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We are delighted with the comments and feedback received following the first BFBA Lockdown League. Grateful thanks to our two superb judges, Ian 'Spud' Allison and Iain Ritchie, who judged in very different circumstances and gave superb feedback. Thank you to all of the sponsors who have generously supported with a wonderful array of prizes and lastly, thank you everyone that took part - we wouldn't have a competition without you! 

Results - 



1st Steven Beane prize card plus –

BFBA medal

Silverback voucher 

NAF products 

2nd George Rogerson prize card plus –

NAF products 

A 20% discount off your next order of Liberty nails at Stromsholm. 

3rd Jack Casserly prize card plus –

NAF products 

£25 Crossan Farrier Supplies voucher

4th Ben Casserly prize card

5th Alex Whittington prize card

6th Andrew Bowyer prize card



1st Liam Evans prize card plus -

BFBA medal

£50 Jim Blurton voucher. 

NAF products 

2nd Tom Anderson prize card plus -

NAF products 

A 20% discount off your next order of Vettec at Stromsholm

3rd Phoebe Morris Colton prize card plus -

NAF products 

£25 Crossan Farrier Supplies voucher

4th Tom Arris prize card

5th Martin Pearson prize card

6th Stuart Taylor prize card



1st Henri Allison prize card plus –

BFBA medal

Leon Bentham Straight Blade knife. 

NAF products

2nd Dominic Welch prize card plus –

£40 Jim Blurton voucher. 

NAF products 

3rd Sam West prize card plus –

NAF products 

4th Jamie Hughes prize card

5th Jake Roberts prize card

6th Tom Pickford prize card



1st George Eastwood prize card plus –

BFBA medal

Beanie Tools Champion Hammer. 

NAF products

2nd Sol Tovey prize card plus –

£30 Jim Blurton voucher. 

NAF products 

3rd Louis Agnew prize card plus –

NAF products 

4th James Hardy prize card

5th Christian Welsford prize card

6th Jonathan Holgate prize card



We are delighted to be able to invite you to take part in the BFBA Lockdown League! Join us, from the comfort of your own forge, and embrace the challenge! A huge thank you to our six superb judges and all of our sponsors who have already donated prizes to the winners.



Saturday 27th June, 9am (BST), register by Friday 19th June 12pm

Saturday 25th July, 9am (BST), register by Friday 17th July, 12pm

Saturday 29th August, 9am (BST), register by Friday 21st August, 12pm



Make two shoes to the judges’ specifications, in your own forge (gas or coke) within the time frame allowed.


Chief Steward – Danny Bennett


Judges –

Saturday 27th June - 

Open and Intermediate: Ian 'Spud' Allison DipWCF

Apprentice: Iain Ritchie DipWCF


Saturday 25th July -

Open and Intermediate: Ian Gajczak DipWCF

Apprentice: Andrew Casserly FWCF


Saturday 29th August - 

Open and Intermediate: Derek Gardner AWCF

Apprentice: Graeme Moran DipWCF



  • All competitors must pre-register to take part. Registration will close at 12pm on the Friday of the week preceding each competition.
  • Registration will be on BFBA webcollect - or by calling the office on 024 76 696 595.
  • Intermediate competitors must not have won an open competition or represented their country as a qualified farrier.
  • Entry is FREE to BFBA members. There is a £10 entry fee per class for non BFBA members – all proceeds will go to The Farriers Foundation.
  • Once entries have been checked and verified, each competitor will be assigned a competitor’s number.
  • The competitor will be invited to join a CLOSED Facebook group by the Chief Steward for the competition class they are entered for.
  • All entrants must ensure that they have joined the CLOSED Facebook group before the competition day. Contact details for the Chief Steward, plus any further instructions will be given in the CLOSED group.
  • Material, section size and length will be confirmed on the Monday evening preceding the competition date to allow time for competitors to check stock, and order if necessary
  • Specimen shoes will be published in the CLOSED Facebook group at 9am on the competition day.
  • Shoes must be made and photographed and sent to the Chief Steward on Facebook Messenger by 11.00am (BST).
  • Photographs must be on a plain white background (sheet of A4). It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that each photograph includes their unique competitor number. This number may be printed on the white background or added to the image. Any images without the competitor’s number will not be judged.
  • All measurements asked for must be provided in millimetres. Please ensure names cannot be seen on rulers, or anywhere else on the images, or the entry will be disqualified.
  • The Chief Steward will forward all images to the judge(s) so they may be judged anonymously.
  • The shoes will be given a mark out of ten.
  • The judge will return the marks for each shoe to the Chief Steward who will identify each competitor.
  • The winners will be announced on Facebook in the evening following the competition.
  • In the event of a tie in an individual class the judge will be asked to decide.
  • In the event of a tie in the championship, the highest marked shoe over the three classes will decide.
  • Any images taken of your own shoes must not be published on social media until after the results have been announced.
  • Following the announcement of the results please do share your images of your shoes and/or them being made! Please use #BFBAlockdownleague so we can reshare them!
  • Any competitors that contact the judge directly will be disqualified.
  • All competitors must have their own Facebook account. You must only submit your own entry and not act on behalf of another.
  • All competitors are responsible for their own safety, PPE should be worn as applicable and all current relevant COVID-19 government guidelines must be adhered to where applicable.


Points –

The top ten places in each section will accrue the following points which will contribute towards the championship –

1st – 12 points

2nd – 10 points

3rd – 9 points

4th – 8 points

5th – 7 points

6th – 6 points

7th – 5 points

8th – 4 points

9th – 3 points

10th – 2 points


Prizes - 

We are extremely fortunate to have received a large number of very generous prizes. We offer our thanks to 

Jim Blurton

Derek Gardner


Londonderry Forge Supplies




Leon Bentham

Beanie Tools

B L Farrier Supplies

Crossan Farrier Supplies

Darlow/Jones Clinics

Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd

Alex Mercer

Central Forge

Steven Beane


THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF FARRIERS makes awards in order to promote, support and maintain a high standard of excellence in Farriery. Registered Farriers who are awarded medals have attained the very high standard demanded by the company. Awards may be made to the winners of the Championship in each section.

THE BRITISH FARRIERS AND BLACKSMITHS ASSOCIATION have kindly provided medals for the winners of each class at each competition.

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We wish you the best of luck!