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Seeking an apprenticeship



My name is Milly Edwards, & I am 16, based in Clitheroe Lancashire, and looking to secure an apprenticeship in farriery.


I have secured a place at Myerscough College in September, on the 12 week farriery course, so I’d be able to start full time after that finishes (happy to do weekends, evenings & holidays in the meantime for experience though). Whilst I am waiting to start college I am completing some online equine-related courses I have found so am learning all I can about horse physiology ahead of starting studies/work.


I have my own (temperamental mare 😊) horse and have experience of working with horses with varying issues and temperaments & am really keen to pursue a career as a farrier. I am confident, outgoing, friendly, & a hard worker who is keen to listen, learn and be as much help to the farrier as possible.


I’d love to hear from anyone who has a potential opportunity – I’m more than happy to come and do a free work trial anytime. I can be contacted at millycedwards0104@gmail.com or on 07495 445693



Thanks for taking the time to read this.