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2nd Combined Equine Health Workshop
Warwick College, Moreton Morrell
13th September 2008


Moreton Morrell is set to host the 2nd annual equine health workshop on 13th September,2008. Last years event was very well received, and was the first time that a large group of professionals, from all aspects of the horse world, attended a single day of lectures and practical demonstrations.

This year is set to build upon the excellent cross professional development already started, and will further increase the working knowledge of all aspects of equine healthcare. This is an essential tool for any quine professional. Farriers traditionally look at the feet and work their way up to the tops of the legs. Vets look at conformation and foot placement. Osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists look at the body framework. Saddlers look at providing the best saddle to fit horse and rider. Dentists are concerned with the mouth, digestion, sinuses, and bit comfort. With each profession there are grey areas where one body of knowledge, and experience, crosses over with another. By finding out how we all view things and work, we can better understand and therefore treat the equine patient/client.

Last years event sparked a real sense of camaraderie between the professions that has benefited the way we have attended to our charges. We found that inter professional rivalries were nothing more than urban myths, propagated by ignorance of each others skill bases.

The idea for these workshops was as a direct result of inter disciplinary liasons between Martin Reed, farrier, and Tony Nevin, osteopath, both of whom undertake regular work at Avonvale Veterinary Practice, Ratley, Oxon. Working closely with Avonvale veterinary surgeons, and in particular Dr Chris Colles, the two of them spent most of 2006 and 2007 observing horses. By conducting set observational procedures they were able to explain to each other what they were seeing, and how that influenced their approach to treatment. Very soon it became apparent that if they worked together their patients/clients would benefit immensely.

Martin is part of the faculty of the Farriery School, based at Moreton Morrell. Dr Colles provides the veterinary lectures for their students. Tony Nevin regularly lectures post graduate osteopaths, and is clinical director on the Msc Animal Manipulation, osteopathic pathway, as well as chairman of SOAP (Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice).

Martin and Tony, with support from Dr Colles, and Mr Hayes, decided to put together a one day workshop setting about to bring the various professions closer together via mutual understanding. By the end of the day the 28 delegates were all giving suggestions for the next one! No blood had been spilt, in fact many new friends were made.

This year promises to be a much bigger event. Fees are being capped at £50.00 for the day. This includes light refreshments, but not lunch. The college refectory will be open though.

The programme (subject to confirmation) includes lectures on limb conformation, osteopathic principles, observation of the equine patient – static and moving, osteopathic treatment of a horse under sedation, shoeing demonstration with lateral supports, saddle fitting, chiropractic demonstration and treatment, re-assessment of horses treated, Q & A.

Numbers will need to be kept to around 50 for practical purposes. Early booking is advised as places are being snapped up.

For further information contact Martin Reed on 07974 120588 or Tony Nevin on 07831 759339.