Hereford Master & Apprentice Competition

Event date: 5th March 2022 - 5th March 2022

At The Hereford School of Farriery, Rural Crafts Centre, Holme Lacy, Hereford

Judge A Mr J Nunn FWCF

Judge B Mr J Blurton AWCF

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1st & 2nd Year Apprentices
1st - A Casserly and B Joyner
2nd - N Brown and S Al Ameri
3rd - T Anderson and T Williams
4th - T Pedley and T Goldthorpe
5th - H Allison and B Machin
6th - J Goddard and C Pimblott
7th - R MacDonald and A Jarvis
3rd & 4th Year Apprentices
1st - S Beane and H Chitty
2nd - J Tovey and S Tovey
3rd - R MacDonald and R Johnstone
4th - N Brown and C Hinds
5th - A Casserly and L Agnew
6th - R Thomas and H Parry
7th - S Rees and T Pesci G
Best Dressed Foot
S Tovey