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2012 Isuzu Dmax


98000 miles


One owner

N&j back, fully working

Good reliable motor, fairly economic for a truck, regularly get between 30-32mpg.
Front seats have always had leather seat covers and the rear seats always had waterproof covers.
Bodywork has a few scratches on it from 5years work, probably nothing a good T-Cut wouldn't sort out. There is one dent in the rear offside wheel arch (see pictures) and I'm pretty sure that won't polish out! I've been meaning to get it done but never got that far.
The N&J back has never missed a beat, all draws work perfectly and hold more than enough shoes etc for the week. Selling with the Gaslow set up, £540 for the same set up direct from Gaslow. A really reliable,safe and economic way of fuelling your forge. Rarely cost more than £20 to fill both. All locks still work and I have keys. The only thing that doesn't work are the lights in the back.
Only selling as a van is more practical for me now.
Contact Chris Pell chrispellfarrier@gmail.com or call 07946197043
£14,000 ONO no VAT
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