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Clinics and Tuition

A number of well known, highly skilled farriers offer to share their expertise to other farriers and apprentices in one to one or small group clinics. Those farriers wishing to offer their services are listed here.


Darlow Jones Clinics

Darlow Jones Clinics are run for all stages of your farriery career whether you are an apprentice wishing to gain experience and learn new techniques or if you are already qualified and wish to take the next step to a higher exam or improve your competition skills.

The groups are kept small deliberately so each person gets plenty of one to one tuition and advice. Gary and Russell have a wealth of shoeing experience between them and are very good at passing this on to students. We have a very well-equipped forge at Gary's home with both coke and gas fires.

We encourage apprentices to gain experience and confidence making/fitting and nailing on shoes, for this we have special stands that hold cadaver legs. Apart from apprentice clinics we also run AWCF clinics where candidates are taught the skill of making and fitting all types of bar shoes. One to one clinics with Gary can also be arranged. We try to make the days fun and as stress free as possible whilst still instilling the basic principles and techniques that form the basics of good farriery practise.

Once a year we run a small competition for apprentices in which they make /fit and nail on a shoe and also make a specimen shoe. Competitors receive feedback on their foot job immediately after their round from the judge Mr Derek Gardner AWCF. If you think you might be interested in anything we have to offer please contact us via the Facebook page.

If you have a long way to travel we can offer accommodation the night before your clinic if required which is provided is free of charge.

Contact Russel Jones - call 07831456002 or email russel597@btinternet.com