd Matt Argo

3rd Oliver May

4th Joe Hosie

5th Jack Clayton

6th Alex Edney


2 Person Apprentice Draught Shoemaking

1st Elijah Wilson and James Robinson

2nd Matt  Argo and Harry Crombie

3rd Jack Clayton and Jack Power

4th Dominic Welch and Lewis Dennison

5th Oliver May and Joe Hosie

6th Sam West and Joseph Bell


2 Person Open Shoemaking 

1st Matt Randles and Devin Crerar

2nd Derek Gardner and Steven Beane

3rd Paul Robinson and David Varini

4th Ben Taylor and Ian Allison

5th Matthew Bilderbeck and Ian Gajczak

6th Wayne Balfour and Lewis Balfour


Two Person Roadster

1st Paul Robinson and David Varini

2nd Matthew Bilderbeck and Ian Gajczak

3rd Sarah Brown and Josh Wilson

4th Derek Gardner and Steven Beane

5th Walne Balfour and Lewis Balfour

6th Matt Randles and Devon Crerar

Best Shod Foot Matthew Bilderbeck and Ian Gajczak

Best Roadster Paul Robinson and David Varini



1st Nick O'Sullivan

2nd John Mcateer

3rd Jay Shury

4th Jack Vickery

5th Charlie Dyson

6th Brian O'Halloran



1st Matt Randles

2nd Devin Crerar

3rd Ian Allison

4th Derek Gardner

5th Joe Whitehead

6th Sarah Brown

Best Dressed Foot James Hayter

Best Shod Foot Matt Randles




Reserve James Robinson

3rd Jack Clayton

4th Sam West

5th Elijah Wilson



CHAMPION Steven Beane

Reserve Matt Randles

3rd Devin Crerar

4th David Varini

5th Derek Gardner


Download full results sheet



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