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Diploma and Highers Examinations 2014

We are extremely proud of our training and examinations and all those successfully achieving the required standards set by the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Congratulations to those passing the examinations at Diploma, Associate and Fellowship level.

Associate Examination Spring 2014

Mr Steven Arnold AWCF
Mr Benjamin Michael Coy AWCF
Mr Thomas George William Farmer AWCF
Mr Mark George Gilliver FdSc AWCF
Mr Andrew William James AWCF
Mr Barry David Morton FdSc AWCF
Mr Ian Anthony Ross Pope AWCF
Mr Jason Elliott Richardson AWCF
Mr Glyn David Trundle AWCF
Mr Matthew John Vincent AWCF
Mr Joseph James Whitehead AWCF

Associate Examination Autumn 2014

Mr Joseph Harold Gillings AWCF
Mr Nathen Winston May AWCF
Mr Stuart Taylor AWCF
Mr Scott David Topham AWCF