British Farriers & Blacksmiths Association

Venn Mediation: BFBA members benefit

Venn Mediation a welcome addition to BFBA recommended professional services


BFBA are delighted to confirm that Venn Mediation has joined their list of recommended service providers.

For many people and businesses, it may not be appropriate, cost or time effective to appoint lawyers and wait anxiously, for perhaps a year or more, for a court or tribunal to hear your case and decide whether you will win or lose. Venn Mediation manage disputes across diverse groups and environments with a wealth of experience specific to the equine industry.

BFBA President, Craig D’Arcy, thanked Venn Mediation UK for their support.

“Legal services are expensive to engage, time-consuming and notoriously stressful. We are delighted to able to offer our members support via Venn Mediation in the hope that, should an issue arise, it may be resolved quickly and effectively for all parties”.

BFBA members will be able to take advantage of a free half-hour consultation for dispute resolution discussion and a 10% discount on the mediation fee.

"We are proud to join the BFBA preferred service providers, adding further to the benefits of BFBA membership," says Venn Mediation UK Director, Di Harvey.

Venn Mediation UK, mediates resolutions to disagreements and misunderstandings of all sorts. The mediation process is time and cost-effective with a high final agreement success rate. The kind of disputes that can be resolved using mediation include: client, supplier, governing body, land, property, tenant, employee/manager, co-worker, business partner, inheritance/ family,  neighbour and community.  

Mediation is confidential, flexible and on a fixed fee basis with 10% discount to BFBA members.

Please contact Di Harvey of Venn Mediation UK to arrange a free consultation to discuss how mediation could help you draw your dispute to a close.