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Seeking an Apprenticeship

I am currently looking for an apprenticeship with an ATF to further my education and begin my career to becoming a farrier. I have already contacted many ATF's with little luck so far.

I’m coming to the end of my first year at Moreton Morrell College studying the farrier access course, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I have already passed my GOLA exam and have my forging exam coming up on the 12th June. I’ve got years of experience and knowledge in equine industry, working on different yards, as well as competing myself, and with a range of ages and temperaments.

I am 16 years old and not yet driving however the intention is to undertake an intensive driving course as soon as I am 17 so that I have a full driving license as soon as possible. I live in Leicestershire, however I am willing to relocate anywhere in the UK.
I have spent several days out with different farriers to gain some experience
Any help and consideration would be greatly appreciated.

phone: 07580548576
email: lucyhaines@btinternet.com

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